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Young Shih Tzu female…

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Meet Scooter!

cropped_ScooterThis little 2 yr old toy poodle (6.5.lbs) is all poodle – just wants to follow you everywhere and cuddle. He is up to date on Vaccines – No Worms here! Recently neutered and had a teeth cleaning. Good things come in small packages. He is ready for his 4-ever home — apply now if you have the time to commit to a small breed pet. He will make you smile!

Fostered in Orlando – Adoption fee is $275.00.


Meet Lucky Star!

VIP Lucky Star

Male Toy Poodle — 5 yrs old – 8 lbs all up to date on vaccines! Neutered and will have a dental cleaning this week.  Lucky was found on a busy street- a nice couple tried to find my family to no avail.  Therefore I am the lucky one who has all the furnishings with my new foster mom!!  Will cuddle and give kisses!!

Lucky is 100% a lap dog. He is house trained, quiet, does not pick up and move anything. He follows me everywhere I go and just wants to be with me. I had him sleep in a crate a couple nights, and that was something he was not used to but he took it well. After that, I let him sleep on an open dog bed. He is a pleasure to have around. He has a very sweet disposition, friendly to all people and animals.

Adoption fee is $250.00.


Meet Candy Girl!

Candy is a female Poodle estimated age 6-8 — she is sweet as a Candy Cane.  She was given up by a breeder who sold all her puppies.  She is now spayed – had a dental cleaning and recovering nicely in her foster home.  She weighs about 8 lbs and is eager to find her 4-ever home where she can enjoy the finer things in Life!

As for personality, Candy is just a love sponge. She would do well in a house with or without another dog. She does not seem to mind but she lives for the human cuddle time. She will endure the other dogs checking her out if it means she gets to hang out with you. She looks to please – on walks she will walk a bit and then look at you to tell her she is a good girl if she does her business outside.  Candy is pictured here with her foster buddy Cheyenne; they are content when you are out and they are in the play pen together but she loves to be close as much as she can. She loves to snuggle and sit with you on the sofa or at your feet.

APPLY Now for Candy Girl!!  Orlando area.  Adoption fee is $175.00.



Meet Missy May!

missy 037

Missy is a spayed, 4 yr old Maltese – Poodle Blend – White.  She is up to date on vaccines and on house-training.  HW negative — on Heartgard and Frontline monthly.

Missy is a very sweet, gentle little lady.  She is only four years old, but thinks that she is a puppy; 6 1/2 lbs of kisses.  Loves all people and no one is a stranger. She would love a forever home where she can be your companion and best friend. She does best with someone home most of the time.

Missy is being fostered with another dog and cat but for the most part, ignores them. She would much prefer to play with humans and is a great car trip buddy. Missy has told her foster Mom that she is a maltipoo.

Apply now — Fostered in Orlando – Adoption fee is $250.00.


Meet Lulu Bell!

I am a silver female poodle, 12 pounds, 9 years old, and loving life in rescue!  I am spayed, so no more puppies for me!  I also had mammary tumors removed so my foster mom keeps putting this weird cone on my head.   I potty outside and I just love people. I just want a lap to sit in and to be petted all day long!  I am good with other dogs but would be fine as an only dog.  I really love attention and just want my own home!!  Can I have your lap?  I am up to date on shots (OUCH) and heart worm negative.  I am a poodle so I am very smart…shocked my foster mommy by learning the doggy door without her showing me!  OH…maybe I am brilliant!  My adoption fee is $100, but I will pay you back with a million little kisses!  I am sweet and loving to old and young;  I just want my own home!  Don’t you want me on your lap?



Meet Miss Fifi!

Fifi is a wonderful young poodle mix.  She is 1 year old and weighs 9 lbs.  Black ears and white with polka dots!!  Sweet – well trained little girl.  She walks well on leash and will follow you just about anywhere.  Grain-free food 2 times per day.

Fifi is current on her shots, heart-worm negative and spayed. She is fostered in Orlando. Micro-chipped too!!  APPLY NOW! Adoption fee is $300.00.


Meet Miss Precious!

Oh is she a tiny little poodle- at only 5.2 lbs. She is about 9 years old – spayed and up to date on vaccines – HW negative and had a dental cleaning. She comes to rescue from a shelter – found in the OCAS parking lot. She was in ISO for 7 long days- we visited with her each day until she was available to leave. They say she is blind but that does not stop her from the great joys in life. Loves Belly Rubs and when you call her she will come up to you for cuddles.

Fostered in Orlando – apply now. If she picks you – Miss Precious will not disappoint . Crate trained- VIP RESCUE – adoption fee is $125.00.


Delilah  is a 3 year old female apricot toy poodle.  At 7-8 lbs, this little girl would make the perfect companion to any active family.  She is playful but knows when it’s time to cuddle!  Spayed – up to date on vaccines – Micro-chipped – recently groomed and crate trained, house trained, loves adults, kids, cats, and dogs of all sizes!  Mostly Poodle, maybe a hint of Maltese – super sweet!!

She is VERY people oriented. She will sit and cuddle 24/7. If you are looking for a snuggle bunny, Delilah is your dog. She is an equal opportunity snuggler; any available lap will do! She likes walks, but will use the back yard for her business as well.

Sponsored by VIP rescue and fostered in Oviedo.  Adoption fee is $275.00.


Bentley is a 1.5 year old pure apricot toy poodle.   At 10 lbs this little boy would make the perfect companion to any family.  He is playful but knows when it’s time to cuddle!  He is crate trained, house trained, loves adults, kids, cats, and dogs of all sizes!  He comes neutered and is up to date on all of his shots – HW negative.  Sponsored by VIP rescue and fostered in Winter Haven Florida.


Meet Prada!

Such a doll face!  – Spayed Female – black Toy Poodle with a little touch of chocolate – 1 year old.  Vaccines all up to date – Heart-worm negative . On monthly Preventions. She prances around looking for a cozy place to watch her soaps on TV.

Recently groomed – 7.1 lbs.  Easy pet to fall in Love with.  She is quiet and walks well on a leash.   Eating Grain Free Food – 2 times per day.  Enjoys other pets but also okay as an only pet. Micro-chipped also!

Fostered in Orlando – apply now.   Application and Adoption fees apply. $375.00   Home visit required.


Meet COLE!

Cole VIP 056A solid black mini-poodle at about 15lbs.  He is UTD with vaccines and neutered- HW negative.  Cole is a VERY energetic young pup of about 3-4 yrs ( a guess ).  He  loves to dance on his hind feet.  He will greet you at the door so happy that he dances the jig.  The picture also shows one of his favorite  — playing fetch with squeaky toys.  Micro-chipped too!

He gets along well with other dogs . . . cats unknown . . as well as children, but see no potential problems with children as he allows his foster to take the ball from his mouth on the second day of rescue involvement.   Initial vet visit determined he has a cataract forming, but it does not interfere with his activities.  Rescue is hoping to resolve this issue.  Cole knows his commands and minds exceptionally well for a newbie with rescue.  He is also housetrained and chose to sleep in a crate his first night with rescue.  How can you not say YES to making this boy a family member?  He will love and play with you till the end of time.  Apply now!  Fostered in Orlando – Adoption Fee is $250.00.


Introducing Jackson Luv!

Jackson  Luv is thought to be a Poodle Maltese Blend. He is about 1 year old and about 9-10lbs. He is current on his shots, heartworm negative, neutered and has had a dental.  Update Jackson Luv – walks well on leash – is friendly with other pets and people.  He is well on his way to growing out his nice hair!! Apply now. Fostered in Orlando.
Adoption fee is $275.00.


Meet Patches Luv!

Patches_LuvPatches Luv is thought to be a Maltese, Poodle mix. He is current on his shots, heartworm negative, neutered and has had a dental.  He is about 1 .5 years old and about 7- 8 lbs. He is people shy until you hold him, doing really well on house-training. My foster mom takes me to work and calls me Petey!! Black with a touch of dark grey – super non-shedding pet. Walks great on leash and is a very quiet pet.  Loves to travel and meet other pets!

Likes to be near his human. He arrived to rescue from a kill shelter after being confiscated from a puppy mill.  With Time and Love he will be a great companion.

Apply now-   Fostered in Winter Springs – Adoption Donation is $275.00.

Dupre Luv/Clearwater

Meet Dupre Luv – a little Malti-Poo boy!

d3 d1


vip dupre luv


photo 1 photo 2

Dupre Luv is thought to be a Maltese Poodle mix. He is 8.4 lbs and about 4 years young.
He is current on his shots, heartworm negative, neutered and has had a dental.
He’s a pretty tan color with an adorable curly tail!
A very sweet little boy who loves to be held.
Even though he Loves to be with you (and he’ll follow you all around), he is still a little people shy…but has come leaps and bounds from where he was a short few weeks ago!!
When he’s out in the (fenced) yard, he’ll come to you when you call his name or whistle 😉
He’s not leashed trained yet.
He has been working on housetraining and is almost 100% there!!!  If the door’s open, he’s been known to go out all by himself!!
He gets along beautifully with other dogs but would rather be the center of your attention.
He is working on his crate training…doing very well.
He arrived to rescue from a kill shelter after being confiscated from a puppy mill.
With time and love he will be a great companion pet!
Apply for this adorable little guy today!
He is Ready for his Fur-Eva home!!!!

BOSSMAN (Billy) LUV / Orlando

Hi, I’m Bossman (Billy) Luv!

cropped_Billy-AKA-BossmanThe silly people at the shelter gave me that name, but my foster mom calls me Billy and I really like that.  I’m thought to be a Maltese/Poodle mix.  I’m 6 years old and weigh in at a mere 8 pounds.  I am walking well on my leash, I don’t mind being crated and I am a champ when it comes to my house training.  I am very polite with all people, but due to my small stature, I’d like to go to a home without tiny children or gigantic dogs (unless they’re respectful of me).  I love to snuggle and be petted, plus I give soft kisses. I’m truly a sweet, gentle soul. Would you consider giving me my own “forever home?”

Billy is current on his shots, heartworm negative, neutered and has had a dental. He arrived to rescue from a kill shelter after being confiscated from a puppy mill. With time and love he will be a great companion pet! Apply now! Fostered in Orlando.



Hi, I’m Little Bear Luv!

Little Bear Luv 8I am thought to be a 3 year old, male Maltese/Poodle mix – short, non-shedding coat.  I am neutered, current on all my shots, heart worm negative and had a dental cleaning. Also house trained, leash trained and crate trained.  I weigh about 12 pounds and am a very smart little dog.  I’m good with adults, kids and dogs.   Please consider giving me a loving “forever home”.  

Little Bear Luv is a love bug and loves his walks.   He enjoys other pets and being near his owner.  He’s a good car rider and loves to socialize with you.  Apply now he will warm your heart for the holidays!!

Fostered in Orlando. Apply now! Adoption fee is $250.00.


Meet Cee Cee!

Female, Spayed Toy Poodle – at just 7.2 lbs she is full of spunk!!  Mostly house-trained will go out with the others – likes to walk and explore the yard.  She had all her vaccines – HW test is negative- spay and a dental cleaning this past week.  She is ready to find her 4-ever home.  Cee Cee is about 3 years old.  Fostered in Orlando – Apply now VIP RESCUE.


Meet Parker!

He’s a male Toy Poodle (okay maybe teacup) only 3.5 lbs and about 7 years – loves to cuddle and be held.  He is neutered and up to date on vaccines . Heartworm negative and flea free.   Micro-chipped and just had a dental. Best suited for a retired person as he is very clingy and needs at the very least to see that you are there at all times; needs stay-at-home parents. He will follow you around wherever you go and many times he gets right between your legs. He finds it great fun to be chased around the house. He is very quiet, rarely barks and lays on your lap for hours. He definitely needs someone who will let him sleep with him or he will whine all night. I have him trained to go on the potty pad to pee. He has to have his food pureed and very watery or it seems like he can’t pick it up with his mouth. His real name should be Prancer because he runs like a little baby fawn. Too sweet.

Apply for Parker if you understand the tiny dog life style.   Adoption fee is $150.00.


Meet Mayah!

She’s a 1 year old Spayed, Female Bichon Frise- Poodle Blend.  She is up to date on vaccines and HW negative and micro-chipped!   13 lbs of curly hair–  leggy and loves to walk – she is house-trained and enjoys all people she meets.

Apply now for Mayah!! Adoption fee is $275.00.  Fostered in Orlando.


Meet Canoe!

Canoe is thought to be about 5 years old, a Male Poodle – neutered and up to date on vaccines, Heartworm negative. Found swimming in a Lake and 2 guys took off in a Canoe to get him. A good boy who loves to cuddle — goes for walks – hangs out with the other pets. Seems to be warming up more every day. Weighs about 13 lbs. – all white — has a summer hair-cut.

Fostered in Orlando. Apply now for Canoe. Adoption fee is $225.00.


This adorable boy is Barney!

BarneyBarney is a leggy toy poodle, male, neutered, up to date on vaccines, and just groomed. He is very sweet to the other pets and waits for his turn, great with children. Weighs 9 lbs. Great teeth – plays like a puppy–4- years old. Likes to stand up on his back legs and be a big poodle. He is house-trained, loves to go for walks, and willing to do just about anything for a treat. His teeth are beautiful, and as white as the rest of him. Micro-chipped too!!

Call for me now– I want to celebrate Labor Day with your family!

Fostered in Orlando. Adoption fee is $250.00.


You have seen the kids, so you know where they get their good looks from!! Ozma is thought to be poodle but there might be a touch of Maltese in her DNA. She is 4 years young and 10 lbs. This long legged beauty is super loving and deserves a great home. She is current on her shots, heartworm negative and will be spayed. Don’t miss out on this charmer !
 vip ozma pink


Meet Charlie!


Charlie is a neutered, male, toy poodle, 5.5 lbs, up to date on vaccines and hw negative.  Loves to cuddle and play hide and seek.  Age 8 – great pet for a senior companion.   Adoption fee is $150.00.  Fostered in Kissimmee.


Great Smile! Meet Bandit!

VIP Bandit 2

This little 10 lb Male Mini Poodle is a bundle of joy! He loves to run and play but also can be content just cuddling at your feet.  House-trained and up to date on all vaccines.  Neutered and micro-chipped too!!! Poodles require no-grain, good quality food – daily brushing and grooming every 6 weeks.   He is thought to be 1 year old. 

Fostered in Lake County.  Adoption fee is $300.00.


Meet Nina!

My beautiful pictureMy name is Nina and I am a 15 lb, 4 year old bundle of joy. My foster mom thinks I may be a YorkiPoo as I have all the good traits of a Poodle and Yorkie. All I know is that I am a very happy girl who loves everyone, even cats!!  I am very playful but can also be very mellow when you want me to be.  I’m very active and love to play with other pets and children who can chase and throw the ball for me – best suited for a back-yard to run in. I am spayed, up to date on all my shots and am micro chipped. I am good about going outside, and I am also wee-wee pad trained.  All I need is a forever family so that I can give you all my love!!
P.S. I even like to play dress-up.

Loving companion for an active person or family who has time for Nina.
Apply now – fostered in Orlando. Adoption fee is $250.00


Tara Sue is thought to be a 4 yr old female poodle.



Meet Prissy!

VIP Prissy 1 VIP Prissy 2 VIP Prissy 3 VIP Prissy
Hello Everyone!  My name is Prissy, also called Precious, & I am about 8 yrs old & 3 Lbs.  I have had a Very rough start in life but now I can see nothing but good things ahead for me.  At first I was matted to the bone, scared, skinny, & just needed some down time to relax.  My first day all I did was eat, & sleep.  My second day I started to move around & go outside.  Now after just 4 days I am runnin’, playin’, walkin in da grass & am working on potty trainin’.  I LOVE to Snuggle, & give kisses.  I am puttin’ on some weight & feel much better!  I am up to date on all my shots, spayed, Heart worm negative, & flea free so all you have to do is LOVE ME! Please consider giving me my much needed & deserved Furever Home!  I will always be pocket sized, so please no kids as they can be too rough on a little one like me.  I will easily fit under any airline seat so if you like to travel, I would Love to go too!
Prissy is a cuddlier and very quiet little poodle.   Fostered in Leesburg.  Apply now if you are looking for a snuggler — Perfect senior person’s pet!

Sarah Jane- Toy Poodle – Orlando

Meet Sarah-Jane:

This Regal Poodle is looking for her Prince.  She is pretty and sweet as can be.  2 years old all vaccines all up to date – no HW – on monthly preventions and groomed.  She gets along get with all pets of any size.  House-trained, quiet for a poodle.  She enjoys the yard and the sun dog while we garden. 9.4 lb  Pure Breed Poodle -home raised with children.  Apply now – Fostered in Orlando.  Adoption fee is $300.00


Toy Poodle



Of course she’s sweet! She’s Sugar!

Sugar is a 5 year old, Female Mini Poodle.  Spayed and up to date on all vaccines – Heart-worm tested negative and on regular monthly preventions.  Sugar weighs about 13 lbs – she is a walking well on a leash and knows the basic commands.  She will need good quality food and maybe some vitamins.  Apply now if you are looking for a good companion pet. Micro-chipped too!

Fostered in Orlando – Adoption fee is $175.00.