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Small dog sprung today, from local shelter.
Cody , a small white maltese mix was inappropriately incarcerated for a crime he was not guilty of. He was jailed for involuntarily  aging. A un-named animal advocate for VIP Rescue, bailed him out today, and immediately got him to a dog day spa, Reef Dog Grooming where he was pampered, and received a wonderful new hair do.
Mr. Cody was grateful for the care he received at the shelter ,. He is thought to be 14 lbs. . He is current on his shots , neutered , micro chipped and on heartwom prevention. He will be having a dental and treatment for a skin condition . Neglect seemed to be prevalent  in is life .
In a humble whisper, he asked his advocate , to beg prayers for the other dogs unjustly jailed for becoming seniors . Mr. . Cody  declined to comment , when asked about his hurt feelings for being dumped to die, he boldly barked, that although, neglected through his life, he still had a love for humans, and was willing still to be a loyal companion, and lavish his new human with unconditional love.
Mr. Cody  considers his best attributes to be, a willing lap dog,fine potty manners , low exercise level,gentle personality and willingness to ignore human quirks. Mr. Cody  admits to being 10 years + young,but had no supporting documents , and then he winked. He looks forward to finding a home where he can share his love.
Please submit your application
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Orsen is thought to be a proud member of the distinctive group of  designer breeds . What exactly ? Good question . Maybe a little schnauzer, a drop of poodle , a dash of shih tzu !  None the less a cutie !

He is 13 lbs and about 7 years young . Orsen is current on his shots, micro chipped, neutered on heartworm prevention and had a dental .

He is a happy and friendly little guy . Appears to be good on a leash and good with other small dogs. Stay tuned as we learn more about Orsen..

Please submit your application

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If your home is full of Love, Love, Love, Toys, Toys, Toys, Bones, Bones, Bones and Fun, Fun, Fun, then Leon is waiting to meet you.  He is one smart cookie to boot.  Leon learned the dog door after watching his foster sister use it once.  He is potty trained and is learning commands such as sit and stay.  He is also learning how to walk like a gentleman on a leash.  We are not officially there, but he gets better at it each day.
This little bundle of joy is confident and plays well with other dogs.  He is treat motivated, but can tell when you hide his pill in a pill pocket or cheese.  Fortunately, he is gentle and will allow you to put the pill in his mouth to swallow.  He is not fond of baths, but will cooperate as you bathe him.
Leon is thought to be a 2 year old 18 lb terrier mix.He is current on his shots, neutered micro chipped and being treated for heartworm .
If love, happiness and fun is your future, please consider Leon as a part of your family.  Also his future family must be willing and able to get him to his time and date sensitive  heartworm treatment appointments at our vet in Palm Harbor . There are about 5 of them mover 6 months . Please educate yourself about heartworm disease before submitting your application.
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Ruff Lauren/Redington Beach

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Ruff Lauren is thought be be one of those “designer” terriers .A little of this a little  of that , and a whole lot of energy .
This spirited boy is current on his shots, neutered,on heartworm prevention, had a dental and micro chipped . He is 24.5 lbs of fun and thought to be 4 years young .
He is loving, kind, and smart with a few misguided behaviors that require correcting  because he wants to please his human and is treat motivated . Both are good markers for an easy to train a best buddy. He simply has not been given any guidelines.
Ruff Lauren , qualifies as a juvenile delinquent ,needing some behavior adjustments . Did we say he is HIGH ENERGY ?
 He loves to rough house with other playful dogs. He is working on his house manners and making great progress on leash walking. A squeak toy is his spirit animal ! He is only suited for an ACTIVE  family with out small children . Do I see agility in his future ?
Ruff loves walks , car rides and laps ! He is crate trained for sleeping .
He will require an  obedience course, which the expense of will be reimbursed, when a certificate of completion is documented. Did we say he has HIGH ENERGY .  He needs to have a single family home with a fenced yard , since he is HIGH ENERGY . Ruff does have some separation anxiety , which he is working through . With Ruff , patience and trust building needs to be your focus .
Ruff Lauren is really a goofball with pogo sticks for legs !
To welcome Ruff Lauren ,to your heart and home  , you must submit an application on our site
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Raven/ Clearwater

Raven 10.1.2018
I arrived to rescue emotionally broken. Some thing along the way made me terrified of humans, I am Raven , a three year old, 14 lb scottie mix. In my fear of humans, I appear to be aggressive but really , I am just protecting the little space around me. My foster mom , has been working with me and , once I get to know you I am a snuggle buddy. I have had all my shots, neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention. I love to play fetch, watch TV with my foster mom.. I am really good on a leash and take my business out side.I am great with out dogs .  Some one stole my , good first impression. Are you willing to win my trust ?  You will need to love me for my good looks to start with . So pack your patience and we can be best friends !I am best suited for an experienced pet parent. Raven must have a fenced yard at a single family home , owned by pet parent
If you want to meet , you need to submit your application !
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Mambo/Myakka City/ SPECIAL NEEDS


Mambo is a goof ball. That said he will follow you anywhere, he wants to be near you all the time. He had the worst ear infection we had ever seen. They did remove his right ear but he was finally pain free. He is deaf. but it does not hold him back. He is potty trained as long as he gets out often. He is good on a leash and rides well in the car. He loves people and gets along with other dogs and cats. We think he is about 13 years old with  arthritis. His favorite time of day is breakfast and dinner  and nap time. he dogs play with his toys. Please consider donating to his  forever  foster care .

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If clown was a breed , there would be no need to describe Mambo’s personality . But since it is not , his sparkling personality prevails ! He is goofy  and fun ! Simply a delight to be around. He is thought to be 9 years young and 23 lbs of love . He is current on his shots, micro chipped, neutered, had a dental and on heartworm prevention.Before his arrival to rescue life, was not kind to Mambo. Neglect of a major ear infection ,left him with having to have the ear removed . Has not changed his personality ! He does have some hearing loss, He has a little dry eye and a touch of arthritis. Mambo is an inspiring companion pet , simply full of fun , after what life dealt him. He is super friendly , good with other dogs , good on a leash too !

Just look at that face , big brown eyes , and a smile for all .  He is waiting to meet you , so submit your application !


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Jolly 1
Jolly has been in foster for over two years and approximately 10-12 years old.  He is  not adoptable because of his past neglect and abuse. His expenses every month are for heart guard, nexguard, eye drops,a and supplements to give him the best quality life he can have. We groom him because he can’t be groomed by anyone but it’s a 4-5 hour job.  He occasionally needs antibiotics for his eyes, he is completely blind but had re occurring eye infections. We would appreciate a sponsor or just donations to help with his care. Just because he is deemed un-adoptable doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be cared for and loved by a permanent foster/hospice. He came from a puppy mill. It averages between 30-60 dollars a month. PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO HIS FOREVER FOSTER CARE


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