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Meet Rayne!  She is a delightful 7 month old female Mini Bernadoodle weighing about 28 lbs.  What is that?  It is a miniature poodle mixed with a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Due to life changes, she was taken to the shelter.  Her former owner invested time and training into her but with life changes, she released her to the shelter realizing Rayne was not a fit for their home.  Rayne  likes other dogs, she loves people, she has not met a stranger.  She will jump on you, and your children so small children are not recommended in her home.  She is a puppy and was purchased from a Pet Store.  She comes with some very good foundation training, she sits, she knows come, not very good on a leash, but aims to please.  She is a goofy funny entertaining girl, she wants to play with other dogs and does not always know when to stop being raised as a singleton.  She can also be calm and take naps and snuggle next to you at night.  She does not appear to shed, but that does not mean she is hypo-allergenic, and she needs frequent brushing and every 4-6 week grooming.  She counter surfs, she tears up toys, explores everything, and she is a busy puppy that needs supervision and proper toy selection.  She needs continuous reinforcement of her existing training, and additional training would be ideal for her to reach her full potential.  She is very smart, she learns quickly, and will keep you on your toes!  Her new home will have a secured fenced yard of at least 6 feet.  She will only be adopted to the state of Florida residents.  She has a sensitive digestive system, she has been food sensitivity tested and comes to you with those results.  She will make a delightful companion for someone who is home a lot and is committed to additional training.  She is accustomed to not being left for very long at her former home so if you are a home gone for 4-8 hours at a time, she is not a match.    It is recommended RAYNE be crated or placed in safe secured inside area when you leave your home and you cannot supervise her.  If you have senior dogs who do not like to engage and continuous play, Rayne is likely not the dog for you.  She has lots of energy and needs your time playing ball, running, walks, games, outings, socialization with other dogs of like size and energy, car rides, daycare is great for her with others of like size.  We do our best to match our rescue dogs to homes with the appropriate lifestyle to meet the dogs needs.  We prefer homes experienced with puppies and the Doodle breed for Rayne.

Rayne is fostered in Leesburg, Florida.  You will need to travel to Leesburg to meet her.  A home visit is a pre-requisite prior to adopting Rayne.  All animals in your home must be spayed or neutered and up to date on their vaccines.  Rayne is microchipped, spayed, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and has had recent veterinary care.   If you would like more information on Rayne, please submit an adoption application to VIP Rescue.  Rayne’s adoption donation is $500.

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