VIP Rescue receives many requests to rescue puppy litters from shelters.  To rescue these puppies, we need PUPPY FOSTER HOMES.  If we do not have foster homes that can manage puppy litters, we are unable to save these dogs.  Can you volunteer to be a PUPPY LITTER FOSTER at VIP RESCUE?   Live in the Clearwater/St. Pete and surrounding communities?   Complete a VOLUNTEER application and put PUPPY FOSTER in the Comments.  

Click here for the link to the foster application.  https://viprescue.org/volunteer-application/

How much does it cost to foster at VIP RESCUE?
VIP RESCUE provides ex-pens, crates, pee pads, puppy food, vet care, food/water bowls, collars, etc.  YOU provide the love, the shelter, and the nurturing to get your foster puppies ready to be adopted.   
Fosters may need to pick up their puppies at an agreed to location near Clearwater/St. Pete and surrounding communities, take your puppies to a vet appointment, and travel to a local adoption event with your FOSTER PUPPIES 

Can I foster for VIP RESCUE if I already have dogs? 
Of course, you can foster if you already have a dog.  Sometimes your own dogs act as trainers for your foster puppies!  As part of the application and interview process, we’ll ask about your pets and their personalities to make sure that both your furry friends and our rescues will be comfortable together. Be sure to list cats, chickens, goats, etc. you have at your home in your application too!     

What if I want to adopt my Foster Dog at VIP RESCUE?
Although this is called “foster failure”, our goal is to place all our pups in a loving home… and if you decide to keep your foster, that is certainly NOT a failure!  Sometimes that ONE sneaks into your heart. However, please know that our fosters are asked NOT to go into fostering with the intention of “trying” dogs out to find the one they want.  VIP invests considerable time, supplies, and training with new fosters and prefer not to do that if you are only looking to adopt.  When a Foster adopts a dog, they pay the same adoption donation as does any adopter.

Are all foster dogs housebroken already?
Mom may or may not be potty-trained, but puppies are not potty-trained!  We supply pee pads for use in the exercise pens which puppy litters are easily trained to use. 
What is fostering at VIP Rescue?
Fostering a puppy litter is taking care of them until they are ready for their loving furever home.  Our PUPPY FOSTER homes do need to be located in Clearwater/St. Pete and surrounding communities, as we pay for all medical care at our designated rescue partners.  Fosters provide shelter, a patient loving nurturing environment, and work with the puppies to develop social skills.  Many of our dogs come from animal control on their “last day” so your FOSTER HOME literally allows another litter to be saved.  As the foster family you are involved in determining the best adopter for your FOSTER PUPPIES.  We screen our adoption applicants but the foster family is consulted on potential adopters for their dogs, meets the potential adopters and decides whether or not the family is a good match for their foster puppies. 
Ready to apply? Live in the Clearwater/St. Pete and surrounding communities?  Complete a VOLUNTEER application and put FOSTER PUPPIES in the Comments.  

Click here for the link to the foster application.  https://viprescue.org/volunteer-application/
THANK YOU for opening your heart to FOSTER a RESCUE DOG at VIP RESCUE! 

I’m not sure I could give up a litter that had been in my home as fosters. How do you do it? Is it hard? 
While you definitely get attached to the foster puppies you bring into your home, you should get into it knowing that your purpose is to give them love and help them get prepared for life with their adopting family.  It is best to take in a puppy litter knowing you are helping save their lives by doing so, and cry when they leave for a good family that will love them forever than not foster and wonder if a litter survived death row at a shelter. There is an emotional sacrifice for the sake of giving dogs a second chance at happiness and love, and a high reward in self-esteem for doing so. Each litter has their own personalities and it’s always exciting to meet the new puppies that you are responsible for cuddling, feeding, and showering with love until they are ready to be adopted! 

Do you pick your foster dog? 
Your VIP Foster Coordinator generally picks your foster dogs. Our Foster Coordinators are seasoned Fosters and have a vast range of experience with fostering dogs and puppy litters themselves.  Your Foster Coordinator receives a list of litters that need rescued from shelters with information like age, breed best guess, weight, gender, and photos.  The Foster Coordinator chooses those dogs VIP can rescue most times without ever seeing them in person. The VIP Foster Coordinator in the process of your Foster Home Interview and getting to know your household can best select a Puppy Litter for you.  VIP Rescue learns the most about our Foster puppies from our Foster families.  Frequent communication about your Puppy Litter with your Foster Coordinator is essential in finding the right Adoption Home. 

Standard Poodle Puppies / Available for Adoption!! Located in: Seminole/St Petersberg/ Port Orange/ Fernandina Beach, Florida.


Did you say you want a puppy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Puppies are so adorable. If you  are ready for a bouncy, high energy puppy, one of these sweet pups might be right for you!!!! They are ready to begin their journey with a family of their very own. They are working on tinkle pad training and then will graduate to potty training and then on to leash training. Puppies are tons of fun but do require ALOT of work and training on your family’s part to be the best pup they can be! They need love, attention and lots of consistency especially for housebreaking! Their little bladders can’t hold it all day so please make sure you can commit to the puppy not being left along longer than 4 hours during the day. If that’s not possible, please consider one of our adult dogs which might be better suited for your lifestyle!

We now have Standard Poodle puppies available for adoption! Please read the information below carefully before submitting an application. 

 ****Standard Poodles require monthly grooming, and frequent brushing, and these puppies are no exception. Early grooming of your dog will create good future habits. Standard Poodles are high energy, have a high prey drive, and require a grassy yard to exercise in that is fenced on all 4 sides with a 6-foot fence. They also need to be leash walked several times daily to stimulate their minds and to properly socialize them.  A home visit by VIP Rescue is a pre-requisite in the adoption process of these pups. Obedience training for the puppy is also highly recommended for this extremely intelligent breed of dog, and a high quality food is essential for their growth and development. VIP Rescue reserves the right to approve or disapprove adoption applications submitted based on each dogs specific needs. If your adoption application is approved, you will be required to travel to the dogs foster home to meet the dog. Mama dog is 45lbs and Baby Daddy is 58lbs. These pups were born on April 30th, 2022, which makes them just 8 weeks old. We have 4 males, and 4 females available. Please note on your application if you prefer a male or female, but please understand it is not a guarantee as we expect many many applications on these pups. Any incomplete application will NOT be processed. You should also call your Veterinarian’s office and give your permission for us to speak with them to gather the necessary information we need to process any applications. Our Volunteers will be in touch with those that meet the criteria for these puppies. Please visit www.viprescue.org to fill out an adoption application and to also see the many other wonderful pets in our Rescue waiting for their “fur”ever home.🐾

Thor and Loki – Redington BEach

Thor and Loki were welcomed into VIP Rescue this past week after their owner passed away and their caregiver could no longer care for them. They are bonded brothers and cannot be separated.

They are both seven years young, and we’re told they are peekpoos, but we’re thinking maybe shih~poo? It doesn’t really matter, because they are both adorable! They will definitely need to be groomed on a regular basis, so please remember this if you’re submitting an application. They are working on their house manners and making rapid progress. They are tinkle pad trained and a delight on a leash. They do get along with other pups, but we believe they would thrive as the only pups in their furever home.  They need a home without cats.

Thor (white pup) is on the “chunky” side being 29 pounds.  He Is a little love bug, and we’re convinced his incredibly beautiful sweet begging eyes have led him to being over fed! He’s currently on a reduced fat diet and will need to continue on this until he gets down to a healthier weight.

Loki(brown pup) weighs in at 19 pounds, and could stand to lose an extra couple pounds as well. But, with all this being said, it’s just more dog to love, right? 😉 Both boys are crate trained for sleeping at night, and will also hang out in their crate with the door open during the day to relax. If permitted, they may even choose to sleep with you as they also enjoy sleeping on a soft chair or couch.

Where you find one you will find the other close by if not right next to each other. They are the true meaning of “bonded”.

Loki and Thor are neutered, up-to-date with their vaccines, micro chipped and on monthly heartworm and flea prevention. 

If you would like to welcome this snuggly team of two into your heart and home, please submit an application to viprescue.org. Loki and Thor can’t wait to meet their new “fur” ever family real soon! 🐾❤️

Adoption Pending / CHARLIE / Tavares, FL



Meet CHARLIE! He is an affectionate male cream-colored Standard Poodle, and is estimated to be 2-3 years old.  VIP RESCUE adopts to Florida Residents only.  Charlie requires a 6-foot fenced grassy yard to exercise and play, no exceptions.  Charlie and other pets were found locked in pens outdoors with no access to food or water after their owner was found deceased.  Charlie came to VIP Rescue weighing in at 39.8 pounds. We estimate his weight should be about 45-50, and he is gaining every day.  He eats Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain Free food due to food sensitivities. Charlie likes other dogs however his play can be over the top for some dogs.  He is learning to play appropriately and takes correction from other dogs well.  He does best with dogs that are not submissive, and not afraid to put him in his place or a home with no other dogs.  Charlie is very active, and very playful – still very much a puppy and is crate-trained for those times when you need to leave or when you cannot watch him.  He is leash trained, and knows sit and usually comes when called, however, we highly recommend a basic obedience class for his new owner to get the upper hand and set boundaries.  Charlie likes to be chased by dogs and kids, plays fetch, but has not mastered bringing back the item.  Charlie rides well in the car.  We recommend children be at least 8 years old in his new home to handle his energy.  He is housetrained.   He would love to nuzzle up with you on your sofa, or on your lap if you prefer. He is timid when meeting new people, and will come to you on his terms after you are seated. He is good on the groom table and needs monthly grooming and frequent baths. When Charlie came into VIP Rescue, he was severely matted and was shaved down as a result. 

Charlie is recently neutered, up to date on all vaccines, heartworm negative, had a dental, and is  microchipped.  He had “happy tail” and his tail was recently docked due to medical necessity.  He will be available for adoption around June 28th when he gets his stitches removed.  Charlie would do well in an active home setting with a parent at home, with lots of energy to play with him, inside and out, and long walks. He is not a good dog for seniors due to his high activity level and estimated age of 2.  Charlie is fostered in Tavares, Florida.  To adopt Charlie, you must come to meet him at his foster home, and bring your dog(s) to make sure it is a match.  

If you meet the qualifications for Charlie, please complete an adoption application at VIP Rescue to be considered. www.viprescue.org A home-visit is a pre-requisite in the adoption process at VIP RESCUE.  Charlie’s adoption donation is $400 and obedience training with a professional is a must and a large crate! VIP Rescue reserves the right to approve or disapprove adoption applications submitted based on the dogs specific needs, the age, and the health of the dogs we are adopting.

VIP RESCUE thanks all those who donated to our fundraiser for Charlie and the other 6 dogs that we took in on emergency basis from the shelter. We are grateful for your continued support. They are all doing well at this time, and will be listed when they become available for adoption.  

Milo/Redington Beach

Through no fault of his own, Milo is back in the loving, caring hands of our director and foster.  Unfortunately the previous adopters life became overwhelming and could no longer care for Milo in the lifestyle he deserves.  Do to excessive matting he was shaved down, we did our best to keep as much of his beautiful coat as we could.  We have included photos of him with his hair grown out a bit.  It won’t take long for him to be the handsomest guy around.
Here is a little bit about this sweet guy!!!

Howdy Rescue world!!! I’m Milo, a Shih Tzu mix, who’s thought to be about 11-12 years old, a senior, and all of 11 lbs.  I am in search of a quiet, laid back, loving adult home to spend my golden years in, I don’t require much, a roof over my head, a human or two that will pamper me with good food, some gentle cuddles and help me get outside to do my business.  I am working on my house manners, If you take me out frequently, I do my business outside.  I do have cataracts and have lost some of my vision, but my nose works real good especially when there’s food involved, I’m right there!  

I LOVE the outdoors, if my new home would have a grassy space, I will wonder around for a good bit of time and lay in the shade to enjoy the Florida sunshine…  As for walks, I love to ride around with my foster mom as she walks the other pups in the house,  She has this cool thing called a “sling”, I get to hang out and get carried around.  My nose works overtime on these fresh outdoor walks.   Do you think I might be the guy for you? I sure hope so! I am neutered, current on my vaccines, had a recent dental, microchipped and on heartworm and flea prevention too. Please submit your adoption application to www.viprescue.org. I hope to meet my new “fur” ever family real soon! Love and tail wags, your friend, Milo.