Application Prerequisites

Before you Apply:

In the past we have received many applications from prospective adopters who were not completely prepared, and their applications could not be processed to reach approval. To help us both be successful, please review this checklist and confirm you are truly ready to apply. When there is a significant delay, we may give priority to applications in the order they are approved, not necessarily in the order they are received. It will not help you to apply prematurely only to have approval halted due to any unmet requirements.

  • I have read the full description for the dog I am applying for and meet ALL the requirements.
  • All of my current pets are spayed/neutered and up-to-date on their vaccines; this demonstrates my commitment to controlling the pet population and spread of preventable diseases.
  • I am ready to bring a dog into my home at this time.
  • I am not going on vacation in the next 30 days so I can be available to complete the adoption process.
  • I have notified my veterinarian to release information to VIP Rescue to verify my pet records and care history (only applies if you have current/previous pets).
  • I have two personal references (both of whom are NOT family members) and have notified each to expect a call from VIP Rescue.

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