HANNAH / Leesburg



Meet Hannah!  


Hannah is approximately 2 yrs thought to be Maltese/Shih Tzu blend that will charm your pants off weighing in at 13 lbs.    She came to VIP Rescue with her 1 puppy, she was the perfect mother, and she is preparing to find her own home.

She is very much still a puppy with lots to learn.  Her  new home will have a fenced yard where she can chase squirrels, lizards, play ball, and run like the wind.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  (We have many applications for Hannah but so far no one has the fenced yard she is dreaming of!)    Inside, Hannah needs lots of toys in a basket she can empty multiple times a day and take to her bed – the bigger the better with squeaks please!  It keeps her occupied, and she will gladly play fetch with you and her toys.  She loves to perch herself on top of your sofa and chairs, so she needs to be welcome on your furniture.  She especially like to perch if there is a window she can watch everything going on.  She has not met a stranger, and she does well with like-size dogs so long as they love to play.  However, it does take a day or two for her to warm up to other dogs and engage.  She likes to ride in the car, has learned to ride in the cart at Petsmart, has ridden on the golf cart, and just wants your presence 24×7.  Yet, she is independent and can entertain herself for hours.  She is black with some brown and white markings…….she does not shed.  Her eyes will melt your heart.    She is crate trained, and before coming to rescue she was pee pad trained.  We have worked diligently on her potty training outside, and if we take her out every 2-3 hours, it is a success.  Overnite she will sleep in your bed and have no accidents – for 7-8 hours.  You will need to be disciplined  to continue her house training.  She is very smart, she knows come, sit, NO, and a short stay.  She loves treats and will do anything you ask for a reward!  She aims to please.   She rarely barks unless she needs something,    Hannah requires her new home to have a fenced yard to run and chase squirrels, birds, leaves, play ball, or chase lizards and a home where you are home most of the time.  She has learned to walk on a leash and requires a harness for walks.

Hannah will be spayed this week, and post healing she will be ready for her new home.  She has had all her vaccinations, she is heartworm negative, microchipped, and in excellent health!  We adopt to Florida residents.  Hannah needs frequent brushing and grooming, and is good for grooming except she hates the dryer.   You will need to travel to Leesburg, FL to meet Hannah.  Homes with a fenced yard will take precedence.  A home visit will be a pre-requisite.  Her adoption donation is $400.


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