Joey/Redington Beach

Available for Adoption

How you doin’? Sound familiar…’s me, Joey…..yea I know, I’m even cuter then the guy from Friends.

I’m an 8-year-old, male chihuahua who is slightly overweight at 18lbs…..well, the fridge broke so I had to eat everything!

All jokes aside, it’s been a rough summer. My human dad died, mom couldn’t take care of me, and my human sister didn’t want me so I found myself at Animal Services with a euthanasia order! 

WHAT!!!  Is that what a dinosaur would do?? 

Luckily VIP rescue came in that day to pick up another dog, saw me, fell for my boyish smile, and saved me!

A little about me….

I’m neutered, up to date with my vaccines, and on monthly flea and heartworm prevention.  

I would prefer to be your one and only.  

I love my food and don’t want to share with anyone.  

I love my human and don’t want to share with anyone. 

I love to sleep with my human and don’t want to share with anyone. 

I am happy to sit in a sunny yard.

I am happy to sit/sleep in a dog bed.

I love to be on a soft sofa. 

And once I get to know you, I love a friendly gentle lap. 

I am a little overweight…I need some help with food control but I love to walk!

So, what’s not to like?

Are you getting the theme here….. I’m looking for a furever friends! A human with patience while I am learning how to trust and what a loving touch feels like….on my time.

If I sound like I might be a good fit for your life,  and you are up for my need of “it’s all about me”.  I’m ready, please submit an application with   

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way
When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, but I’ll be there for you”

Lil’Bit / Seminole

Well, hey! I’m “Lil” Bit, a 4 year old 17lb mixed breed kind of “fluff”. I came from the same type of situation that my friend Darlynn was in. I too, wasn’t cared for most of my life. In fact, my fur became so long and tangled that it hurt. Alot. They told me I was going to VIP Rescue in Florida and that I was going to start living a great life. Yes, finally! When I got to my foster Mommy’s house, she started to cut the mats out of me, and after that, she had to give me 2 baths because the fleas were EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE. It took a long time to get through my fur, and she has the most gentle hands to carefully take away years of neglect and knots, but, she got it done, and no more fleas! ( and I smell so good too) 

Foster mommy said my hair will grow back, and I’m going to be the most handsome boy ever! I’m looking for a home where you have enough time to teach me all the things I need to know to be the best boy. I’m doing good on the potty thing, you’ll just need to keep working on it with me, but….(there’s always a but, right?) You definitely need to teach me all about leash walking. I do get along with other doggies, but I’ve never been around what mommy calls a C.A.T. 😺Hmmmm… So, in a nutshell, if you work from home, or are home alot then maybe you’d like to meet me? I just need you to have time and patience, but I promise, I’m worth it. I’ve been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, had a dental, and have been started on flea and heartworm prevention. Please visit to fill out an adoption application. Here’s to a new start in life! 🐾

Robin/Redington Beach

Robin/Redington Beach was born 6-20-21, though to be a rat terrier mix. She is current on age appropriate shots, spayed, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention. Puppies are so adorable. If you are ready for a bouncy, high energy, puppy … this one is for you!!!! Best guess for an adult weigh, should be less than 20 lbs. She is ready to begin his journey with you.. She is working on pee-pad training and then will graduate to potty training and leash training.

If you are willing and able to accept this challenge, and welcome her into your home and heart, you must complete an application at Puppies are a lot of fun and a lot of work. Puppies bring life to a home. and a lot of work! Did I say a lot of work? They require a lot of attention and time and human agility!! As you guide them to a well mannered social companion pet, plan on teaching yourself to teach them to be great companion friends!

In exchange, they will teach you some valuable lessons. Put your shoes away. Close all doors, gates and toilet lids . Phone charging wires are expensive to replace. You aren’t as young as you think. You aren’t as quick as you think you are. You aren’t as smart as you thought your are. Look before you step. Training isn’t as simple as you remember. ….just sayin’ !!

Training isn’t as simple as you remember. ….just sayin’ !! You need to be prepared for two years of you being agile , quick to your feet , and very very patient when you react . Puppies are full of energy bounce and play ! If you are willing and able to accept this challenge, and welcome her into your home and heart, you must complete an application at

RAYNE / Leesburg












Meet Rayne!  She is a delightful 7 month old female Mini Bernadoodle weighing about 28 lbs.  What is that?  It is a miniature poodle mixed with a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Due to life changes, she was taken to the shelter.  Her former owner invested time and training into her but with life changes, she released her to the shelter realizing Rayne was not a fit for their home.  Rayne  likes other dogs, she loves people, she has not met a stranger.  She will jump on you, and your children so small children are not recommended in her home.  She is a puppy and was purchased from a Pet Store.  She comes with some very good foundation training, she sits, she knows come, not very good on a leash, but aims to please.  She is a goofy funny entertaining girl, she wants to play with other dogs and does not always know when to stop being raised as a singleton.  She can also be calm and take naps and snuggle next to you at night.  She does not appear to shed, but that does not mean she is hypo-allergenic, and she needs frequent brushing and every 4-6 week grooming.  She counter surfs, she tears up toys, explores everything, and she is a busy puppy that needs supervision and proper toy selection.  She needs continuous reinforcement of her existing training, and additional training would be ideal for her to reach her full potential.  She is very smart, she learns quickly, and will keep you on your toes!  Her new home will have a secured fenced yard of at least 6 feet.  She will only be adopted to the state of Florida residents.  She has a sensitive digestive system, she has been food sensitivity tested and comes to you with those results.  She will make a delightful companion for someone who is home a lot and is committed to additional training.  She is accustomed to not being left for very long at her former home so if you are a home gone for 4-8 hours at a time, she is not a match.    It is recommended RAYNE be crated or placed in safe secured inside area when you leave your home and you cannot supervise her.  If you have senior dogs who do not like to engage and continuous play, Rayne is likely not the dog for you.  She has lots of energy and needs your time playing ball, running, walks, games, outings, socialization with other dogs of like size and energy, car rides, daycare is great for her with others of like size.  We do our best to match our rescue dogs to homes with the appropriate lifestyle to meet the dogs needs.  We prefer homes experienced with puppies and the Doodle breed for Rayne.

Rayne is fostered in Leesburg, Florida.  You will need to travel to Leesburg to meet her.  A home visit is a pre-requisite prior to adopting Rayne.  All animals in your home must be spayed or neutered and up to date on their vaccines.  Rayne is microchipped, spayed, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and has had recent veterinary care.   If you would like more information on Rayne, please submit an adoption application to VIP Rescue.  Rayne’s adoption donation is $500.


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Update 3/10/2019

Are you lazy , but still want a pet companion ? We have the doggie for YOU !

Tried of the posts stating active family only ? We have the doggie for YOU !

Enjoys long walks , not your thing ? We have the doggie for YOU !

If easy peezy is your strong suit, we have the doggie for YOU !

Do you have an empty spot on your couch and in your heart ? We have the doggie for YOU !



Meet Elly !

She holds princess status , with very very little activity demands. She is a 6 lb , 10 years young ,most likely a  maltese /yorkie mix . She is spayed , current on her shots, micro chipped (not like she gonna’ run) had a dental ( they were able to save a few teeth) and is on heartworm prevention.

Life as a street dog did not work well for her, and she was turned into our vet as a stray. Her minor medical maladies  , are currently being treated . For those who know about the Maltese breed , they can go on for a very very long time. Most of us would love having an annuity , that ran the length of a maltese life.

Elly likes to have a choice of beds.A few around is a great plan . She is good with house training , or can double as a pee-pad princess ! She is flexible !   She could care less about other dogs ! Her coat is returning to it’s beautiful self , with good food and PLENTY of sleep !

 This mild mannered princess, is awaiting , her new address !

To welcome Elly to your heart and home you must submit your application !



Hi, my name is Elly and they think I’m about 10 years old. I am a maltese and poodle(?) mix. I was found as a stray and taken to the vet to check for a microchip, but my family didn’t give me one so I’m looking for a new family.
I look kind of rough around the edges, but everyone still says I’m a cutie. I’ll be better in a couple of weeks when my hair can grow in. I don’t have any teeth, but I can still eat my wet food ok and my foster dad’s say I have a good appetite. I do need help with potty training though.
I’ve only been with my foster family a few days so I’m still getting settled in. I like sitting on the couch with my dads, sleeping on my bed on the floor and running around the house. I’m really small so you have to watch out for me when you’re walking and if I have a foster friend, it would probably be better if they were smaller. I also think I’d like to stay with an older person or family with older kids because of my size.
I have been given my shots, microchipped and taken care of by my new friends at the vets. If you’d like to adopt me please complete an application at

Bentley / Clearwater

Who loves an under bite and big brown eyes !!

Bentley is thought to be a 5 year old , 14 lb shih tzu. He is current on his shots,neutered, micro chipped, had a dental and is on heartworm prevention.
Bentley’s suitable forever home , would be with a above average experienced pet parent. He is sweet but needs to learn , he is not the head of household. He has made great progress with house training , and frankly , he doesn’t bother with other dogs . He has finally learned to play . His new pet parent will be reimbursed for the cost of a basic 6 week obedience class from an approved facility
To welcome Bentley to your heart and home please submit your application .

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vip vinny a

Vinny is thought to be a Shih Tzu terrier mix. He might be 10 years young , but that was estimated before his clean up of a dental and a groom. He is current on his shots,  micro-chipped , neutered and on heart worm prevention. He is a long lean and lovely dog of 17 lbs. He excels at napping and likes outer dogs. One eye is developing a cataract.. He is a great companion boy who is good on a leash.He appears to be housetrained

To welcome Vinny to your heart and home ,please submit your application

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Betty White/Largo

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Tommy thought to be a 2-3 year old male Chihuahua.  He is good with other smaller dogs, but may not get along with larger dogs.  He loves his stuffed toys and would benefit from a strong master.  Good on leash, he loves to walk.  Tommy is current on all shots,neutered  on heartworm and flea protection, and is micro chipped. Tommy can be selective , when it comes to the human company he keeps.

To welcome Tommy to your heart and home please submit your application !

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Bach is a victim of special neglect. Bach is a very thin 8.5 lb ,most likely 8 years young toy poodle. He is currently being treated for an angry liver( to put it simply) and for heartworm disease. He is current on his shots , micro chipped and has had a dental. His neuter is on hold while we address the other health issues he has, so we have a opportunity for a successful out come .
 Thanks to Mary at Reef dog grooming in Gulfport for your very special handling of this delicate soul !

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Zoey is thought to be , (hum) well maybe (hum) Ok let’s just say she is a proud member of a Designer Dog club. A better way of putting it , is .. she kinda looks like a shih tzu head on a corgi body!

She is current on her shots , micro chipped, spayed and on heartworm prevention. She is about 21 lbs and thought to be 4 years young . She is an enthusiastic jumper and loves to be near her human,

She is a resource guarder , when it comes to food. Zoey would benefit from a loving active family that could help her get to her girly girly weight .

She would be best served by a pet parent , that would not allow her to be in charge .

To welcome , her highness , to your heart and home please submit your application

vip zoey a vip zoey b vip Zoey 10 18

Tuffy/Palm Harbor

Tuffy is the poster child for  determination and  longevity . His first few days in rescue, was the wait and see time. He simply said I’m not done yet !.
He was very frail, and , yes, he still is. However,he is much improved, since he has gained almost put on half of a pound.We had to wait to do a dental , because of his weight , He had a mouthful of extremely rotten teeth that now have been extracted.
This little double digit dynamo now eats like a little piglet now, is housetrained (He chirps to let you know it is time ), sleeps through the night and is an A+ cuddler.
He is neutered , current on shots and heartworm negative. Also blind
Stay tuned for more on tuff tuff TUFFY !


vip tuffy close up vip tuffy basket vip tuffy toy

Mr. Morgan/Largo

Meet Mr. Morgan!!!





morgan aug 2017vip morgan a vip morgan b

mr morgan 2017 aug

Mr Morgan is a 19 lb shih-mix boy.

Morgan is a funny little clown.

He’s 9 yrs young. He’s a playful guy that loves to play with balls and plush toys.

 He is housebroken and loves to go on walks and car rides.
He is up to date on all his meds and shots. He is micro-chipped, neutered and heartworm Neg.

He has skin allergies that are under control with daily meds and special food.

He has the ability to get along with other dogs, it takes him sometime to fit into the pack.    He also has the ability to get along with cats.

He’s an independent little guy. He can be a bit grumpy …because of this he would do best as an “only child” in the home of an experienced dog owner.  He would not fit into a household with children.


vip morgan





He’s really a great little dog….apply for Mr. Morgan today


vip morgan b




A Great Update for Mr. Morgan.  He is Ready for his new FUR-Eva home!!!  He looks and feels fabulous!!!

Mr.Morgan is an adorable little Shih-mix. A young 9 yrs old boy.  He is about 19 lbs.
He does ok with other dogs, but would be best as an only child.
He would thrive with an experienced dog owner who can keep his little personality in check.
He is housebroken and Loves his walks!

He still needs some help at the dog park learning to play well with others. And though he likes to be brushed, he’s not great with grooming.
He has a yeast infection and is still on daily meds. He will need to stay on his meds and have follow-ups with the vet to make sure this is taken care of and resolved.
He is up to date on all vaccines and shots, flea and heartworm meds (Heartworm Neg), he has had a hernia removed, neutered, micro chipped, and has had a dental.
He’s very smart and playful. A great little dog that’s come a long way!!
Apply for Mr. Morgan today!!!





Morgan is a cute, 9yrs-young, 18Lb. Shih-Mix.  The previous owner was not longer able to care for him, so they (lovingly) turned him over to VIP Rescue for the medical attention he needs and to be re-homed.

Poor Mr. Morgan has suffered with a yeast infection and that is why his skin looks like this.

20170203_114220 20170223_131328

 We are in the process of taking care of this, along with an ear infection, a dental and a hernia. 

He is neutered, micro chipped and will be updated on all his shots and vaccines soon.  He will be up to date on all his monthly meds. He is heartworm Neg!!

He will have a dental and we will remove the hernia, in time. He just needs to get a bit stronger.

Mr. Morgan does not like children. He does not like when anyone get in is face, or touches his ears…though we believe some of that may be due to the painful ear infection.

He also had a difficult time with groomers, due to a very horrible grooming in his past when they burnt him all over.

We are hoping when his medical conditions are better,  his attitude will change for the better too!

But for now, he’s a nice little guy that needs lots of medical attention and Love.

He is on some meds and this is going to take a bit of time and multiple vet visits to cure the poor guy of his problems.

He seems to be house broken.  He loves his walks and looking out the window. 


When his coat and skin get fixed, he’s going to be a gorgeous ginger colored boy.

Apply for Mr. Morgan Today!!!

Also, if you would like to help with Mr. Morgan’s  medical expenses….please hit the DONATE button on any of our pages. 

All donations are greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!



These two are a delightful bonded pair of Standard Poodles and will be adopted together.  Whitney is 6 years old, and Elliott is 5 years old.  Elliott loves his sister and watches every move she makes. He is highly anxious when they cannot be together.   Both dogs are very friendly with everyone they meet and friendly and with other dogs. Whitney is a lap dog and would like to be where ever her person is…..she loves the attention.  Both are well mannered, and quite the duo!

Whitney and Elliott just arrive at VIP Rescue recently as their owner passed away and her husband was moved to assisted living quarters.

They are both going to the vet this week for a wellness visit and we will provide more information after that visit is completed.

If you would like to meet WHITNEY and ELLIOTT, please complete an adoption application at VIP RESCUE and one of our volunteers will contact you.







Eliza/Myakka City




Eliza Doolittle has lived up to her name. This beautiful girl now barks at visitors at the door, tries to play with other dogs and just wants to be a member of a family who will love her and whom she can love with all of her big heart. She still needs to put on weight, but what lady doesn’t like to hear the words “Time for a treat”?’ Her medical notes say she’s a roughly 12-year-old, apricot, miniature poodle who needs a dental and a spay and who has a heart murmur. What they don’t say is that she’s beautiful, she’s feisty, she loves to walk, be petted and sit on laps, she travels well in a car and  is quiet when she needs to be, yet playful when she’s encouraged. And the biggest and best thing they don’t say: She’s as sweet as she is beautiful – maybe even sweeter. She is current on her shots , micro chipped, heartworm negative, and spayed.


vip eliza 5 15







Vip pinky VIP pibky3 VIP REscue

Pinky is thought to be a 2 year old maltese. She is about 8 lbs . Pinky is current on her shots, micro chipped, spayed and heartworm negative and appears to be house trained . She is frighten, so it takes a little time for her to warm up. Pinky does well with  other dogs.  She prances while walking on a leash.. She is willing to please, so she will learn to trust again.

To welcome Pinky into your heart and home, please submit your application !

vip pinky 4vip pinky 5vip pinky 6vip pinky 2vip pinky 3vip pinky


Baron, the Gentleman has arrived ! And he is awaiting you lap ! This stunning little Maltese is super sweet and handsome. Baron is just 8 lbs of royalty and thought to be 9 years young. He is super sharp , great on a leash loves other dogs , AND  housetrained ! He is current on his shots,micro chipped neutered, heartworm negative and has had a dental.
Thanks to Bark Life in Seminole for the fresh groom.
On your mark, get set …………APPLY

vip baron 3 23 a 

 vip baron 3 23 b vip baron 3 23c



CHEYENNE.FACE1 2015.cheyenne1 s.2015.cheyenne11

Meet Cheyenne!

Meet our most loveable Cheyenne! We have no idea what breed she is but she looks like a Standard Schnauzer mix, about 35-40 lbs of love. She is gray-silver in color and has a lovely coat. She will give you kisses all day, and she loves your attention. She is estimated to be 3-4 years old. Cheyenne is house-trained and loves to go for car rides and is a good snuggler.  She is wonderful with people, and she loves to go for walks. Cheyenne is not asking for much, just someone that will love her forever and be dedicated to her.  She has transitioned wonderfully into her foster home with other low key dogs.  Cheyenne rarely barks.  Cheyenne is fostered in Leesburg, FL. and would love to meet you! Please Adopt Cheyenne if you are looking for a loving companion.  Her adoption donation is $150.  Cheyenne is spayed, up to date on her vaccinations, and heartworm negative.

Thank you for thinking rescue. In order to start the adoption process, it is necessary to file an adoption application. To do so, go to our web site, Upon receipt, we will process the application as soon as possible and respond to you. All of our staff at VIP Rescue are volunteers. We appreciate you completing an adoption application which will allow our volunteers to contact you. All information provided in the application will remain confidential and not be shared outside of VIP Rescue.
VIP Rescue






vip priscilla back


vip prisilla looking at you

vip prisilla cute


Meet Prisilla! 8 is her lucky number! 8 years old and 8 pound shih tzu girl. She is current on her shots, spayed, and microchipped! She is a little shy at first and needs a few minutes to warm up to new people. Apply now for this adorable girl!



Page1two1 Screenshot_2014-05-16-10-50-43Screenshot_2014-05-16-10-51-16



Giorgio was born 1/1/2012, and is a gorgeous curly haired cream / apricot Labradoodle. He is 85 lbs of energy, very friendly, loves all people, loves all dogs, and has a beautiful smile! He is a handful, has lots of energy, and needs a home with no small children as he will easily overpower them.. He loves to swim, and will head to any water he sees. He needs obedience training. Giorgio will require a fenced yard at his new home. We hope to find a home with experience with this breed. He has been thru three homes now in his short life, and we will be looking for a home with experience so that does not happen again. He is very smart, and can open doors and gates. He loves attention, and has a loving disposition. He prefers not to be crated, and loves to run and play non-stop.  He prefers a home where there is someone home most of the time. No electric collars or fences for this boy. No out of state adopters. He would love to have a pool at his new home! Giorgia has a huge heart, and is looking for a new family to call his own! He is fostered in Fruitland Park, Florida. His adoption donation is $450.  More pictures to follow.  He is neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations and heartworm negative.  




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vip ollie 8 8 c vip ollie 8 8 d vip ollie 8 8vip ollie 1


Awesome Ollie , will just melt your heart. This little senior shows no signs of quitting , EVER ! He is thought to be a youthful 8 and just 10 lbs of cuteness. He thinks he is house trained, but because of a urinary  by-pass he leaks. He is great on a leash, really Really REALLY loves his human, and he will melt your heart with his clouded big eyes. He is on a S/O special food for bladder crystals. Ollie is super with other dogs! He is current on his shots,neutered , has had a dental and is heartworm negative. He is thought to be a long tail poodle/bichon mix. But really, who cares, he has a heart of gold, and will bring joy to your life.
Ollie qualifies for our seniors for seniors program.
Apply now!
vip ollie 6 28 c vip ollie 6 28 b vip ollie 6 28

vip ollie 4 23     MUTTMADNESS 062


Meet Miss Precious!

Oh is she a tiny little poodle- at only 5.2 lbs. She is about 9 years old – spayed and up to date on vaccines – HW negative and had a dental cleaning. She comes to rescue from a shelter – found in the OCAS parking lot. She was in ISO for 7 long days- we visited with her each day until she was available to leave. They say she is blind but that does not stop her from the great joys in life. Loves Belly Rubs and when you call her she will come up to you for cuddles.

Fostered in Orlando – apply now. If she picks you – Miss Precious will not disappoint . Crate trained- VIP RESCUE – adoption fee is $125.00.


Meet Wolfie Luv!


Wolfie Luv is thought to be a Shih Tzu, Maltese mix. He is about 1 year old and about 7 lbs.  He is current on his shots, heartworm negative, neutered and has had a dental. He is still people shy, not leashed trained or housetrained yet. He arrived to rescue from a kill shelter after being confiscated from a puppy mill. With time and love he will be a great companion pet! Apply now !



Meet Milo!

MiloMilo is 8 months old, about 15 lbs, thought to be a terrier mix – neutered and professionally trained – Passed his class with flying rainbows!! Best Pumpkin in the Patch!!!  All vaccines up to date – good with other pets, even cats.

Walks well on leash & a good car rider – Apply now – Fostered in Polk County!!!  Micro-chipped too!!!  HW negative and on monthly preventions – 4 –ever home – comes with full wardrobe!!

Adoption fee is $225.00.


Max – Mini Schnauzer / Orlando

Adopt Me!

Meet Max – Mini Schnauzer – Orlando

1 year old neutered male  13.2 lbs – Silver – Grey — just groomed and ready for play!  All vaccines are up to date – Heart-worm negative – beautiful white teeth! This little guy wants to be near you- he would benefit from some basic training – knows sit for treat.  Likes other pets – large or small.  Walks well on leash.  Micro-chipped –loves toys and treats!

Eats Science Diet – 2 times per day – Fostered in Orlando .  apply now – Adoption fee is 275.00



Hi I am a 3 year old neutered Norfolk Terrier mix — 14 lbs healthy. Black with white chest and neck. I have all my vaccines, am micro-chipped and up to date on monthly preventions. I am energetic, I get along with other dogs, love my toys but love my people more. I am a happy dog but not a lap dog that likes to cuddle.  I would really love to have some kids to run around and play with outside or in the house.  My former owner made me live outside all the time and he was not very nice to me.  Some wonderful people took me in and took me to this place they called “the vet.”  I had never been to a vet before but they were pretty nice.  They helped me to feel better. I am now with a foster family, and my calendar is open for you to schedule a meet and greet with me.
Apply now so my foster family can “Save another one!”
Fostered in Mims. Adoption fee is $100.00.



I am a STAR!  Wow, I was a mess when I arrived at VIP Rescue!  Just look at my gorgeous black coat now!  You won’t believe I’m 10 years young!  I love to do a little dance and I can find my way around despite being mostly blind!  I just love to be petted, and loved on. I have eye drops that make my eyes feel good. I’m good with other doggies and I love all adults. Even though my foster mommy says she loves me, I still want my very own home. Could you love me forever?  Don’t let my blindness scare you; after all, I see with my heart, and I can see you need me!   I am a STAR!  Adopt me today!

Call VIP Rescue and ask for the STAR!!!!


Pappi /Clearwater

A Senior for a Senior!!!!

Adoption Fee $50

This little guy, Pappi, is an 12 yr old Maltese (about middle age for a Maltese, I hear).

He’s recently had a physical and except for cataracts, is in great health.

The cataracts are causing some sight imparement, but he gets around just fine!

He’s neutered and up to date on all his shots and meds.

He has recently had a dental too!

Just like us humans, because of his age, he does need more frequent potty breaks.

He’s really smart and if you listen, he’ll tell you just what he wants…

Bark #1 – I want to go outside (or come inside).

Bark #2 – I’m hungry, please feed me.

Bark #3 – Please pick me up, I want to sit with you so you can show me some attention.

It doesn’t take long to learn his language.

He’s a sweet little independent guy that’s really easy to care for and love….a perfect dog for a Senior!

Apply for Pappi Today… or  …as he’s beconing one of our *Permanent Fosters*, please donate to  help with the care of Pappi.
*Permanent Foster * = Once a dog comes into our care, we Never give up on them or pass them on, for someone else to care for them.
 They stay with us, in a permanent foster home, for the rest of their days.  
We Love them that much!!!!!
We have a few Permanent Fosters and could use help, in the way of donations, to help with their care.
vip pappi 2 14

vip pappi groomed 2

vip pappi groomed


Adoption Fee $50

Pity Pat/Orlando

Meet Miss Pity Pat – I am a small toy poodle weighing in at 7.5 lbs.  I love to snuggle and give kisses.  My foster family is really nice – there are other poodles and lots of fun things to do.  We walk out back and explore in the sunshine.  I am looking for a quiet home so that I can find my way around. Due to mild cataracts there is some vision impairment but I can see you and smell too! Fostered in Orlando.  Vet visits completed spay and dental last week. Please apply now for our senior for senior program.



Meet Lindy:

Lindy is a 2 yr old mix of Mini Poodle and Shih Tzu – She is 20 pounds of pure love.  She does the Lindy Hop frequently onto her foster’s lap for some real cuddle time.  She loves the out of doors, and is looking for a home with a fenced yard.  She would be great in a home with other pets and children.   She is housetrained, spayed, and ready to go home with that special family who will love her “fur”ever.


Meet Jasper !
Jasper is a great companion dog and wanting to find that special person to come and adopt him.
Jasper is about 10 years old, a Yorkie-Poo, and weighs about 17 lbs.
Jasper has poor vision, yet he maneuvers with great ease.
He is oh so sweet and such a gentle boy.
Jasper is super easy to take care of, he just wants to be with you wherever you go.
Please consider this great boy, and give Jasper the new life he deserves.

Dodge / Clearwater



Meet Dodge ! He is a bichon/poodle mix . He is about 17 lbs and 5 years old he is current on his shots, neutered and heartworm negative. Dodge prefers women, and takes a little while to warm up. He loves belly rubs and to be near his human. Play Play Play is the way for Dodge. He is housetrained. .He is not suited for a home with children. He is best suited for a SINGLE FEMALE with limited traffic at her home.He is NOT GOOD AROUND MEN. He requires an experienced pet parent.Dodge picks one person to cling to and defend. He loves to go for walks.He has been known to BITE.


Apply for Dodge Today… or  …as he’s beconing one of our *Permanent Fosters*, please donate to  help with the care of Dodge.
*Permanent Foster * = Once a dog comes into our care, we Never give up on them or pass them on, for someone else to care for them.
 They stay with us, in a permanent foster home, for the rest of their days.  
We Love them that much!!!!!
We have a few Permanent Fosters and could use help, in the way of donations, to help with their care.











Ava / Clearwater

 MEET AVA!  This senior glamour gal is looking for her green acres.. She can be a bit crabby, but then again, can’t we all?  She has had a dental, is spayed, current on her shots and heartworm negative.She is thought to be 9 ish and about 6 lbs.Ava enjoys napping She is good on a leash. She is house trained and would be best suited for an child free home.  Ava is fostered in the Clearwater area.

Candie / Orlando

Candy ( Candee’) I want to be one of your doggies.  I am spayed and had a dental cleaning- we require regular brushing and grooming.  I have had all my shots and heart-worm free. I am best suited for the wonderful person, that can reach deep in their heart, and find a soft spot for a beautiful dog who needs to learn to trust. Lifelong relationships were not made in a day, if you are here for me you will not be disappointed. Needs a safe home with no young children or loud noises.  Candee will have some coaching with her foster mom and new adopter.  Put in your application and we can meet soon!

I am fostered in the Orlando area.