Tuffy/Palm Harbor

Tuffy is the poster child for ┬ádetermination and ┬álongevity . His first few days in rescue, was the wait and see time. He simply said I’m not done yet !.
He was very frail, and , yes, he still is. However,he is much improved, since he has gained almost put on half of a pound.We had to wait to do a dental , because of his weight , He had a mouthful of extremely rotten teeth that now have been extracted.
This little double digit dynamo now eats like a little piglet now, is housetrained (He chirps to let you know it is time ), sleeps through the night and is an A+ cuddler.
He is neutered , current on shots and heartworm negative. Also blind
Stay tuned for more on tuff tuff TUFFY !


vip tuffy close up vip tuffy basket vip tuffy toy