Sassy and Pippa – BONDED Largo

(Bonded pair, MUST be adopted together)

Dob: 8/13/2015 (S) 10/30/2014 (P)

Breed: Bichon mix

Weight: 15.6lbs (S) 11.4lbs (P)

Gender: Females

House Trained: Yes, as long as they are let out often

Location: Largo

Good with dogs: Yes, but they prefer each other

Good with kids: Yes, respectful

Color: white, Sassy has light tan patches

Fence: not required

Please read ENTIRE bio

Hello! We are Sassy and Pippa, AKA Salt-N-Pepa,

I’m Sassy, a super sweet 8 year old and my bestest sister in the whole wide world, Pippa is 9. We LOVE each other and do everything together: sleep, eat, go outside, play, watch TV, snuggle. So anywhere we go, we definitely need to be together. When we first came to VIP we both went to the ‘dog’tor. I only needed a dental cleaning, but my sister is heartworm positive. She’s going to need special medicine and the doctor said it’s super important that she get that medicine on specific days so you’ll have to live close enough to bring her in on those time sensitive Vet visits. Our friends at VIP Rescue cover ALL costs related to her heartworm treatment and they will give our new family all the dates she needs to go to the Vet. She’ll need to hang low for a while during treatment though, no long walks and no running around until the “Dog”tor says it’s ok. All the protocols and “rules” will be discussed thoroughly with our potential new family. You would never know she was sick though! We are both happy, loving little girls. We LOVE the couch, it’s our favorite place. Especially if there is a human to snuggle up with. As soon as our foster mom sits down, we both try to get on her lap. After some happy wiggles, we will snuggle up as close as we can. We have to make room for our foster siblings too, which is fine, we don’t mind. As long as there are lots of snuggles and belly rubs for us too. Where we are now, we get to sleep in a big bed. Pippa wasn’t sure about that at first, she liked the couch, but I loved the big bed, and where I go, Pippa follows. It took her a few days, but Pippa likes this sleeping arrangement as much as I do. We like to go outside and sunbathe when it’s warm out, but we prefer to be with a human. We play a little and explore a little, but mostly lounge on the couch. We are both spayed, microchipped, current on vaccines and are on heartworm and flea prevention.

What do you think, do we sound like the girls for you!? Just tell us so!! Please visit to fill out an application for us! ?

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