FLETCHER – Leesburg, FL

Meet Fletcher!  This boy will charm your pants off, kiss you, and be your best friend.  He loves walks, makes himself at home on your sofa, he can dance when you come home, and is looking for a sleeping partner?!

Could that be you?  Do you need a snuggles and kisses and a loyal best friend?  Fletch is best at that!

Fletch is a 5 yr old boy – weighs about 17 lbs, and is thought to be a Havanese?   He does not appear to shed, and has a gorgeous coat.  Fletch is up to date on all his vaccinations, he is neutered, microchipped, and heart worm negative.  Fletch will need to be brushed 3 times a week, bathed every 2 weeks, and groomed every 4-6 weeks so please factor that into your consideration for Fletch.  He loves being walked several times a day and making new friends on his walks.

Fletch was surrendered to rescue as his owner is going into long term care.

Fletch does not allow you near his food or treats, and will snap if you try to take it away.    Outside of that, he is a very dog friendly – people friendly boy based on our observance.  It would likely be best to put him in a home with no other dogs so there is not a competition for food/treat resources.  He would do best in a home with no small children and a home that would consider feeding him in his crate or a room with the door closed.  Sometimes Fletch likes to escape and discover, so a home that is familiar with dogs that take opportunities to run is welcomed.  A secured 5 foot or higher fence would be ideal.  Fletch would benefit greatly from some structured training in his new home.

Fletch is fostered in Leesburg, Florida and you will need to travel there to meet him / adopt him.  His adoption donation is $275.


PLUTO / Leesburg, FL















Leesburg, FL

Pluto is a vivacious young 3 yr old thought to be Standard Poodle. He is 44 lbs., a handsome silver sable we think. He loves his people, has loads of energy, and needs a minimum of a 6 foot PRIVACY FENCE ALL the WAY AROUND and a decent sized yard to run and play at his new home. (NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE)  Pluto loves everyone, loves affection, and you can hold him like a baby.  His antics are quite entertaining.  As far as other dogs, he will run and play non-stop with them – and he does not have a mean bone in his body. However, not all dogs like his type of full throttle play! Pluto is all smiles, a very happy delightful boy, and you can’t help but fall in love with him. He is super smart, and he gets bursts of energy!  He has been through extensive training, knows basic obedience, and walks well on a leash…..until there are other dogs or distractions and then he can lose focus and go into jumps, howling, zoomies and leaping over fences mode. He will literally melt your heart and gives lots of hugs and kisses! He does not like to be bothered when eating but we are working on that.  He loves riding on a golf cart and going for rides in the car. His new owner will need to help him channel his energy into something positive he loves such as dog sports and games he can engage in or jogging!  He loves to destroy toys!

We recommend Pluto’s new owner continue his training as he is eager to learn. Pluto is not a service dog candidate or an emotional support dog candidate, or a candidate with a home with small children. He requires frequent brushing, and monthly grooming. He is a little wild on the groom table but will do fine with an experienced groomer. Pluto has a high prey drive and he will chase and he will counter surf and he loves getting in garbage – but what Standard poodle doesn’t?  Pluto does not do well with cats or farm animals….as he will not stop chasing.

Pluto is house trained, crate trained, and looking for a home where you are home most of the days/evenings. He will not do well in a home that crates 4-6-8-10 hours a day. Preference will be given to those with Standard Poodle experience. Pluto is crated when he is left home alone.

Pluto is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped. He appears to be in perfect health. We adopt to Florida residents only. A home visit is a pre-requisite to be approved for adoption.

If you would like to know more about Pluto, please complete an adoption application at www.viprescue.org.  Please do not submit an application if you do not have a minimum of a 6 foot wood/vinyl/concrete fence on all sides and a Florida resident.

Pluto’s adoption donation is $450.

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Hamster/ Largo





hamster new

vip hamster b

Hamster is thought to be 6 years young and 16.2 lbs. We were told he is a doxie/pom/collie mix.  His coat is very thick, shiny and super soft.

He’s a very sweet boy.  Almost completely house trained.  Walks well on a leash.  Loves to play…he is smart and he seems to love his plush toys

IMG-0430.IMG-0435 IMG-0429

He is current on his shots, neutered , had a dental , and is micro chipped.

He is working on getting along with his housemates.  He is wonderful with people.  He is learning to get along with the cats.   And his slight food aggression is only with other dogs, so he’s working on new friendships with them.

I think he’d prefer (and thrive) being an Only Child.

He is being treated for HeartWorm disease.  This means in order to adopt him, you must be within a 1 hour radius of our vets in Palm Harbor for visits.

You must make out an application for Hamster.  His adoption fee is $250.

hammy (1)





Bootsy is a darling little doxie mix who is 6 weeks old . We are accepting applications for him for adoption for after 3/20. He will be neutered, micro chipped and age appropriate on vaccinations. His mom is a beautiful 10 lb doxie and dad is unknown. We can not be sure of his adult size .

Please remember , puppies are A LOT  of work and take A LOT of time , more than you remember !!!

To welcome Bootsy to your heart and home , you must submit an application

vip bootsy lolivip loli


vip luke laying

Luke is a darling little doxie mix who is 6 weeks old . We are accepting applications for him for adoption for after 3/20. He will be neutered, micro chipped and age appropriate on vaccinations. His mom is a beautiful 10 lb doxie and dad is unknown. We can not be sure of his adult size .

Please remember , puppies are A LOT  of work and take A LOT of time , more than you remember !!!

To welcome Luke to your heart and home , you must submit an application

VIP Luke loli vip loli


Liam is a darling little doxie mix who is 6 weeks old . We are accepting applications for him for adoption for after 3/20. He will be neutered, micro chipped and age appropriate on vaccinations. His mom is a beautiful 10 lb doxie and dad is unknown. We can not be sure of his adult size .

Please remember , puppies are A LOT  of work and take A LOT of time , more than you remember !!!

To welcome Liam to your heart and home , you must submit an application

vip liam puppy 2019

Poboy /Largo

Hi I am Poboy a Schnauzer mix, who is 18lbs and 2 years young.  I was left at the pound by my humans because they were moving. I am a very happy boy since my foster mom has been taking care of me. I like playing with the other dogs in the house. I will chase the toys, but they are all mine & won’t give them back. I love going for walks, but still need some help with that, I want to be the leader.
I am current on all my shots,neutered, micro chipped,had a dental and on   flea, heartworm preventions,
Thanks to Fluff Cuts for the groom
vip poboy a vip poboy b vip po boy 3

Ruff Lauren/Redington Beach

ruff lauren ad ruff lauren ac ruff lauren aa Ruff lauren ab
Ruff Lauren is thought be be one of those “designer” terriers .A little of this a little  of that , and a whole lot of energy .
This spirited boy is current on his shots, neutered,on heartworm prevention, had a dental and micro chipped . He is 22 lbs of fun and thought to be 4 years young .
He is loving, kind, and smart with a few misguided behaviors that will be easily corrected because he wants to please his human and is treat motivated. Both are good markers for an easy to train a best buddy. He simply has not been given any guidelines.
Ruff Lauren , qualifies as a juvenile delinquent ,needing some behavior adjustments . Did we say he is HIGH ENERGY ?
 He loves to rough house with other playful dogs. He is working on his house manners and making great progress on leash walking. A squeak toy is his spirit animal ! He is only suited for an ACTIVE  family with out small children . Do I see agility in his future ?
He will require an  obedience course, which the expense of will be reimbursed, when a certificate of completion is documented. Did we say he has HIGH ENERGY .  He needs to have a single family home with a fenced yard , since he is HIGH ENERGY . Ruff does have some separation anxiety , which he is working through . With Ruff , patience and trust building needs to be your focus .
To welcome Ruff Lauren ,to your heart and home  , you must submit an application on our www.viprescue.org site


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Bach /Myakka City

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Bach vet 1  20180227_145737-1 20180227_145741-1 vip bach 5 19 b vip bach 5 19 c

Bach is thought to be a 9 year old 12 lb poodle.He is current on his shots , micro chipped, neutered and  on heartworm prevention
Bach was very sick when he came to us. He had an infection in his liver as well as heartworms. both have been taken care of. We feel he was mistreated, he doesn’t like loud noises or yelling. He is very timid but warms up with love and kindness. he loves to cuddle when you are laying down. He needs to be in a one dog family with an experienced owner. He is potty trained and loves to run in the fenced yard.
We are guessing he’s about 9 years old. He needs you to help him become the sweet, loving dog he can be. Send in your application for this diamond in the rough.


Raven/ Clearwater

Raven 10.1.2018
I arrived to rescue emotionally broken. Some thing along the way made me terrified of humans, I am Raven , a three year old, 14 lb scottie mix. In my fear of humans, I appear to be aggressive but really , I am just protecting the little space around me. My foster mom , has been working with me and , once I get to know you I am a snuggle buddy. I have had all my shots, neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention. I love to play fetch, watch TV with my foster mom.. I am really good on a leash and take my business out side.I am great with out dogs .  Some one stole my , good first impression. Are you willing to win my trust ?  You will need to love me for my good looks to start with . So pack your patience and we can be best friends !I am best suited for an experienced pet parent. Raven must have a fenced yard at a single family home , owned by pet parent
If you want to meet , you need to submit your application !
vip  raven f vip raven e vip raven d vip raven c

Mambo/Myakka City


Mambo is a goof ball. That said he will follow you anywhere, he wants to be near you all the time. He had the worst ear infection we had ever seen. They did remove his right ear but he was finally pain free. He is deaf. but it does not hold him back. He is potty trained as long as he gets out often. He is good on a leash and rides well in the car. He loves people and gets along with other dogs and cats. We think he is about 9 years old with a touch of arthritis. His favorite time of day is breakfast and dinner  and nap time. he dogs play with his toys. If you are looking for a quite loving companion, here he is.

vip mambo 8 6  a vip mambo 8 6 b








If clown was a breed , there would be no need to describe Mambo’s personality . But since it is not , his sparkling personality prevails ! He is goofy  and fun ! Simply a delight to be around. He is thought to be 9 years young and 23 lbs of love . He is current on his shots, micro chipped, neutered, had a dental and on heartworm prevention.Before his arrival to rescue life, was not kind to Mambo. Neglect of a major ear infection ,left him with having to have the ear removed . Has not changed his personality ! He does have some hearing loss, He has a little dry eye and a touch of arthritis. Mambo is an inspiring companion pet , simply full of fun , after what life dealt him. He is super friendly , good with other dogs , good on a leash too !

Just look at that face , big brown eyes , and a smile for all .  He is waiting to meet you , so submit your application !


vip mambo 5 19 a vip mambo 5 19 c vip mambo 5 19 dvip mambo 4 9 a vip mambo 4 9 c vip mambo 4 9 bMambo vet 2.28





Jolly 1
Jolly is approximately 10-12 years old.  He completely blind but finds his crate after eating and walking around a little.  He sleeps ALOT, but does like to be in your lap. He is up to date on shots, microchipped, neutered and has had dental, at which time he lost most of his teeth.    I’m so grateful that VIP Rescue saw past my age, my blindness and gave me a chance to know that human touch feels good, a dry warm bed is so nice to sleep in and food every day twice a day. My past was really horrific. Earn your badge of honor by adopting a Senior dog.  Sure no one knows how much time I have left, but just a chance to be loved and safe is all I ask for.  There are several seniors on our site, so if I’m not your forever senior please go to viprescue.org and check us out.  The best love, is the love of a senior dog.

To welcome Jolly to your heart and home please submit your application !

Thanks to Karen at the Mutt Hut for the fresh groom !

vip jolly after b vip jolly after vip jolly before