FLETCHER – Leesburg, FL

Meet Fletcher!  This boy will charm your pants off, kiss you, and be your best friend.  He loves walks, makes himself at home on your sofa, he can dance when you come home, and is looking for a sleeping partner?!

Could that be you?  Do you need a snuggles and kisses and a loyal best friend?  Fletch is best at that!

Fletch is a 5 yr old boy – weighs about 17 lbs, and is thought to be a Havanese?   He does not appear to shed, and has a gorgeous coat.  Fletch is up to date on all his vaccinations, he is neutered, microchipped, and heart worm negative.  Fletch will need to be brushed 3 times a week, bathed every 2 weeks, and groomed every 4-6 weeks so please factor that into your consideration for Fletch.  He loves being walked several times a day and making new friends on his walks.

Fletch was surrendered to rescue as his owner is going into long term care.

Fletch does not allow you near his food or treats, and will snap if you try to take it away.    Outside of that, he is a very dog friendly – people friendly boy based on our observance.  It would likely be best to put him in a home with no other dogs so there is not a competition for food/treat resources.  He would do best in a home with no small children and a home that would consider feeding him in his crate or a room with the door closed.  Sometimes Fletch likes to escape and discover, so a home that is familiar with dogs that take opportunities to run is welcomed.  A secured 5 foot or higher fence would be ideal.  Fletch would benefit greatly from some structured training in his new home.

Fletch is fostered in Leesburg, Florida and you will need to travel there to meet him / adopt him.  His adoption donation is $275.


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