Simply Susie/Seminole


YES ! She really is that cute !

Simply Susie is thought to be a 6 year old 12 lb Shih tzu mix . She arrived as a hot mess, but things are looking up for her . She is now current on her shots, spayed, micro chipped, had a dental with extractions and is being treated for heartworm disease . Her skin condition is also well on it’s way to healing !

Her previous life was in a house of horrors, and she is already showing her gratitude for being spared . She gets a b-  for housetraning ,  a c for leash walking and an A++ for love and kisses !

Charming and kind, Simply Susie will own your heart with those big brown eyes.

We are accepting application for loving pet parents , who live within reasonable driving range to our vet in Palm Harbor. You must be able to get Susie to her date sensitive  heartworm treatments . Please educate your self on heartworm disease before you submit your application. There will be about 5 DATE  sensitive appointments, to get her successfully treated.

Simply Susie says thanks so much for the donations toward her medical bills. We are looking forward to reviewing your application !

Thanks to the Hairy Hound in Clearwater for the gentle spa day !

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Beau Ricky/ Largo

Beau Ricky is thought to be a double digit darling  He is thought to be a yorkie mix and is about 7 mighty pounds ! He was lost and wandering , and now found and cared for . He is current on his shots, micro chipped, neutered, had a dental , and on heartworm prevention. He is vision impaired but can clearly see your good heart and welcoming arms. He does require eye drops . He is on soft food since , he is now also toothless . AND THEN  , let’s throw in hair loss and you have darling Beau Ricky .

He remains unbothered by , what  as a human we would think  of as insurmountable odds. Nope , Beau just rolls with it ..

He loves everybody , LOVES LOVES LOVES everybody !  He is confidant and a lap lover too !. He is regaining his house manners and flirts his way to your lap . He is also unbothered by other household pets. He is good on a leash , but prefers to be carried !..

Love is in the air !

so submit your application before her gets away !

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DORA / Leesburg, FL


Dora is a 16 year old tiny poodle weighing in at 4.5 pounds.  Her owner turned her in as a stray, so VIP to the RESCUE!  We have fattened her up, she has had a dental, and her right eye has been repaired.   She has a lot of personality and she loves her person.  She gives kisses generously!  She can be vocal, she is not shy, and she will let you know when she wants something.  She likes her short walks.  She likes sitting in your lap cuddling.  She loves to be carried around and sees little need to walk herself around if you will oblige.  She LOVES snoozing on your lap.

Dory has had all her vaccinations and is heartworm negative.

Dory would do well in a home with other senior calm dogs or no other dogs…….  She has no interest in other animals, her new owner with an empty loving open lap is her only wish.

Dory is in great shape for 16 yrs old!  We realize it takes a special person to take in a senior like Dory, but she will give you unconditional love every moment of every day she has……..and what more could one really ask for?  Dora means, the GIFT, and we hope to find the perfect place for our “GIFT.”

Dora is fostered in Leesburg, FL.  To meet DORA you will need to travel to Leesburg, FL.  No out of state adoptions.

Dora’s adoption donation is $100.









Up Date SD (Single Dog) in search of LH (Loving Human).  My likes: Belly rubs, short walks in the neighborhood, bones and toys.  My ideal human: an open heart, a gentle hand and a house full of bones and toys.  My ideal day:  Starts with a yummy breakfast followed by a short walk in the neighborhood.  A few toys or a bone to occupy the rest of my morning to early afternoon.  I might try to slip in an nap or two before dinner.  After a lovely dinner, another walk and a belly rub session until bed time.

If this sounds like your ideal day too, please fill out an application for Cosby.

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The sparkly little dots on the xrays are NOT  the newest  instagram filter .. Every little dot you see is BUCKSHOT.

Meet Cosby , the most lovely dog ever . living life laced with buckshot . Add being heartworm positive to the mix , he deserves the world’s best forever home . He is thought to be 5 years young , and about 23 lbs .Some sort of terrier mix  He is current on his shots , microchipped, neutered , had a dental and is being treated for heartworm disease .

You would think he would be afraid of humans after being shot , but he is the most gentle , kind , thoughtful dog that have been here in a long time . He still wants to be loved by humans . He wants you to pet him .He wants to follow you . He wants you to love him. He wants your respect .

With him being treated for heartworm , he needs to have his new family be able to get him to our vet in Palm Harbor , for some very date sensitive treatment appointments .

 If you are looking for a companion pet  to love and be loved by , Cosby is your guy! . We will be asking for donations for  his heartworm treatment. Unfortunately, there is no fix for his buckshot . Thanks to The Barker Shop for the fresh groom . Please submit your application

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Pierre /Holiday


Pierre was the beneficiary of , that life commandment.

  As his normal life started deteriorating around him , his guardian angel just happened to be his neighbor.She was being a good neighbor helping his mom with daily routine tasks . and caring for Pierre.

Realizing , it was getting beyond what one kind neighbor could do on her own , she reached out for help. BEFORE  the disaster happened Great job , good  neighbor !! We wish there were more like you !

So we welcome Pierre !

Pierre is thought to be a youthful 13 years and a chubby 11.5 lb poodle . He is current on his shots, neutered and on heartworm prevention.  A dental is in his future after he looses some weight . He is a happy , fun,  spirited and charming senior that has lots more love to give . With a normal schedule Pierre appears to be house trained. He would be a perfect side kick to your tv watching and lights up when is sees a leash ! He has a slight heart murmur , but packing extra weigh doesn’t help !  He is looking for a weight coach ! He has an exceptional thick coat and is a good boy at the groomer . Pierre does have cataracts , but does not have eye meds. .. If you love seniors , you will be all in for Pierre !!. Don’t forget to apply !

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Haili :

holding down the dog bed : Level EXPERT

holding down the day bed : Level EXPERT

holding down the couch : Level EXPERT

Just another exciting day at Camp Terri , where Haili never let’s you down , knowing that the dog bed, day bed or couch will not

escape on Haili’s watch . Haili is looking for a home where , she can do pretty much nothing !.  The long evening walks are not her thing . Endless hours of chasing toys, nope .. According to Haili , barking is such a waste of good sleeping time . So if YOU  , are looking for a friendly couch accessory , look no further .

Haili is thought to be a maltese /poodle mix. About 10 years young and about 12 lbs. She is house trained and , loves being next to her human , well, as long as you are sitting , like , on the couch . She is current on her shots, micro chipped , spayed , had an extensive dental and is on heartworm prevention.  So , if low key is your thing , then Haili is your gal . When she gets up , she will review , your application !


I can’t even imagine how terrified this delicate little girl felt has she wander , most likely for months by her intake condition . Matted , flea infested , hungry and limping until found by animal services . Most likely , she is a 9 year old , under weight at 9 lbs  Maltese mix . She is now  current on her shots,  spayed, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention . Sadly , her dental has left her toothless . But , believe me , that HAS NOT  slowed her food intake down .

It is apparent that her past included a home , with love . But , her story is unknown. She is quite familiar with household comforts, like THE COUCH  , the sound of the refrigerator opening , and air conditioning! Her recall of house training is returning also ! Playing has not been part of the last few days .HOWEVER ,   She excels at couch lounging and pillow hoarding . Haili does have a limp , and apparently it was a past injury , that has no fix . If a lovely , low activity companion pet is you wish , apply !   Stay tuned for her glamour shots !

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Bach /Myakka City/SPECIAL NEEDS

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Bach is thought to be a 12 year old 12 lb poodle.He is current on his shots , micro chipped, neutered and  on heartworm prevention
Bach was very sick when he came to us. He had an infection in his liver as well as heartworms. both have been taken care of. We feel he was mistreated, he doesn’t like loud noises or yelling. He is very timid but warms up with love and kindness. he loves to cuddle when you are laying down. He needs to be in a one dog family with an experienced owner. He is potty trained and loves to run in the fenced yard.
We are guessing he’s about 12 years old. He needs you to help him become the sweet, loving dog he can be. PLEASE consider donating to his forever foster care

Raven/ Clearwater

Raven 10.1.2018
I arrived to rescue emotionally broken. Some thing along the way made me terrified of humans, I am Raven , a three year old, 14 lb scottie mix. In my fear of humans, I appear to be aggressive but really , I am just protecting the little space around me. My foster mom , has been working with me and , once I get to know you I am a snuggle buddy. I have had all my shots, neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention. I love to play fetch, watch TV with my foster mom.. I am really good on a leash and take my business out side.I am great with out dogs .  Some one stole my , good first impression. Are you willing to win my trust ?  You will need to love me for my good looks to start with . So pack your patience and we can be best friends !I am best suited for an experienced pet parent. Raven must have a fenced yard at a single family home , owned by pet parent
If you want to meet , you need to submit your application !
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Mambo/Myakka City/ SPECIAL NEEDS


Mambo is a goof ball. That said he will follow you anywhere, he wants to be near you all the time. He had the worst ear infection we had ever seen. They did remove his right ear but he was finally pain free. He is deaf. but it does not hold him back. He is potty trained as long as he gets out often. He is good on a leash and rides well in the car. He loves people and gets along with other dogs and cats. We think he is about 13 years old with  arthritis. His favorite time of day is breakfast and dinner  and nap time. he dogs play with his toys. Please consider donating to his  forever  foster care .

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If clown was a breed , there would be no need to describe Mambo’s personality . But since it is not , his sparkling personality prevails ! He is goofy  and fun ! Simply a delight to be around. He is thought to be 9 years young and 23 lbs of love . He is current on his shots, micro chipped, neutered, had a dental and on heartworm prevention.Before his arrival to rescue life, was not kind to Mambo. Neglect of a major ear infection ,left him with having to have the ear removed . Has not changed his personality ! He does have some hearing loss, He has a little dry eye and a touch of arthritis. Mambo is an inspiring companion pet , simply full of fun , after what life dealt him. He is super friendly , good with other dogs , good on a leash too !

Just look at that face , big brown eyes , and a smile for all .  He is waiting to meet you , so submit your application !


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Jolly 1
Jolly has been in foster for over two years and approximately 10-12 years old.  He is  not adoptable because of his past neglect and abuse. His expenses every month are for heart guard, nexguard, eye drops,a and supplements to give him the best quality life he can have. We groom him because he can’t be groomed by anyone but it’s a 4-5 hour job.  He occasionally needs antibiotics for his eyes, he is completely blind but had re occurring eye infections. We would appreciate a sponsor or just donations to help with his care. Just because he is deemed un-adoptable doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be cared for and loved by a permanent foster/hospice. He came from a puppy mill. It averages between 30-60 dollars a month. PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO HIS FOREVER FOSTER CARE


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