Dutchess is dancing with joy!  She is thought to be a terrier mix  5 to 6 years old, 17 lbs. of sweet, shy and cuddley.  She is good with other dogs but timid.  She is on heartworm prevention , current on her shots, micro chipped and spayed.  She is housebroken, leashed trained and talented with tricks.

To welcome Dutchess to your heart and home you complete an application

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Shuffles/ Holiday

So darn cute !! Shuffles is thought to be a 11 month  15 lb designer terrier something !!.. Who cares with all that cuteness !!. He is current on his shots , neutered , micro chipped and is being treated for heartworm disease .

Please educate your self on heartworm before you apply .  We are accepting applications for loving responsible families who can get him to his treatment appointments. They are time and date sensitive , and there about 4 appointments over 4 months at our vet in Palm Harbor. We will not accept applications from anyone that does not live in a reasonable driving range of our vet in Palm Harbor.

Shuffles is very smart , loving and gets a B+ on house training . He is super friendly and gets along will with other dogs .

To welcome shuffles to your heart and home you must complete an application !

vip shuffles a vip 6 11 g


Tippy Tap/ Holiday

vip tippy tap

So much cuteness in one little dog !  Tippy Tap is thought to be a 11 month 12 lb terrier mix . She is current on her shots, spayed , micro chipped and on heartworm prevention.. Although she tested negative for heartworm , we  have her on heartworm watch , since she arrived with a sibling who tested positive for heartworm.

As darling as Tippy Tap is , she is FRIGHTENED of absolutely everything .  After a week  of the same safe foster home , she still hides. Because of this fear, we are only accepting applications , for experienced pet parents with out children in the home . She has made progress on house training


  You must submit a VIP RESCUE  application available at www.viprescue.org

vip tippy tap vip tippy tad b vip tippy tat c

Ibis/ Clearwater

Ibis is thought to be a 2 year old , 7 lb Chihuahua. He is neutered , current on his shots , micro chipped and on heartworm prevention.

Ibis is a classic chi ! Spirited, spunky , barky, playful,energetic, bossy and darling !!. He can be quite the snuggler too . He is master of zoom zoom  ! Good on a leash , and struggling in the house training arena .He is food motivated , so he will come around on his deficiencies !

He is best suited as an only child because he is presenting with all the indicators of resource guarding  ! All the toys are claimed and stashed and doesn’t want anyone else near the human .

He just loves to run and fetch  ! Fun is he thing .   To welcome this little power house to your heart and home please submit your application !

vip ibis d vip ibis stink eye vip ibis a vip ibis b vip ibis c






Duke /Seminole

Are you looking for unconditional love and kisses galore?  A best buddy and shadow?  A playful, well-mannered, and affectionate companion?  Then Duke the snuggle-bear may be the one for you!

  At approximately 14 lbs., this silky terrier mix (?) will play “hard to get” upon first meeting, and prefers to make the first move, but will very quickly become your best friend and shadow!

At approximately 2 years young, Duke still has some playful pup left in him but also knows how to “chill” and will gladly snuggle up next to his favorite person. His favorite spot? Wherever his favorite person happens to be!   He will gladly share his home with another dog (not cat tested), but definitely loves human company.

He gets a B- for housetraining but is so smart and eager to learn, he should be earning his A+ once settled.   Duke loves leash walks and patiently allows you to harness him up to go exploring!  His excitement sometimes has him galloping ahead to lead the way but he quickly responds to corrections, and is very manageable.  Duke requests a fenced-in yard, no very young children, and someone to take him on his daily walks so that he can explore all the world has to offer.

 Duke is neutered, current on vaccines, micro chipped and on flea and heartworm preventatives.

 To welcome Duke into your home, please complete an adoption application at www.VIPRescue.org.

vip duke aa vip duke bb vip duke cc vip duke dd

Cole/ Seminole

Puppy Puppy Puppy !! Cole is thought to be a 8 month schnauzer mix puppy . He is 24 lbs and need to fill out a little !

He is current on his shots , neutered , micro chipped and on heartwom prevention. He has hair loss due to a flea infestation, but the hair is already growing back . He is all puppy energy and is treat motivated so he is an easy one to train . He previously had a broken toe which is mending already . Did we say he was HIGH  energy ? He greats a high score on good with other dogs but  lacks in house training   manners . Cole  has a minor fear of men , but when approached calmly  warms up. Did we say he was high energy  ?

Cole is best suited for an active family with lots of running space and a high outdoor fence .

To welcome Cole to your heart and home you must submit your application

 vip cole h vip cole g vip cole f vip cole d vip cole c vip cole b vip cole a

Foxy /Seminole

Foxy is though to be a 8 year old 8.8 lb Papillon. She really  is that cute !

She is current on her shots , spayed, micro chipped  , had a dental and is on heartworm prevention. She is VERY shy and scared  . Her life was turned upside down after having a fabulous start in life and divorce hit her family .

She appears to be housetrained .. Foxy is very afraid of dogs larger than her and loud noises  .  She is gentle and simply loves the lap life  . She is best suited for a quiet adult only home .

To welcome Foxy to you heart and home , you MUST  submit an application.

vip foxy bb vip foxy aa vip foxy cc vip foxy shazam b vip foxy shazam a

EEYORE, Leesburg, FL







EEYORE is a 19 pound senior Shih Tzu.  He is the perfect houseguest, he is housetrained, gets along with other animals, and likes to walk around and explore.  He loves belly rubs, loves his ears rubbed, loves to eat, and his dog beds.  He will let you know when he needs to go outside, time to goto bed, and that he is hungry!

Eeyore came to VIP Rescue after being part of a police case, sitting in a shelter for a month waiting for relelase.  After being released to VIP Rescue, he had 14 teeth pulled and several growths removed.  He has had acupuncture and chiropractic treatments to improve his mobility and has made significant progress.  We guess his age to be 10+.

Eeyore would love to snuggle on your lap, and take short walks with you.  He also enjoys the pool being supported in your arms.   He is vision impaired, however he does see.  We do believe he has complete hearing loss.  But that does not stop him from being a love bug and he learns the lay of the land quickly and is independent..  At 19 pounds, he could stand to lose a few pounds with moderate exercise and a controlled diet.

If you are looking for a no mess, no fuss dog, Eeyore is your boy.   Always pleasant, ready for a lap, and ready for a nap!  Eeyore is a typical happy senior – he has senioritis, but that does not stop him from enjoying every day and being a great companion.  We recommend Eeyore live in a one-story home, we do not think he would navigate stairs well.  Eeyore requires frequent brushing and grooming.  Eeyore does not appear to shed.

If you would like more information on Eeyore, you need to complete an adoption application at www.viprescue.org   Our volunteer will contact you.  Eeyore’s adoption donation is $100.

We adopt to Florida residents.

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FiFi/Citrus Park


My name is FiFi and some people might say I’m a hot mess, but my foster dads say I’m a diamond in the ruff.
I arrived at VIP after my owner could not take care of me. Sadly, I currently have ear and skin issues but we’re working on clearing them up. Once my skin is better my hair should grow back nicely. I also have a cataract in one eye and vision problems with the other, but it doesn’t stop me from getting around.  I am thought to be a ShihTzu mix of 7 years and 12 Lbs I’m spayed, up to date on shots, have good teeth had a dental , micro chipped and on heartworm preventionand am ready for adoption.
I LOVE to sit in my daddy’s lap. I’ll just curl up and hang out all day and I love to give kisses. I get along with my foster sister dogs and brother cat. I’m working on my house training and have been a good girl on my pee pads, but you’ll need to be patient with me while I learn a new routine.
I am low energy and would probably do better with no kids and someone who wants a lap dog.
If you are interested in helping this little lady reach her full potential and be the little diva she once was please complete an application at www.viprescue.org.
vip fifi 2 vip fifi a vip fifi c vip fifi b

Fluffy /Holiday

Fluffy is thought to be a 9 year old terrier maltese  .She is about 17 lbs . She is current on her shots ,spayed micro chipped, had a dental and is on heartworm prevention.

In time Fluffy will grow into her name! She has been treated for inflamed skin, and has responded well to the treatment . Neglect left her is this condition.

She is absolutely darling ! She already knows all about a doggie door and uses it ! She is good on a leash. She gets along great with both men and women and other dogs . Fluffy obviously fell on hard times ,but, in her past was definitely   a once  loved companion pet .

To welcome Fluffy to your heart and home please submit your application !

Vip fluffy full vip fluffy l vip fluffy k vip fluffy j vip fluffy i vip fluffy h vip fluffy g vip fluffy f vip fluffy e vip fluffy d vip fluffy c vip fluffy b vip fluffy a



Teka is thought to be 9 years young . She is a tiny little one weighing in at only 5.5 lbs. She arrived with one puppy.

She is now spayed, current on her shots, micro chipped , on heartworm preventioninfo@vip and had a dental with extractions . She has luxating patella, which is a bad knee.Currently , surgery is not an option. She is on anti inflammatory medications . If the meds help , we will put the surgery back as an option.

Teka is absolutely darling! All she wants to do hi be with her human. She loves to cuddle and lay next to you . She is house trained , good on a leash , loves other dog and men also ! She is not a barker. She is perfect for condo living !

We are accepting applications from loving adult only homes , that leave in range of our vet in Palm Harbor . This is because , if knee surgery becomes an option , we will cover the cost of the surgery at our vet only .

To welcome Teka to your heart and home you must submit our application .

vip teka bully vip teka e vip teka d vip teka f vip teka b vip teka vip teka c

GUS / Clearwater

Gus is thought to be a Yorkie ShihTzu blend. He is 8 years old, 15 pounds, a darling boy, with lots of attitude and very playful.

Gus recently had a dental, is neutered, current on vaccines and preventatives and microchipped. He has a kidney stone and is on a special diet to break up the stone. He has a habit of marking in new territory, Gus loves to play, run, go for walks, and is a great little lap dog. He talks a lot, and tries to rule the roost. He requires an experienced handler to keep keep him in check, and takes correction well. His growling can be confusing; we have found it to just be chatter and being bossy to other dogs and people. If you are interested in Gus, please plan on spending time training him or hiring a trainer to work with you. Gus is 90% house-trained. He has been crated at night.  Gus does attempt to run out doors when opened.  Once again, training will be required to teach Gus to sit when doors are opened.  Please take into consideration before adopting Gus, his training needs and have a plan in place to address meeting those needs.

Gus requires frequent grooming and brushing but does not appear to shed.
He is very attentive, gives kisses, and is looking for the perfect home. We recommend a home without small children because he can be possessive over toys and food if he is allowed to be.

If you want more information on Gus, please submit an adoption application at www.viprescue.org.


[Read more...]


Jetson is thought to be a 5 year old 14 lb Pomeranian mix. He is current on his shots , had a dental, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention He can be very nervous . Shelters can be very scary but he is adjusting easily to foster living . He is mostly housetrained and is good on a leash .

He highly prefers female humans . Because he is fearful , adult households only .

When he finds his comfort zone , he loves to be your couch buddy ! Currently he is nonreactive to other dogs .His coat glows like a warm summer sunset .

To welcome Jetson to your heart and home you MUST  submit an application

vip jetson a vip jetson b vip jetson c vip jetson e vip jetson d vip jetson f vip jetson g



Rainy,though to  a Jack Russel/Beagle..something.  She is an energetic playful 1 year young pup about 14 lbs .  She became a mama very early in her life, she raised 5 beautiful puppies, she is wonderful and an attentive mama.    She is great on the leash, loves to go for walks and is very good at pointing out squirrels.   She loves toys and her dog bed.   She is a happy girl and good with other pups.  Her pups are all spoken for and now it is her turn . ! She is on heartworm prevent and will be spayed , vaccinated and micro chipped before she moves to her forever home . We are now accepting applications for her adoption in about 7 day !
You must complete an application !
vip rainey a vip rainey4 9 vip rainey b vip rainey c


Ninja is though to be a one year old , 12 lb chi/doxie mix . He is current on his shots, neutered micro chipped and on heartwom prevention.

He is mostly house trained . He has not  interacted with other dogs yet , but then again he hasn’t rejected them either . He is very calm and super sweet .Ninja is a bit shy at first , but he has a very gentle approach . He is already showing an interest in toys and is quite curious out side .

You must complete an application and make sure your vet answers the phone for a reference check phone call. His foster parents will have their acceptable terms of meet and greet options, during your phone interview .

vip ninja b vip ninja e vip ninja c vip ninja d vip ninja a

Bo Peep/Largo


Bo Peep is thought to be a Springer Spaniel/Austrailian Cattle dog mix.  She’s 2 years old and a fit 23 lbs.

So far, this adorable girl is Full of smiles and kisses!!  She is smart and eager to please.

She thrives on attention! !


She has done excellent on housebreaking. And does well on a leash.

She is Full of energy and would do well in an active home.   I’ve heard they are great running partners!

She has some issues when she first meets other dogs, but has the ability to get along with them, but because of this would do best as the only dog in the home.  

She is mildly interested in the cat. And seems to do well with people.

She came to us after just being treated for heartworm.  Because of this, she’ll need  low-key activity for a few months.  She needs to be re-tested for heartworm in a month.

She is spayed, micro-chipped, up to date on all vaccines and meds.

bO pEEP 2020 (2)   bO pEEP 2020 (3)

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Read more about this breed to see if she’s the dog for you. 


She can use some work on training/behavior (can’t we all…LOL)

If you feel she may be the dog for you,

please put in an application for Bo Peep!


He is fostered in Largo.

This foster mom will welcome potential applicants to her home for meet and greets .

They will been done outside , with only one person at a time. Limited to 2 adult  guests .

Ladies leave all your handbags locked in your car .

We do not accept inquiries from Petfinder , as an application.

Only approved applications from our website will be considered .

The post will be moved off the site as soon as we have a few applications to work with

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 3.13.17 PM


Bella is a female 2 year old love bug that weighs in at a petite 11 1/2 lbs! Her favorites things are cuddling on the couch and sitting on the porch smelling the fresh air and taking in all the sights and sounds of nature. She’s a hearty little eater, although she likes to be spoiled a little and get a few appetizers gently out of your hand before she gets into her meal. Bella is a calm, chill dog, with a precious demeanor. She gets along well with the other small dogs in the home, including appropriately interacting w/ the house puppy and being respectful w/ the seniors. Bella is crate trained, appears to be mostly house broken, has shown interest and success using potty papers, and walks very well on a leash.
I can’t seem to find that meet & greet social distancing language we talked about though. :)
Bella is spayed, heartworm negative, current on vaccinations, microchipped, and current on preventatives.
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OLLIE /Clearwater

Ollie is thought to be a 9 month 12.20 lb doxie terrier mix . He  is current on he shots , neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention.He is a spunky playful boy .. And , he is busy busy busy ! He is OK on a leash and is mostly house trained. He is a good all round puppy . He is suitable for most for a variety of house holds , but since is activity level is high , only younger applicants will be considered .
He is fostered in Clearwater.
This foster mom will welcome potential applicants to her home for meet and greets . They will been done outside , with only one person at a time. Limited to 2 adult  guests . Ladies leave all your handbags locked in your car .
We do not accept inquiries from Petfinder , as an application,. Only approved applications from our website will be considered . The post will be moved off the site as soon as we have a few to work with


Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 3.07.21 PM7A0CCD40-E6D9-4BF9-BC01-F6963B938B64_1_201_a 324694B2-1B45-4349-93C9-BD992CCEEB69_1_201_a AF25F82D-9686-4C92-B222-1FB83772357B_1_201_a


Mercy is 2.5 years old, spayed, 15 pounds




VIP Dodi 3.27 (1) VIP Dodi 3.27 (2)

9 mo old female papillon mix


Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 2.49.16 PM


14 week old female Terrier mix


vip mae dd vip mae a






Timber is a looking for a new loving family to spend the rest of his life with.  He is a handsome 11-month old male brown (silver-beige) Standard Poodle puppy. He weighs about 40lbs and has a surprisingly calm demeanor for a puppy his age.  He is still full of entertaining puppy antics, he has a sweet and loving personality, and is becoming more outgoing and social every day. Timber loves a good romp with his foster brothers, also standard poodles, and happily plays tug of war with them. Timber walks nicely on a leash.  He is learning his commands and responds well to treats! Timber acknowledges commands, but he is not accustomed to loud or harsh tones nor does he need that.  He likes toys and is not destructive with them, although he’s been known to nibble on a chair leg and my credit card if he finds it!  He is a Velcro dog and just wants to be wherever you are. He currently sleeps in a crate.  He likes to be in the same room as you and does not like to be left alone.  He can be quite verbal about that.  He loves to cuddle in the bed with you and readily gives hugs.  Timber rides well in the car and is a good travel companion while visiting other people and places.  Timber is good with other dogs, and does well with children supervised.  

Timber was surrendered to VIP Rescue, his former owner was struggling with some issues and could no longer care for him.  When Timber came to VIP, we noticed he was constantly thirsty, seeming to never get enough fluids.  After several veterinarian visits and a hospitalization for in depth testing, it was determined that Timber has Psychogenic Polydipsia – a very rare condition in dogs.  The best news is, his organs are all functioning normal (liver, kidney, thyroid, heart, etc.) however his brain is always telling him he is thirsty.  Little is known about the cause of this disease as there are so few cases, either in humans or dogs.  So, we manage his water intake for him, he gets 68 ounces, and we spread it throughout the day.  We can provide more information on Psychogenic Polydipsia if you are interested in learning more or you can call your veterinarian for advice.  He has seen specialists, the tests are complete, and all his records are available.  It is possible this disorder could go away, or it could remain for his lifetime – his prognosis is unknown.  He is in perfect health other than this disorder.

Timber is neutered, current on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped, and ready for an adventure in moving to his new permanent home and finding his soulmate.  A fenced yard is a requirement, as he loves to run and play and frequent potty breaks are a necessity.  Timber would do best in a home where his master is home most of the day, either working from home, retired, etc.  Another dog would be wonderful for him to have a playmate, but it might be too challenging for some to monitor his fluid intake if there are other water bowls where he could potentially drink from and swimming pools that are readily accessible to him.  It is important he stay on his 68 ounce per day regimen as he is not able to self-regulate at this time.

We adopt to Florida residents.  If you would like to meet Timber, you will need to be able to travel to Leesburg, FL 34788.  He is a great deserving boy of a wonderful loving home!  As with all puppies, additional training is recommended.  He requires frequent brushing and regular grooming.

Timber’s adoption donation is $300.

















Leesburg, FL 

Welcome to Wally’s World!  Wally is thought to be a Standard Poodle. He is 44 lbs., 15 months old, and a handsome cream boy with brown eyes that will melt your heart.   He loves his people, has loads of energy, and needs a decent sized 6-foot fenced yard to run and play at his new home.  (NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE). 

Wally loves everyone, loves affection, and wants you to be the center of Wally’s World.   His antics are quite entertaining.  As far as other dogs, he will run and play with them – he does not have a mean bone in his body.  However, not all dogs like his continuous play mode.  He is super smart, and energetic – and he can be stubborn too!  He does not like being left alone, he can be vocal, and he can whine.  A very multi-talented boy!  But he does settle……when properly exercised.  

Wally was surrendered to VIP Rescue after his owner attempted to rehome him several times unsuccessfully due to his high energy.  He had been through minimal training from his first owner, and now we have worked with him in rescue and we have seen great improvement.  As with any puppy, he needs ongoing training to define boundaries, structure, routine, and stability in his new home to flourish.  Wally needs a handler that is not a pushover and understands the commitment and patience it takes to train a high energy puppy.  He gives lots of hugs and kisses – but – he will also jump on you, and dance circles around you!  However, this is all improving with love, stability, and training. These behaviors are very typical for a Standard Poodle Pup his age.

He has shown little interest yet in balls or toys but is very treat driven.  He does well on leashed walks, and does not appear to have a prey drive like most Standards.  Wally loves riding in the car and going places with you.

Wally is not a service dog candidate or an emotional support dog candidate.   Wally requires frequent brushing, and monthly grooming. He is a little wild on the groom table and will need an experienced groomer. 

Wally is recently neutered, and up to date on his vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped. He appears to be in perfect health.  He is looking for a home where you are home most of the days/evenings.   He will not do well in a home that works and crates -6-8-10 hours a day – he would prefer to be with you 24×7 and free.  Preference will be given to those with Standard Poodle experience having successfully raised a puppy and are an active home – no couch potatoes.  At this time, Wally is crated when he eats, and when he is left home alone.  He has not been destructive to the home but you do need to keep your closet doors and trash out of his reach.  Older active children would be great with Wally and we recommend they go thru training with Wally.

A home visit is a pre-requisite to be approved for adoption at VIP Rescue.  

Wally’s adoption donation is $500.  $100 will be refunded to the adopter when training has been completed with a certificate of completion along with your trainers name and phone number.  We require Wally’s new owner to continue his training as he is eager to learn and for the adoption to be successful that is what it will take.  

If you would like to know more about Wally please complete an adoption application at www.viprescue.org.  Please do not submit an application if you do not have a minimum of a 6 foot fence on all sides and a sufficient grassy area for him to run.  If you are in the process of fencing your yard, please submit an application when the fencing is complete.  Thank you for thinking rescue!




Jingles is thought to be a poodle mix . He is about 2 years old and a thin 14.5 lbs. He is current on his shots , neutered , micro chipped had a dental and  is on heartwom prevention.

He is exceptionally timid , and challenged to warm up to people . HOWEVER . when he does , he is simply lovely to be around . He is good with other dogs and is doing great on house training .

He is best suited for a home that will give him time to decompress , learn  the routine  and build his confidence  with life enhancement classes .

To welcome Jingles to your heart and home you must submit your application !

vip jingles d vip jingles c vip jingles a vip jingles b

Maggie and Mae

Let’s double down with cuteness !!

Maggie and Mae are a bonded pair of 3 year old long hair chis . Their combined weight is less than 8 lbs. ! Both are current on their shots , spayed and on heartworm prevention.

Maggie and Mae’s mom passed away suddenly , but they were spared the horrors of the public shelter experience , because of fast and effective action by our rescue group.

The girls are fun loving and enjoy rides in their stroller .

To welcome this bonded pair to your heart and home , you must submit your application !

vip maggie and mae e vip maggie and mae d vip maggie and mae c vip maggie a vip maggie and mae a


Meet JT !

If you are a fan of the yorkie breed then you already know , that they are not defined by their age but by their spunk ! Where as most breeds are considered old at the age of 10, a yorkies is just getting started! Jt is about 8 lb of total cuteness !

He is current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention.. A life time of neglect have left him toothless , but don’t worry he sure does know his  way down to the bottom of his food bowl .

JT is fine tuning his house training skills , and is good on a leash . He is not big on interacting with other dogs but , then  again, he doesn’t mind them either . He is not big enough to jump along side you on the couch, but sure does like it when you bring him along side you !

So , if a well mannered charming yorkie is your ideal companion , please submit your application !

vip jt 1 vip jt a vip jt c vip jt d vip jt b vip jt e


Geno is thought to be a 2 year old, 7.5 lb shih tzu mix . He is current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention. .

Geno is a very friendly dog, gets along well with people, other dogs and is 90% house trained. Loves to snuggle up to you. follows you around the house like a shadow.

To welcome Geno to your heart and home please submit your application !

vip geno 2 vip geno 1


Flower is a 6  year old ,12 lb Skipperke ! A Skipperke is a very distinct breed of ancient origin. Typically they are curious , clever and fearless .. Flower  is all of that !
Flower is current on her shots, spayed, micro chipped, had a dental with extractions and is being treated for heartworm disease. We are accepting applications for her adoption , from loving homes that will be responsible for getting her to her treatment appointments at our vet in Palm Harbor . There will be about 4 of them over a 5 month time line. Please educate yourself about heartworm disease before applying.
She is a bit shy , but adjusting well to her foster home . Flower appears to be house trained and good with other dogs .
Be sure to get your application in, so it can be approved before her debut at our next adoption event , Saturday 2/29 at the Largo Petsmart !
vip flower vip flower b vip flower e



FEB 29th.  11AM – 2PM

Largo PetSmart Store

10500 Ulmerton Rd Ste 308


Largo, FL 33771



WIN an AMERICAN AIRLINES Advantage Certificate 25,000 miles





3 tickets $10 ***** OR ***** 30 tickets $90

RAFFLE Drawing Date: Feb. 29, 2020. 

All Raffle Ticket Proceeds will be donated to VIP RESCUE.

Winner will be notified by phone on raffle ticket and announced here on VIP RESCUE FLORIDA Facebook page. American Airlines Certificate expires 2/13/2021.

To Purchase Raffle Tickets, email your contact
info@viprescue.org, and tell VIP how many raffle tickets you wish to purchase and where to send them. VIP will send you a PayPal invoice, and mail your raffle tickets to you.


VIP Rescue Registration Number :CH40285 — at VIP Rescue Florida.