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ADOPT KONA!  Leesburg, Florida, 34788

Kona is a smart, sweet, active, handsome large adult Black Standard Poodle looking for a new home due to no fault of his own.  He will turn 9 in March 2020 and he hopes to celebrate his birthday in his new home with his very own Birthday Party!  Kona was stressed and anxious when he came into his foster home, but quickly warmed up, got his appetite back, and started playing with the 2 Standard Poodles there.  It was not long and he showed us his spunky happy playful side. Kona is mild mannered, he is full of love and affection; and is a true Velcro dog that is looking to be your loyal best friend. He wants nothing more than your attention and to be with you wherever you go – that includes the bathroom!  Kona is 75-80 lbs., a big boy!  When Kona came to rescue his coat was severely matted from neglect and he endured a shave down gladly.  He has a lovely thick curly coat that will grow back in due time.  Kona likes to be brushed, massaged, going for car rides, playing with other dogs, lounging in a dog bed, sitting in the recliner, stretching out on your couch, and sleeping with you if you allow.  Kona catches on to new things quickly – he is leash trained, house trained, and crate trained.   He could use a refresher course in some basic obedience training such as COME and learning to properly EXIT DOORS!  Kona is treat motivated which makes for easy training.  As with most Standard Poodles, he is a counter surfer, so anything left on the counter, table, nightstand, end tables within his reach, he will consider it is his for the taking and shame on you for letting it happen!  Generally speaking he primarily is looking for edible items, but then he might try your glasses or hearing aid, or other personal items as time allows.  He has not been destructive at all in his foster home but his foster is experienced from her own counter surfers.    Kona is social and enjoys being out and about and with you.  Kona has played well with two other Standard Poodles in his foster home, and previously lived with multiple small dogs with no issues getting along.  We are told he is not fond of cats but we have not tested that.  We will assume NO CATS for now in his future home to be safe.  Ideally, Kona would like a home where there is a retiree or work at home parent with nothing more to do than to pay dote on him all day!   So far, we have observed that when his foster mom leaves, he stays by the door waiting for her return.  He is a loyal boy.

Kona requires frequent brushing and frequent grooming.  Kona is a champ for bathing and groomers, he simply loves the attention.  He seeks your approval, and he is a needy boy.  However, if you let him know you don’t have time for him at the moment, he will give you a break. Kona will bloom in a forever home full of love and attention!

Kona is current on his vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped and recently had a dental.  We are not aware of any medical issues.  Kona does have some lumps and bumps that is common for the breed at his age.  Testing has been completed and deemed not necessary to remove any at this time.


-Minimum 6-foot privacy fence on your property for Kona – there are no exceptions so please do not attempt to bypass this requirement, please do not apply if you do not meet this requirement because we do a home visit prior to adoption and you are wasting your time.  We have many dogs for adoption that do not require a fenced yard so please, continue your search!

-You must be a Florida resident.  We do not ship or transport dogs to adopters.

-No cats in your home or outside your home.

-To meet Kona, you will need to travel to Leesburg, FL 34788.  If you cannot do that, please look for a rescue dog closer to you.

-Kona has never lived with children, so we are recommending either no children or adult children.  He is almost 80 lbs. so leash walking with a child when a squirrel crosses paths would not be pretty.

-We do not recommend dog parks for any of our adopted dogs.  Kona is no exception.  Play dates at your home or other homes is highly recommended.

If you would like more information on KONA, or to meet Kona, please submit an adoption application and our volunteers will process your application and answer your questions.  www.viprescue.org

Kona’s adoption donation is $250.

Thank you for thinking rescue!  Following are photos of Kona before he was shaved down so you can see what he could look like when his hair has grown back.

Videos of Kona 2020:


Kona Video 1:  https://youtu.be/E6guV6eztng


Kona Video 2:  https://youtu.be/g1PG_mDxef4




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