ADOPTION REQUIREMENTS: You must be a resident of FL. This bonded pair requires a single-family home – no renters. To qualify for adoption, all of the pets in your home must be spayed or neutered, they must be current on vaccines, preventatives, and have received consistent veterinary care. Standard Poodles typically live 12-15 years, so keep their lifespan in mind if you are thinking of adopting Imani and Carmella.

ADOPT US! DOG NAME: IMANI and CARMELLA BIRTHDATES: IMANI 03/07/2018 CARMELLA 05/10/2016 BONDED PAIR STANDARD POODLES / Myakka City, FL CATS: Good with cats COLOR: IMANI: Black CARMELLA: Cream DOG BREED: Standard Poodle DOG LOCATION: Myakka, FL DOG WEIGHT: IMANI 54lbs CARMELLA 52lbs. GENDER: BOTH Females HOUSETRAINED: Yes OTHER DOGS: Good with other dogs. CATS: Good with cats KIDS: Good with kids.

Watch their Video:

HISTORY: Imani and Carmella have led a wonderful life. Their former owner was unable to keep them due to working many long hours and long shifts as a nurse. She asked VIP Rescue to find them a loving caring home together.

IMANI and CARMELLA: Both these gorgeous girls came to VIP Rescue from the same home, they are bonded, and would like to be adopted together. Carmella is 7 yrs old, and Imani’s is 5 years old. Carmella is Imani’s Aunt and they have always been together. These girls are well trained, sweet, polite, and affectionate. They are everything you could hope for. They are very happy, full of love and life, and just waiting for their new home with open paws. Both are very smart, they know commands, are good leash walking, are house-trained, and enjoy play time. They love riding in the car, they can be snuggling buddies and lazy couch potatoes. They are good with children, other dogs, and even cats. They would love some toys to keep them busy. They are calm and entertain one another. Imani and Carmella will sleep in your bed if you invite them. They learn quickly, and they aim to please. Imani and Carmella are ready to begin their journey with a family of their very own. If you are ready for a pair of highly intelligent well-mannered pups, look no further. They will be dedicated devoted companions to the end…….

MEDICAL: Imani and Carmella have been spayed, they are up to date on vaccines, preventatives, they are microchipped, and heartworm negative. We are not aware of any health issues.

MEETING CARMELLA AND IMANI: The two dogs are fostered in Myakka City, FL. and will be adopted to a home within a reasonable distance. You will need to travel to Myakka City to meet them if your application is approved. You will need to bring all your family members and pets for the introduction meeting.

The STANDARD POODLE BREED: Standard Poodles are highly intelligent. They require exercise, leash walks, frequent brushing, and lots of attention! Standard Poodles are eager to learn, they are athletic, agile, wickedly smart, and are very versatile velcro dogs. They want to be an active participant in your daily life. High quality food is essential and not cheap. Standard Poodles require monthly grooming, and frequent brushing. Grooming ranges from $100-$200 for each dog. They love being around people and are able to form bonds with each member of the family, as opposed to bonding with just one person. They also make superb watch dogs.

ADOPTION APPLICATIONS: VIP Rescue reserves the right to approve or disapprove adoption applications submitted based on each dogs’ specific needs. If your adoption application is approved, you will be required to travel to the dogs foster home to meet the dog. A home visit by VIP Rescue at your home is a pre-requisite in the adoption process. Our Volunteers will be in touch with those that meet the criteria for adopting Noodles.

Please visit to fill out an adoption application and to also see the many other wonderful pets in our Rescue waiting for their forever home. All of our staff at VIP Rescue are Volunteers, so please be kind and patient. All information provided in the Adoption application will remain confidential and not be shared outside of designated VIP Rescue Volunteers. We do contact your veterinarian, references, and verify other information provided in your application. We receive many applications for our rescue dogs and for that we are grateful. We select the most fitting application for the dog, not necessarily the most-timely adoption application. Thank you for thinking rescue!