If you are interested in adopting one of our wonderful animals, the procedure is not complicated. The purpose of the application is to learn a little bit about you and your life style in order to help us determine which of our dogs might make a great companion for you.  It is most important that you provide references who are able to comment on your potential suitability as a parent to one of our dogs.  Most important is the name and contact information of your veterinarian if you presently have one or if you have had one in the not too distant past.  When you are ready to apply:

We try to review the applications as soon as possible; however, we are all volunteers.  After the application has been reviewed and calls to your references have been made, one of our staff members will call you to discuss which animals might be a good match with you.  If this call results in a consensus, then we will probably put you directly in touch with the appropriate foster parent.  If that discussion goes well, then a “meet and greet” will be arranged so that you will have the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting with the dog, the foster parent, and a Board member of VIP Rescue.  If the “meet and greet” goes well, you can then take your new companion home with you.  We will be checking with you periodically to make sure that you and your new child are happy.

 Your new companion has a new life when he or she comes to VIP Rescue.  His or her first stop is a caring veterinarian for a checkup; shots; spay or neuter; teeth cleaning, if needed; and a microchip is inserted so that he or she will never get lost again.  Then, he or she is taken to a foster home to be evaluated, socialized, and loved.

When you take your baby home, you will have all of his medical records with you, and you will be told when his flea and heartworm medicines are due.  All the rest is LOVE.

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