ChaCha / Redington Beach

ChaCha / Redington Beach 

Available for adoption!!

DOG NAME: ChaCha / Redington Beach 

DOB:  7-29-22 DOG

BREED: Toy Poodle Mix

GENDER:  Female


LOCATION:  Redington Beach

GOOD WITH KIDS: 12+ respectful 

GOOD WITH DOGS: some, no big dogs. *could be your one and only *If you have a current pup and meet and greet with pup will be required. 


COLOR: Grey/White

FENCED YARD: Secure fenced yard required. 

*single family home with attached fenced yard 


What’s up peeps! My name is “ChaCha” and I’m a 7lb happy,  bouncy and yes, you guessed it, “dancy pants” 1 year old toy poodle mix pup. I just love to dance and play every.time.I.see. you!

First, let’s get the “ugly” stuff of how I got here out of the way, then we can focus on MEEEEEE!

I was found with a rubber bands tied around my snout, and it had been there for quite some time because it was embedded and cut into my muzzle…ouch…The very kind person that found me brought me right to the “Dog”ter so they could give me the medical treatment I needed. After a few weeks, I was healed and am ok now, and I do have a “smiley” face all the time partly due to damage from the cruel thing that happened to me, and partly because I’m so dang happy now I DO smile!

I am one lucky pup because now I’m with the great folks at VIP Rescue who told me I am safe, will be loved and taken care of and they will find me the perfect new family who will love me forever. I can leave all that nasty stuff behind me now.

Foster Mom says I’m a high energy pup who will keep you on your toes for sure. My favorite place to be is wherever you are, I’m a little shy and scared, but, who can blame me? I do go outside to do my business, but “Mom” needs to come with me because I get nervous. There’s other little doggies here at my foster home, and we go for walks and I get to do all kinds of “sniffys “ along our walk! I love playing in the yard and doing “zoomies” and it also kinda burns off some of my energy. I will require a secured fenced in yard, (no exceptions) and since I don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time, I’ll need a family that’s home more often than not, my preference would be someone who works from home. I could be your one and only, but if you do have a really low key submissive similar sized pupper already, we’d have to meet to make sure we get along, k?

I’ve been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and am on heartworm and flea prevention as well. If you think you’re the family for me, (remember you MUST be active to keep up with me!) please visit and put my name, ChaCha on the application!  Hope to meet you soon! 

Applications that don’t meet my requirements will be not be processed and will be closed. 

Please visit to fill out an adoption application for me (might be the best decision of your life!) 

Any incomplete application will NOT be processed. You should also call your Veterinarian’s office and give your permission for us to speak with them to gather the necessary information we need to process any applications. Failure to do so will result in your application being closed. 

Standard Adoption Requirements: You must be a resident of FL., and be at least 25 years of age.  This breed typically lives 14-18 years, so keep his lifespan in mind if you are thinking of adopting. Your age should be appropriate for ChaChas estimated lifespan.