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vip tiko


  Meet Tiko ! or perhaps we should call him Mr Perfect !! Tiko is thought to be a 16 lb 9 year old poodle mix. He is current on his shots micro chipped, neutered , on heartworm prevention and had a dental . This little charmer is good with other dogs, is house trained […]

vip acorn 2019 c


STOP  WITH THE CUTENESS ! Acorn is one of those special something something breeds ! He is just 5 months old and 12 lbs. He is current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped , to young to be heartworm tested but now on prevention. Surprisingly , he is not a wild child and is really […]

vip snoopy 2 1027

Snoopy /St Petersburg

Snoopy wandered info rescue after being on the streets for a while .. He was tragically underweight , and we held our breath to see if he would survive, He has now gained 4 lbs and was strong enough to get his vaccinations. He still needs to be neutered and is also heartworm positive. He […]

vip tom profile pic


Imagine if you will, everything you once knew as your life is now gone and you had to start over .Although we would consider Tom’s previous housing less than substandard , he did not . On the outside, he was rough , to say the least , but under that armor of mats, there was […]

vip beau ricky c

Beau Ricky/ Largo

+    Beau Ricky is thought to be a double digit darling  He is thought to be a yorkie mix and is about 7 mighty pounds ! He was lost and wandering , and now found and cared for . He is current on his shots, micro chipped, neutered, had a dental , and on […]

vip haili 8 25 c


   8/11/19 Haili : holding down the dog bed : Level EXPERT holding down the day bed : Level EXPERT holding down the couch : Level EXPERT Just another exciting day at Camp Terri , where Haili never let’s you down , knowing that the dog bed, day bed or couch will not escape on […]

vip bach 8 6 a

Bach /Myakka City/SPECIAL NEEDS

  Bach is thought to be a 12 year old 12 lb poodle.He is current on his shots , micro chipped, neutered and  on heartworm prevention Bach was very sick when he came to us. He had an infection in his liver as well as heartworms. both have been taken care of. We feel he was […]

Raven 10.1.2018

Raven/ Clearwater

I arrived to rescue emotionally broken. Some thing along the way made me terrified of humans, I am Raven , a three year old, 14 lb scottie mix. In my fear of humans, I appear to be aggressive but really , I am just protecting the little space around me. My foster mom , has […]