Leesburg, FL 

Welcome to Wally’s World!  Wally is thought to be a Standard Poodle. He is 44 lbs., 15 months old, and a handsome cream boy with brown eyes that will melt your heart.   He loves his people, has loads of energy, and needs a decent sized 6-foot fenced yard to run and play at his new home.  (NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE). 

Wally loves everyone, loves affection, and wants you to be the center of Wally’s World.   His antics are quite entertaining.  As far as other dogs, he will run and play with them – he does not have a mean bone in his body.  However, not all dogs like his continuous play mode.  He is super smart, and energetic – and he can be stubborn too!  He does not like being left alone, he can be vocal, and he can whine.  A very multi-talented boy!  But he does settle……when properly exercised.  

Wally was surrendered to VIP Rescue after his owner attempted to rehome him several times unsuccessfully due to his high energy.  He had been through minimal training from his first owner, and now we have worked with him in rescue and we have seen great improvement.  As with any puppy, he needs ongoing training to define boundaries, structure, routine, and stability in his new home to flourish.  Wally needs a handler that is not a pushover and understands the commitment and patience it takes to train a high energy puppy.  He gives lots of hugs and kisses – but – he will also jump on you, and dance circles around you!  However, this is all improving with love, stability, and training. These behaviors are very typical for a Standard Poodle Pup his age.

He has shown little interest yet in balls or toys but is very treat driven.  He does well on leashed walks, and does not appear to have a prey drive like most Standards.  Wally loves riding in the car and going places with you.

Wally is not a service dog candidate or an emotional support dog candidate.   Wally requires frequent brushing, and monthly grooming. He is a little wild on the groom table and will need an experienced groomer. 

Wally is recently neutered, and up to date on his vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped. He appears to be in perfect health.  He is looking for a home where you are home most of the days/evenings.   He will not do well in a home that works and crates -6-8-10 hours a day – he would prefer to be with you 24×7 and free.  Preference will be given to those with Standard Poodle experience having successfully raised a puppy and are an active home – no couch potatoes.  At this time, Wally is crated when he eats, and when he is left home alone.  He has not been destructive to the home but you do need to keep your closet doors and trash out of his reach.  Older active children would be great with Wally and we recommend they go thru training with Wally.

A home visit is a pre-requisite to be approved for adoption at VIP Rescue.  

Wally’s adoption donation is $500.  $100 will be refunded to the adopter when training has been completed with a certificate of completion along with your trainers name and phone number.  We require Wally’s new owner to continue his training as he is eager to learn and for the adoption to be successful that is what it will take.  

If you would like to know more about Wally please complete an adoption application at www.viprescue.org.  Please do not submit an application if you do not have a minimum of a 6 foot fence on all sides and a sufficient grassy area for him to run.  If you are in the process of fencing your yard, please submit an application when the fencing is complete.  Thank you for thinking rescue!


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