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EEYORE is a 19 pound senior Shih Tzu.  He is the perfect houseguest, he is housetrained, gets along with other animals, and likes to walk around and explore.  He loves belly rubs, loves his ears rubbed, loves to eat, and his dog beds.  He will let you know when he needs to go outside, time to goto bed, and that he is hungry!

Eeyore came to VIP Rescue after being part of a police case, sitting in a shelter for a month waiting for relelase.  After being released to VIP Rescue, he had 14 teeth pulled and several growths removed.  He has had acupuncture and chiropractic treatments to improve his mobility and has made significant progress.  We guess his age to be 10+.

Eeyore would love to snuggle on your lap, and take short walks with you.  He also enjoys the pool being supported in your arms.   He is vision impaired, however he does see.  We do believe he has complete hearing loss.  But that does not stop him from being a love bug and he learns the lay of the land quickly and is independent..  At 19 pounds, he could stand to lose a few pounds with moderate exercise and a controlled diet.

If you are looking for a no mess, no fuss dog, Eeyore is your boy.   Always pleasant, ready for a lap, and ready for a nap!  Eeyore is a typical happy senior – he has senioritis, but that does not stop him from enjoying every day and being a great companion.  We recommend Eeyore live in a one-story home, we do not think he would navigate stairs well.  Eeyore requires frequent brushing and grooming.  Eeyore does not appear to shed.

If you would like more information on Eeyore, you need to complete an adoption application at   Our volunteer will contact you.  Eeyore’s adoption donation is $100.

We adopt to Florida residents.

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