FEB 29th.  11AM – 2PM

Largo PetSmart Store

10500 Ulmerton Rd Ste 308


Largo, FL 33771



WIN an AMERICAN AIRLINES Advantage Certificate 25,000 miles





3 tickets $10 ***** OR ***** 30 tickets $90

RAFFLE Drawing Date: Feb. 29, 2020. 

All Raffle Ticket Proceeds will be donated to VIP RESCUE.

Winner will be notified by phone on raffle ticket and announced here on VIP RESCUE FLORIDA Facebook page. American Airlines Certificate expires 2/13/2021.

To Purchase Raffle Tickets, email your contact, and tell VIP how many raffle tickets you wish to purchase and where to send them. VIP will send you a PayPal invoice, and mail your raffle tickets to you.


VIP Rescue Registration Number :CH40285 — at VIP Rescue Florida.




















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Born 4.15.2019 Owner Surrender. Tampa.

KONA / LEESBURG, FL / Adoption Pending

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ADOPT KONA!  Leesburg, Florida, 34788

Kona is a smart, sweet, active, handsome large adult Black Standard Poodle looking for a new home due to no fault of his own.  He will turn 9 in March 2020 and he hopes to celebrate his birthday in his new home with his very own Birthday Party!  Kona was stressed and anxious when he came into his foster home, but quickly warmed up, got his appetite back, and started playing with the 2 Standard Poodles there.  It was not long and he showed us his spunky happy playful side. Kona is mild mannered, he is full of love and affection; and is a true Velcro dog that is looking to be your loyal best friend. He wants nothing more than your attention and to be with you wherever you go – that includes the bathroom!  Kona is 75-80 lbs., a big boy!  When Kona came to rescue his coat was severely matted from neglect and he endured a shave down gladly.  He has a lovely thick curly coat that will grow back in due time.  Kona likes to be brushed, massaged, going for car rides, playing with other dogs, lounging in a dog bed, sitting in the recliner, stretching out on your couch, and sleeping with you if you allow.  Kona catches on to new things quickly – he is leash trained, house trained, and crate trained.   He could use a refresher course in some basic obedience training such as COME and learning to properly EXIT DOORS!  Kona is treat motivated which makes for easy training.  As with most Standard Poodles, he is a counter surfer, so anything left on the counter, table, nightstand, end tables within his reach, he will consider it is his for the taking and shame on you for letting it happen!  Generally speaking he primarily is looking for edible items, but then he might try your glasses or hearing aid, or other personal items as time allows.  He has not been destructive at all in his foster home but his foster is experienced from her own counter surfers.    Kona is social and enjoys being out and about and with you.  Kona has played well with two other Standard Poodles in his foster home, and previously lived with multiple small dogs with no issues getting along.  We are told he is not fond of cats but we have not tested that.  We will assume NO CATS for now in his future home to be safe.  Ideally, Kona would like a home where there is a retiree or work at home parent with nothing more to do than to pay dote on him all day!   So far, we have observed that when his foster mom leaves, he stays by the door waiting for her return.  He is a loyal boy.

Kona requires frequent brushing and frequent grooming.  Kona is a champ for bathing and groomers, he simply loves the attention.  He seeks your approval, and he is a needy boy.  However, if you let him know you don’t have time for him at the moment, he will give you a break. Kona will bloom in a forever home full of love and attention!

Kona is current on his vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped and recently had a dental.  We are not aware of any medical issues.  Kona does have some lumps and bumps that is common for the breed at his age.  Testing has been completed and deemed not necessary to remove any at this time.


-Minimum 6-foot privacy fence on your property for Kona – there are no exceptions so please do not attempt to bypass this requirement, please do not apply if you do not meet this requirement because we do a home visit prior to adoption and you are wasting your time.  We have many dogs for adoption that do not require a fenced yard so please, continue your search!

-You must be a Florida resident.  We do not ship or transport dogs to adopters.

-No cats in your home or outside your home.

-To meet Kona, you will need to travel to Leesburg, FL 34788.  If you cannot do that, please look for a rescue dog closer to you.

-Kona has never lived with children, so we are recommending either no children or adult children.  He is almost 80 lbs. so leash walking with a child when a squirrel crosses paths would not be pretty.

-We do not recommend dog parks for any of our adopted dogs.  Kona is no exception.  Play dates at your home or other homes is highly recommended.

If you would like more information on KONA, or to meet Kona, please submit an adoption application and our volunteers will process your application and answer your questions.

Kona’s adoption donation is $250.

Thank you for thinking rescue!  Following are photos of Kona before he was shaved down so you can see what he could look like when his hair has grown back.

Videos of Kona 2020:


Kona Video 1:


Kona Video 2:








Standard Poodle KONA

dob 3.6.2011

Abuse Neglect Case Manatee County


HANNAH / Leesburg



Meet Hannah!  


Hannah is approximately 2 yrs thought to be Maltese/Shih Tzu blend that will charm your pants off weighing in at 13 lbs.    She came to VIP Rescue with her 1 puppy, she was the perfect mother, and she is preparing to find her own home.

She is very much still a puppy with lots to learn.  Her  new home will have a fenced yard where she can chase squirrels, lizards, play ball, and run like the wind.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  (We have many applications for Hannah but so far no one has the fenced yard she is dreaming of!)    Inside, Hannah needs lots of toys in a basket she can empty multiple times a day and take to her bed – the bigger the better with squeaks please!  It keeps her occupied, and she will gladly play fetch with you and her toys.  She loves to perch herself on top of your sofa and chairs, so she needs to be welcome on your furniture.  She especially like to perch if there is a window she can watch everything going on.  She has not met a stranger, and she does well with like-size dogs so long as they love to play.  However, it does take a day or two for her to warm up to other dogs and engage.  She likes to ride in the car, has learned to ride in the cart at Petsmart, has ridden on the golf cart, and just wants your presence 24×7.  Yet, she is independent and can entertain herself for hours.  She is black with some brown and white markings…….she does not shed.  Her eyes will melt your heart.    She is crate trained, and before coming to rescue she was pee pad trained.  We have worked diligently on her potty training outside, and if we take her out every 2-3 hours, it is a success.  Overnite she will sleep in your bed and have no accidents – for 7-8 hours.  You will need to be disciplined  to continue her house training.  She is very smart, she knows come, sit, NO, and a short stay.  She loves treats and will do anything you ask for a reward!  She aims to please.   She rarely barks unless she needs something,    Hannah requires her new home to have a fenced yard to run and chase squirrels, birds, leaves, play ball, or chase lizards and a home where you are home most of the time.  She has learned to walk on a leash and requires a harness for walks.

Hannah will be spayed this week, and post healing she will be ready for her new home.  She has had all her vaccinations, she is heartworm negative, microchipped, and in excellent health!  We adopt to Florida residents.  Hannah needs frequent brushing and grooming, and is good for grooming except she hates the dryer.   You will need to travel to Leesburg, FL to meet Hannah.  Homes with a fenced yard will take precedence.  A home visit will be a pre-requisite.  Her adoption donation is $400.


RAYNE / Leesburg












Meet Rayne!  She is a delightful 7 month old female Mini Bernadoodle weighing about 28 lbs.  What is that?  It is a miniature poodle mixed with a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Due to life changes, she was taken to the shelter.  Her former owner invested time and training into her but with life changes, she released her to the shelter realizing Rayne was not a fit for their home.  Rayne  likes other dogs, she loves people, she has not met a stranger.  She will jump on you, and your children so small children are not recommended in her home.  She is a puppy and was purchased from a Pet Store.  She comes with some very good foundation training, she sits, she knows come, not very good on a leash, but aims to please.  She is a goofy funny entertaining girl, she wants to play with other dogs and does not always know when to stop being raised as a singleton.  She can also be calm and take naps and snuggle next to you at night.  She does not appear to shed, but that does not mean she is hypo-allergenic, and she needs frequent brushing and every 4-6 week grooming.  She counter surfs, she tears up toys, explores everything, and she is a busy puppy that needs supervision and proper toy selection.  She needs continuous reinforcement of her existing training, and additional training would be ideal for her to reach her full potential.  She is very smart, she learns quickly, and will keep you on your toes!  Her new home will have a secured fenced yard of at least 6 feet.  She will only be adopted to the state of Florida residents.  She has a sensitive digestive system, she has been food sensitivity tested and comes to you with those results.  She will make a delightful companion for someone who is home a lot and is committed to additional training.  She is accustomed to not being left for very long at her former home so if you are a home gone for 4-8 hours at a time, she is not a match.    It is recommended RAYNE be crated or placed in safe secured inside area when you leave your home and you cannot supervise her.  If you have senior dogs who do not like to engage and continuous play, Rayne is likely not the dog for you.  She has lots of energy and needs your time playing ball, running, walks, games, outings, socialization with other dogs of like size and energy, car rides, daycare is great for her with others of like size.  We do our best to match our rescue dogs to homes with the appropriate lifestyle to meet the dogs needs.  We prefer homes experienced with puppies and the Doodle breed for Rayne.

Rayne is fostered in Leesburg, Florida.  You will need to travel to Leesburg to meet her.  A home visit is a pre-requisite prior to adopting Rayne.  All animals in your home must be spayed or neutered and up to date on their vaccines.  Rayne is microchipped, spayed, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and has had recent veterinary care.   If you would like more information on Rayne, please submit an adoption application to VIP Rescue.  Rayne’s adoption donation is $500.


IMG_0776 IMG_0731 IMG_0752



Walter is scheduled to meet a family Dec. 28th to see if it is a match.

Hi Fans! My name is Walter, and all I want for the Holidays is MY OWN HOME. I hope that Santa finds me one. If you know anyone that could find it in their heart to take in a Senior Man – I promise to be a very good boy! Yes, I am a senior boy, I am great on your lap, like to be with you wherever you go, and I snooze a lot. I was found as a stray, I was a hot mess, but my Foster Home has restored my dignity and faith in mankind. I love my Foster Dad! I have adjusted to my new lifestyle quite nicely. But – I am looking for something permanent. I have some arthritis, I have had a dental, and I am current on my vaccinations, and am heartworm negative. I am microchipped and weigh about 8 pounds.  I am fine with other dogs, would likely be fine with cats too. At my age, I am not so interested in other animals or long walks. I am quite vocal when I want something, and will tell you all about it even if you don’t ask! I am quite content sitting cuddling with you, and staying at your side. If you would like to give me a new home for the New Year, please tell Santa where to take me. If you are a senior, please ask VIP Rescue to tell you about our “Seniors for Seniors” Adoption Program.

If you would like to know more about Walter, please complete an adoption application at One of our volunteers will contact you. I can be adopted to Florida residents. I am being fostered in Leesburg Florida and you would need to travel there to meet me.


GINGER / Leesburg, FL




Adopt Ginger

VIP RESCUE, Leesburg, FL 34788




Ginger is a lovely active female senior Standard Poodle looking for a new home with lots of time and love to give her. She loves attention, she loves toys, she loves to eat, she is playful, she likes to be with you wherever you are, so what more could you ask for?! Ginger weighs about 45 lbs, and is still gaining and estimated to be 9-10 years old. Ginger can talk, and lets you know what pleases her and what does not. Ginger is well-mannered, and a joy to be around! She needs a family where people are home much of the time, as she likes lots of attention. She interacts well with dogs of her own stature in her foster home so other dogs likely would be fine and very good company for Ginger. However, Ginger is a people’s dog, she has not met a stranger – always curious and affectionate! Ginger walks well on a leash. Ginger is house-trained and lets you know when she needs out. We recommend her being let out every 2-3 hours during the day. She loves to sleep in your bed and curl up next to you on the sofa. Ginger is hearing impaired, she cannot hear voices. She is well behaved and it has not really presented a problem. She knows come, sit, and down commands with your hands. We do recommend a fenced yard for Ginger at her new home and frequent walks. Ginger is in good health, she is heartworm negative, current on all vaccinations and microchipped, has had a dental and is spayed. We estimate Ginger to be about 9-10 years old. Ginger came to VIP Rescue as a walking parasite. She had chewed herself to raw meat in places and no hair present on her legs. Her owner passed away, and she was passed around and wound up being very neglected. Her hair is growing back, and when her coat fills in, she will be a gorgeous cream girl.
We only adopt to residents of Florida. A home visit is a pre-requiquisite to adoption. Standard Poodle experience preferred. Ginger is fostered in Leesburg, Florida and you will need to travel there to meet her.
Ginger’s Adoption donation is $250.
Thank you for thinking rescue! In order to start the adoption process, it is necessary to complete an adoption application. To do so, go to our web site:
THANK YOU for thinking Rescue!

“LIKE” us on FACEBOOK:  VIP Rescue-Florida


DORA / Leesburg, FL


Dora is a 16 year old tiny poodle weighing in at 4.5 pounds.  Her owner turned her in as a stray, so VIP to the RESCUE!  We have fattened her up, she has had a dental, and her right eye has been repaired.   She has a lot of personality and she loves her person.  She gives kisses generously!  She can be vocal, she is not shy, and she will let you know when she wants something.  She likes her short walks.  She likes sitting in your lap cuddling.  She loves to be carried around and sees little need to walk herself around if you will oblige.  She LOVES snoozing on your lap.

Dory has had all her vaccinations and is heartworm negative.

Dory would do well in a home with other senior calm dogs or no other dogs…….  She has no interest in other animals, her new owner with an empty loving open lap is her only wish.

Dory is in great shape for 16 yrs old!  We realize it takes a special person to take in a senior like Dory, but she will give you unconditional love every moment of every day she has……..and what more could one really ask for?  Dora means, the GIFT, and we hope to find the perfect place for our “GIFT.”

Dora is fostered in Leesburg, FL.  To meet DORA you will need to travel to Leesburg, FL.  No out of state adoptions.

Dora’s adoption donation is $100.








ADOPTION EVENT SAT Sept 14 from 11AM-1PM in Largo Florida at Petsmart



Sept. 14th from 11am – 1pm  

Petsmart at 10500 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33771

Please complete an adoption application prior to attending the event if you plan on adopting.



CALYPSO / Leesburg, FL



VIP RESCUE – Leesburg, Florida.

HI Fans! My name is Calypso, Caly for short. I am 4 years old, I weigh 50 pounds, and I am a super cute silver beige Standard Poodle. I like people, I like other dogs, but I am a little shy at first and it takes awhile for me to settle in. I will fetch my toys, I get poodle zoomies, and I can howl when I want to. I am looking for a home with another dog I can learn from, and to keep me company and play nicely. I need a fenced yard so I can run, romp, and play. I would like to sleep in your bed with you. I have learned a lot since I have been in rescue; my past was secluded and not so nice. So – I have lots to learn but am very smart and am catching on very quickly in my foster home. I will be loyal to the end, and follow you everywhere you go. I like to be in your business all the time.

I already know sit, down, and we are working on the stay. I am improving on my leash training, and house training and hope to have that mastered very soon. Due to my lack of socialization, I am unsure of new things, and new people. But my progress in in rescue is astounding and I hope to find a home that is patient with me and continues my progress. I can be the social butterfly when I get comfortable. I am looking for a home that its people are home a lot of the time. I do not like to be left much, and may howl for a brief period when my person leaves. I am looking for someone patient and calm to help me advance my socialization. I would like to goto basic obedience training to further advance my skills and understand your expectations. VIP Rescue will refund you up to $100 for the class once you provide proof of completion. I am fostered in Leesburg, FL.

I am scheduled for entropion surgery this week and hope to find my new home once that is healed first part of September. I have all my vaccines, am heartworm negative, spayed, and a very healthy girl. I require frequent brushing, and monthly grooming; so please take that into consideration. I eat Purina Pro Plan and will come with some food to get me started.

If you need a best friend for life, that is me! Calypso! I can be adopted to Florida Residents.

If you would like to meet me, please complete an adoption application at VIP RESCUE

My adoption donation is $400. Up to  $100 will be refunded when you provide certification to VIP RESCUE that I have completed basic obedience training at the trainer of your choice.

IMG_6079 IMG_6168 IMG_6078 


IMG_5717 fullsizeoutput_6d62fullsizeoutput_6d44

Meet Charley!

He is a Diamond in the Ruff Ruff! He smiles all the time, he is a happy boy, has good house manners, and loves to play!  No idea what breed he is, Miniature Poodle Terrier mix maybe, he is long and lean?  Charley is cuter than cute, about 13lbs and 7 yrs old! Charley likes children, adults, and other dogs. He would love a fenced yard to run and play, and several walks a day – kids would be a bonus!  He rides in the car nicely and likes to go where you go.  He knows basic obedience and will work for treats!  If you have children and are looking for a dog, look no further.  This is your boy!  He would love to sleep with you if allowed.  No crating needed for Charley, he is house trained!

Charlie is heart worm negative, has all his vaccinations, is microchipped.   He will be neutered and have his teeth cleaned June 17, and available then for adoption.  Charley will need frequent grooming and brushing and his coat does shed some.  Charley is fostered in Leesburg, FL.  You will need to travel to Leesburg to meet Charlie.  A home visit is a pre-requisite to adoption.

We adopt to Florida residents.  If you would like to know more about Charley, please complete an adoption application.

Charley’s adoption donation is $250.




SUKI / Cape Coral, FL







MEET SUKI!  Suki is a friendly 8 year old female brown Standard Poodle weighing 69lbs.  She is very devoted and makes a great companion as she follows your every move.  She wants to be a part of all your activities and be next to you wherever life takes you. Suki likes people and is dog friendly with like size dogs.  She does not do well living with smaller dogs.   Suki would love to be the center of your universe and will adore you! 

Suki enjoys frequent walks and has excellent leash manners.  She is housetrained and no crating is needed. However, as with many standard poodles, she will counter surf, destroy toilet paper rolls, and get in the trash if you are not at the top of your game with her.  Suki is well mannered, has mastered basic obedience, and is a very happy girl just waiting for that special person or retirees to come along to complete her life.   She would prefer not to be left at home for 4-6-8 hours at a time.     

Suki came to rescue as her owner went to hospice care.  While she was very loved, her health had been neglected. Suki is spayed, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped, has recently had a dental, some growths removed, and a gastropexy.  To get Suki on a healthy track, she is on a diet of Primal Dog Food and has lost 12lbs with a few more to go.  She enjoys her walks several times daily and plays in the yard with her foster siblings. She requires frequent brushing and monthly grooming. Preference will be given to those with Standard Poodle experience.

Suki can offer you her unconditional love, loyalty, and affection. She is a great dog and someone is going to hit the jackpot with this amazingly well-adjusted attentive girl!  

We adopt to Florida Residents only.  You must have a securely fenced yard to adopt a Standard Poodle from VIP Rescue.  We do complete home checks as part of the adoption application process.  

Suki is located in CAPE CORAL.  You must travel to CAPE CORAL to meet SUKI.  If you would like more information on SUKI or to be considered for adoption, you must complete an adoption application.  Our volunteer will contact you once your application is complete.  We are unable to respond to your emails and messages without you first completing an adoption application.

Suki’s adoption donation is $275.  

donationphoto.suki.2019 photo.suki.2019 photos.SUKI 59974148_1060935570771010_4496993237524807680_n 59979096_2330955117187717_2293516203966070784_n 60119121_1056778337856157_4656971681150009344_n 59993981_670776080048804_2527697500484141056_n 59990277_681376935650984_2569461534837178368_n fullsizeoutput_6cf9 fullsizeoutput_6cf8 58373647_10219115639031162_1367750640561815552_n 57485572_394113151435128_4412189829819793408_n 56285177_354013555239363_717700399645065216_n 56119822_10218894131493612_2306999454927945728_n 55627829_10218894131053601_2650567534046085120_n




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Whitney is a spry 9 yr old Standard Poodle available for adoption at VIP Rescue in Leesburg, FL.

She weighs 36 lbs and is silver beige in color.  Whitney is a very affectionate poodle seeking your attention.   She is an active girl, and she loves to run and play with puppies and dogs.  It is hard to believe she is 9 when we see her playing.  She is housetrained, does not like being crated, and there has been no need so we have not forced the issue.  She is somewhat timid, but is eager to learn from other dogs.  She is well behaved, walks well on a leash, and aims to please. She catches on quickly.  Not shy of strangers, Whitney seeks to greet everyone around her and make friends human and dog alike.  Prior to her coming to rescue she has not had a lot of socialization in places or riding in cars.  She has come a long way!

Whitney is looking for a home with a fenced yard, and hopefully other Poodles to play with.  She does not like being left by herself, but if there are other dogs when left at home she is fine for up to 4 hours.  Whitney is a sweetheart, and will win your heart in 5 minutes, and there is not turning back!

Whitney is spayed, heartworm negative, had a dental, and current on her vaccinations and preventatives. We adopt to FL Residents only.  We do home checks prior to adoption.

If you would like more information on Whitney, please submit an adoption application at  If this posting is here, that means she is not yet adopted.

Whitney’s adoption donation is $250.


FLETCHER – Leesburg, FL

54519384_10212618651092132_3714244540274573312_nfullsizeoutput_6b1a fullsizeoutput_6b1b











Are you SINGLE???  Meet Fletcher – he is looking for you!   This boy will charm your pants off, kiss you, and be your best friend.  He loves walks, makes himself at home on your lap, he can dance when you come home.  Fletcher is looking for a life long partner, a monogamous relationship as he does not plan on sharing you or his food.

Do you need a snuggles and kisses and a loyal best friend?  Fletch is best at that!

Fletch is a 5 yr old boy – weighs about 17 lbs, and is thought to be a Havanese mix?   He does not appear to shed, and has a gorgeous coat.  Fletch is up to date on all his vaccinations, he is neutered, microchipped, and heart worm negative.  Fletch will need to be brushed frequently and groomed every 4-6 weeks so please factor that into your consideration for Fletch.  He loves being walked several times a day and making new friends on his walks.

Fletch was surrendered to rescue as his owner is going into long term care.  Fletch does best with a single family, and no other dogs to compete for your attention or resources.  He would do best living in a single family home, not an apartment.

Fletch would benefit greatly from some structured training in his new home and an experienced handler.

Fletch is fostered in Leesburg, Florida and you will need to travel there to meet him / adopt him.  We adopt to Florida residents only.

His adoption donation is $200.


PLUTO / Leesburg, FL















Leesburg, FL

Pluto is a vivacious young 3 yr old thought to be Standard Poodle. He is 44 lbs., a handsome silver sable we think. He loves his people, has loads of energy, and needs a minimum of a 6 foot PRIVACY FENCE ALL the WAY AROUND and a decent sized yard to run and play at his new home. (NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE)  Pluto loves everyone, loves affection, and you can hold him like a baby.  His antics are quite entertaining.  As far as other dogs, he will run and play non-stop with them – and he does not have a mean bone in his body. However, not all dogs like his type of full throttle play! Pluto is all smiles, a very happy delightful boy, and you can’t help but fall in love with him. He is super smart, and he gets bursts of energy!  He has been through extensive training, knows basic obedience, and walks well on a leash…..until there are other dogs or distractions and then he can lose focus and go into jumps, howling, zoomies and leaping over fences mode. He will literally melt your heart and gives lots of hugs and kisses! He does not like to be bothered when eating but we are working on that.  He loves riding on a golf cart and going for rides in the car. His new owner will need to help him channel his energy into something positive he loves such as dog sports and games he can engage in or jogging!  He loves to destroy toys!

We recommend Pluto’s new owner continue his training as he is eager to learn. Pluto is not a service dog candidate or an emotional support dog candidate, or a candidate with a home with small children. He requires frequent brushing, and monthly grooming. He is a little wild on the groom table but will do fine with an experienced groomer. Pluto has a high prey drive and he will chase and he will counter surf and he loves getting in garbage – but what Standard poodle doesn’t?  Pluto does not do well with cats or farm animals….as he will not stop chasing.

Pluto is house trained, crate trained, and looking for a home where you are home most of the days/evenings. He will not do well in a home that crates 4-6-8-10 hours a day. Preference will be given to those with Standard Poodle experience. Pluto is crated when he is left home alone.

Pluto is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped. He appears to be in perfect health. We adopt to Florida residents only. A home visit is a pre-requisite to be approved for adoption.

If you would like to know more about Pluto, please complete an adoption application at  Please do not submit an application if you do not have a minimum of a 6 foot wood/vinyl/concrete fence on all sides and a Florida resident.

Pluto’s adoption donation is $450.

IMG_3517 fullsizeoutput_6847







ROCKIE / Leesburg


Are you looking for a Valentine?  Well Meet Sweet Rocky!  He is a tiny 7 lb white male thought to be a Terrier Maltese mix, and about 1-2 years old.  He is a delightful little boy who loves to snuggle and give kisses.  He is sweet as sugar!

Rocky was found as a stray, and needs a new forever home.  He is recently neutered, microchipped, heartworm negative, and current on all his vaccinations and preventatives.

Rocky’s adoption donation is $300.

He is fostered in Leesburg, Florida, 34788.  If you would like to meet Rocky, you will need to travel to Leesburg, FL.  Please complete an adoption application if you would like to adopt Rocky.  Florida Residents Only.


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American Airlines Raffle Tickets for RAFFLE to Benefit VIP Rescue


Raffle Tickets for Sale to Benefit VIP Rescue

If you would like to purchase raffle tickets, please email with the number of tickets you would like to purchases, and your mailing address.

Thank you for supporting our rescue!

25,000 Advantage Miles
1 ticket $5 3 tickets $10 30 tickets $90
RAFFLE Drawing Date: 02/10/2019.
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vip drawing winner

Winning number drawn today !

Congrats to Denyce in Largo for having the matching ticket stub !

Lil Bubba / Leesburg FL


LIL Bubba is a toy poodle, 15lbs, about 10 years old.  He came into rescue as his owner passed away as did his dog buddy. LIL Bubba is a delightful boy, a velcro dog, lap dog, rides well in the car, loves walks and stays close, does well on a leash, and is housetrained.  He gets along well in his foster home with other dogs and had a dog in his prior home that passed away recently.  He is used to cats I am told.  He never meets a stranger and will get in anyone’s car as he loves to go for rides!  He likes to talk a lot too!

Lil Bubba will do well in a home where the owner is home most of the time and he has a like size dog to play with.  He whimpers when left on his own.  We have not crated him as there has been no need and he is not accustomed to being crated.

Lil Bubba is current on his vaccinations, neutered, heartworm negative, and is microchipped.  He is having a dental and will be available for adoption Dec. 21st.    LIL Bubba requires frequent brushing as he has tight curls, and needs grooming every 4-6 weeks.

Lil Bubba is fostered in Leesburg FL.  You will need to travel to Leesburg to meet Lil Bubba.  His adoption donation is $250.

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TOOTSIE is a darling Yorkshire Terrier mix about 7 years old and 12 lbs.  She loves to cuddle, is the perfect lap dog, and follows you everywhere. She came in as a stray at our local shelter with her brother; however her brother was very sick and did not make it. Tootsie has had surgery to remove kidney stones and has recovered.  Tootsie likes the company of other dogs, and enjoys play time, and lap time. She is a happy well adjusted little girl and gets very attached to her person.  She has become very attached to her foster mom but she will attach to whomever she goes with.  She is very affectionate, and she would like your attention 24×7.  She loves walks, car rides, and being with you wherever you go!

Tootsie is spayed, heartworm negative, vaccinated, is microchipped, current on preventatives, had a dental, and is ready for her new home. Tootsie is primarily pee pad trained and we are working on potty training. She will need your help and persistence on this.Tootsie’s adoption donation is $150. She is fostered in Leesburg, FLORIDA.  We adopt to Florida residents.

In order to start the adoption process, it is necessary to complete an adoption application. To do so, go to our web site:

THANK YOU for thinking Rescue!



















NOV 10 at Petsmart in Largo, FL

from 11AM to 1PM.

Address:  Petsmart, 10500 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33771

Please complete an adoption application in advance of the adoption event

if you would like to adopt!



Winnie is a beautiful doxie .. She is thought to be 17 lbs and 8 years young . She is spayed,current on her shots , micro chipped, on heartworm prevention, DENTAL  and had ear surgery . Years of neglect ,in the care of her chronic ears infection , resulted in Lateral Ear Canal Resection  ( Her recovery is excellent !! She is super friendly ,gets along great with other dogs , good on a leash and wait for it  HOUSETRAINED!!

Winnie’s foster family has some information for you on Winnie:

“Winnie, is one sweet little girl.  When she first arrived in our home she explored every room, every closet and under each bed.  Her favorite place is near the toy chest.  She likes to play with her plush toys and make them squeak.  Winnie will fetch the toy if you throw it.  In Winnie’s world water is just for drinking.  She does NOT like morning dew on her paws nor does she like the rain.  Actually rain makes her nervous and she will refuse to potty outside if the grass is wet.   She loves to be next to you so make room on the couch or chair if you like to sit and read or watch TV, because she will make sure she is next to you. “

Don’t let this delightful girl get away .. Apply now  !

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JASMINE / Port Orange, FL

photojasmine 065










BREED: Standard Parti-Poodle

LOCATION:  Port Orange, FL 32127   Will be adopted to FL residents only.

AGE:  Will be 8 in Dec 2018

REQUIRMENTS TO ADOPT:  Home check will be done prior to adoption.  Securely fenced yard sufficient for her to exercise and play ball / fetch. FLORIDA Residents only.  You must be able to travel to Port Orange, FL to meet Jasmine. We do not transport dogs or allow transport of our dogs.

ABOUT JASMINE:  Jasmine is wonderful with people and loves human companionship. She is looking to become a beloved member of a new family and follow wherever you take her! Jasmine is a good travel partner and loves to go for rides and be out in public.  She is crate trained though it is not really necessary as she is house trustworthy. Jasmine is in good health, and has no known health issues. Jasmine is a typical Standard Poodle – fast, very agile, and enjoys walks and frequent exercise including chasing squirrels and lizards. Jasmine has mastered basic obedience and is leash trained with an easy walk harness.  She loves squeaky toys, but her favorite is to PLAY BALL and of course fetch! Jasmine loves her humans, follows them, and will sleep with you if you allow.  She is also a couch potato when you want to relax and likes getting on the furniture when invited.  She has her own recliner at her foster home.  Oh, she will also help you with your yard work! She seeks frequent petting and affection!

 MEDICAL INFORMATION:  Jasmine is spayed, heartworm negative, microchipped, and current on all vaccinations.  She requires frequent grooming and we recommend you become familiar with grooming costs and budget accordingly prior to considering adopting Jasmine.  Jasmine is being fed a high quality kibble:

LOOKING FOR:  Jasmine would prefer to be an only dog in a quiet adult home who has plenty of time to spend with her.  Jasmine could coexist with another large male dog depending on its temperament – submissive. No small dogs and no female dogs for Jasmine’s new home.  Jasmine wants a quiet home with a least one adult home most all day. If you are looking for a service dog, Jasmine is not a service dog prospect. Homes with prior Standard Poodle experience will take precedence.     

HISTORY:  Jasmine was purchased as a young adult by her original owners as an emotional support service dog for a retired couple.   She lived a quiet happy life in their home. Unfortunately, the husband became ill and as a result they surrendered Jasmine to her Foster home.

ADOPTION DONATION for Jasmine:  $300

Thank you for thinking rescue.  

 Please visit our website and see all of our available pets available for adoption.  AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION  

 Please complete an Adoption Application online today if you are interested in adopting JASMINE or want more information.  One of our volunteers will only contact you after your application has been received.

Adoption Application VIP RESCUE

 As a non-profit 501c3 corporation, VIP Rescue is dependent on private donations to fund our rescuing, fostering, and permanently placing animals. Please give what you can.  Your financial generosity is vital to VIP Rescue.  If you would like to donate to VIP Rescue, please visit our website at: 
















Susie is an adorable poodle mix weighing in at 24.5 lbs. estimated to be 4 years young.   She would like daily walks and exercise.   She was found as a stray, and ended up at our local county shelter.  She loves people, would like to be in a home with a special person that likes lap dogs, and to be followed everywhere they go.  She is a true velcro girl.  Susie is overbearing with smaller dogs, however is doing fabulous in her foster home with larger dogs and those equal in size.  She would also make a wonderful pet in a home with no other animals.  She likes to be wherever you are.  She would do best in a home with adults  or adults with older children that are home most of the time.  She shakes when meeting new people, however, within 30 minutes, you are her best friend.  If someone grabs at her swiftly she does not know, she will react with  submissive urination.  Susie needs more socialization and exposure to people and places, and she will be a great companion dog!  We are working on her potty training.

Susie is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative, dewormed, microchipped!   Susie’s adoption donation is $300.  Susie requires frequent brushing and grooming services.  


Chester is 10 lbs of HAPPY ! His tail doesn’t quit ! He is some sort of chi mix and is only a year old ! He is current on his shots, micro chipped,  neutered and at 1 year old has already been successfully treated for heartworm. That is a lot in just a year , but his personality just sparkles ! He appears to be good with other dogs and loves humans. Add a little joy to your life and submit your application for Sparkles.

vip chester a vip chester b vip chester c


ADOPTION EVENT SEPT 15th 11-1pm at Largo Petsmart


BROOK / Clearwater



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Meet Brook!

This little girl has lived the life of neglect.  Please adopt Brook today!


Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 11.04.56 AM

VIP RESCUE ADOPTION EVENT May 19th at Largo Petsmart 11am – 1pm