Pappi /Clearwater

A Senior for a Senior!!!!

Adoption Fee $50

This little guy, Pappi, is an 12 yr old Maltese (about middle age for a Maltese, I hear).

He’s recently had a physical and except for cataracts, is in great health.

The cataracts are causing some sight imparement, but he gets around just fine!

He’s neutered and up to date on all his shots and meds.

He has recently had a dental too!

Just like us humans, because of his age, he does need more frequent potty breaks.

He’s really smart and if you listen, he’ll tell you just what he wants…

Bark #1 – I want to go outside (or come inside).

Bark #2 – I’m hungry, please feed me.

Bark #3 – Please pick me up, I want to sit with you so you can show me some attention.

It doesn’t take long to learn his language.

He’s a sweet little independent guy that’s really easy to care for and love….a perfect dog for a Senior!

Apply for Pappi Today… or  …as he’s beconing one of our *Permanent Fosters*, please donate to  help with the care of Pappi.
*Permanent Foster * = Once a dog comes into our care, we Never give up on them or pass them on, for someone else to care for them.
 They stay with us, in a permanent foster home, for the rest of their days.  
We Love them that much!!!!!
We have a few Permanent Fosters and could use help, in the way of donations, to help with their care.
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vip pappi groomed


Adoption Fee $50