Timber is a looking for a new loving family to spend the rest of his life with.  He is a handsome 11-month old male brown (silver-beige) Standard Poodle puppy. He weighs about 40lbs and has a surprisingly calm demeanor for a puppy his age.  He is still full of entertaining puppy antics, he has a sweet and loving personality, and is becoming more outgoing and social every day. Timber loves a good romp with his foster brothers, also standard poodles, and happily plays tug of war with them. Timber walks nicely on a leash.  He is learning his commands and responds well to treats! Timber acknowledges commands, but he is not accustomed to loud or harsh tones nor does he need that.  He likes toys and is not destructive with them, although he’s been known to nibble on a chair leg and my credit card if he finds it!  He is a Velcro dog and just wants to be wherever you are. He currently sleeps in a crate.  He likes to be in the same room as you and does not like to be left alone.  He can be quite verbal about that.  He loves to cuddle in the bed with you and readily gives hugs.  Timber rides well in the car and is a good travel companion while visiting other people and places.  Timber is good with other dogs, and does well with children supervised.  

Timber was surrendered to VIP Rescue, his former owner was struggling with some issues and could no longer care for him.  When Timber came to VIP, we noticed he was constantly thirsty, seeming to never get enough fluids.  After several veterinarian visits and a hospitalization for in depth testing, it was determined that Timber has Psychogenic Polydipsia – a very rare condition in dogs.  The best news is, his organs are all functioning normal (liver, kidney, thyroid, heart, etc.) however his brain is always telling him he is thirsty.  Little is known about the cause of this disease as there are so few cases, either in humans or dogs.  So, we manage his water intake for him, he gets 68 ounces, and we spread it throughout the day.  We can provide more information on Psychogenic Polydipsia if you are interested in learning more or you can call your veterinarian for advice.  He has seen specialists, the tests are complete, and all his records are available.  It is possible this disorder could go away, or it could remain for his lifetime – his prognosis is unknown.  He is in perfect health other than this disorder.

Timber is neutered, current on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped, and ready for an adventure in moving to his new permanent home and finding his soulmate.  A fenced yard is a requirement, as he loves to run and play and frequent potty breaks are a necessity.  Timber would do best in a home where his master is home most of the day, either working from home, retired, etc.  Another dog would be wonderful for him to have a playmate, but it might be too challenging for some to monitor his fluid intake if there are other water bowls where he could potentially drink from and swimming pools that are readily accessible to him.  It is important he stay on his 68 ounce per day regimen as he is not able to self-regulate at this time.

We adopt to Florida residents.  If you would like to meet Timber, you will need to be able to travel to Leesburg, FL 34788.  He is a great deserving boy of a wonderful loving home!  As with all puppies, additional training is recommended.  He requires frequent brushing and regular grooming.

Timber’s adoption donation is $300.











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