What would I be expected to do as a foster parent?

Foster parents will provide a clean, nurturing, indoor home for the dog; bring the animal to the designated veterinarian, groomer or other needed services. Foster parents ensure each animal receives proper medical and other routine treatments as prescribed, giving medication as needed (we teach the inexperienced!), and bring the dog to VIPR adoption events held at pet stores and local venues.

Would I be responsible for finding the animal a permanent home?

No. We hold regularly scheduled events at local pet events where prospective adopters can come and meet our dogs. Our screening process includes a written application, an interview with an adoption counselor, a vet check, and sometimes a home check.

What if I need to go out of town?

VIP Rescue is responsible for caring for your foster animals when you need to go out of town or during an emergency and when you are unable to care for your foster dog. It is important to schedule this ahead when known with your foster coordinator. If an unexpected event occurs, your foster coordinator will work with you to find another foster to take the VIPR animals.

How long am I expected to foster?

We prefer that you commit to fostering your animal until an adoptive home can be found. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long this will take. It depends on the animal’s breed, age, temperament, as well as how proactive you are about marketing your foster animal and attending adoption events. If you can only foster for a specific period of time, please be certain to indicate this up front to the VIPR Foster coordinator you are working with.

What if my foster pet has to go to the vet?

As you signed in the Foster Agreement, vet care for foster animals must be provided by an approved VIPR Vet. All vetting is paid for by VIPR. If a visit is deemed necessary and it is a non-emergency issue, simply contact a Foster Coordinator to make an appointment. You are then responsible for taking the animal to the vet. If your schedule does not permit, your VIPR Foster Coordinator will find another VIPR volunteer to take the dog.

What if my foster animal isn’t working out?

VIPR will make every effort to ensure a good and safe foster match. However, there are times when this will fail. In this case, contact your VIPR Foster Coordinator as soon as possible. Many times, problems can be solved by trying a few new things and/or by giving the animal time to adjust to your home. We may also have a trainer work with you. Other times, an animal may simply not be a good fit for your home or lifestyle. VIPR never wants to put the safety of the Foster Volunteer or others at risk.


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