Brett/Redington Beach

Brett is thought to be a terrier mix of 6.6 lbs . He was born 11/30/2020. You will see a picture of his mom for a size (18lbs) reference and mom’s not talking about who Dad was ! Before adoption he will be dewormed , current on his shots , neutered , micro chip but to young to be heart worm tested.

Puppies are a lot of fun and a lot of work . Puppies bring life to  a home . and a lot of work ! Did I say a lot of work ?

They require a lot of attention and time and human agility !!As you guide them to a well mannered social companion pet , plan on teaching yourself to teach them to be great companion friends !

In exchange , they will teach you some valuable lessons .

Put your shoes away .

Close all doors , gates and toilet lids .

Phone charging wires are expensive to replace .

You aren’t as young as you think .

You aren’t as quick as you think you are .

You aren’t as smart as you thought your are .

Look before you step .

Training isn’t as simple as you remember .

….just sayin’ !!

You need to be prepared for two years of you  being agile , quick to your feet , and very very patient when you react .

Brett is full of energy bounce and play !

 He will be ready to begin his journey with you next week .  He is working on p-pad training and then will graduate to potty training and leash training.   If you are willing and able to accept this challenge, and welcome him into your home and heart, you must complete an application at
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Bobbie/Redington Beach

Meet Bobbie !

Puppies. Puppies, Puppies…  We have boys, boys, boys,  The breed is unknown designer specialty rescue breed, included is a photo of his mama, and mama has yet to identify the daddy.
Born 11/30/2020.He is thought to be a terrier mix and currently is 4.8 lbs  He will be current on his age appropriate shots, neutered, micro chipped and to young to be tested for heartworm
Puppies are so adorable.   If you are ready for a bounce, high energy, puppy … this one is for you!!!!   Best guess for this specialty rescue pup, for an adult weigh, could be 18-45 lbs.   Check out those paws.  (Mama is 18 pounds).  He will be ready to begin his journey with next week ..  He is working on p-pad training and them will graduate to potty training and leash training.   If you are willing and able to accept this challenge, and welcome him into your home and heart, you must complete an application at
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Amelia/Redington Beach

Pupdate. Hi it’s me Amelia, I am making progress. I am learning that I like to play with my foster siblings, I like to play with toys, I really like walks. I am getting more comfortable when we meet new people and pups on walks. Everyone is really nice to me. Please submit an application if you would like to welcome me into your home and are willing to be patient with me learning new things.

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Hi, my name is Amelia. I recently came into VIP Rescue and will be looking for my new home soon!  I’ve got a whole lot to learn about being a dog. I have 3 dogs, at my foster home, helping me with for my behavior and I progress every single day since I got here!!  I am very smart and although I’m kinda cautious, I truly do enjoy learning new things and am getting more comfortable every passing day with all these new experiences.  I am potty trained, I am learning the leash thing.  I need my new home to offer lots of love and patience,  I need a confident dog to be my forever friend and sibling. I need a home with  fenced yard. I’m not picky about age or size, if they had a playful personality that will help me.  I just need another dog around for comfort and security, I really want to learn from them and I like to try to play.
I am eagerly looking for my perfect forever person or family to call my very own!  A quiet adult home would be best.  A meet and greet will be required.
Amelia is thought to be approximately 3 years old and weighs 28 lbs. I am most likely a terrier mix.  I am spayed, current on my shots, microchipped, and on flea and heartworm prevention.  I am heart worm positive. This means I have to take things easy for a while. I also must go see my doctor to get treatments so you have to be available to take me to Palm Harbor. My new family must be in Pinellas, West Pasco or NW Hillsborough.  We are accepting applications from experienced pet parents who already have a confident, friendly dog in the home and a fenced yard. Please submit your application to And please share this post to help Amelia find her forever home.


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