Katy/Fruitland Park Available for adoption!! Viprescue.org

DOG NAME: KATY DOB: 10/13/2021 DOG BREED: Labradoodle DOG WEIGHT: 48lbs GENDER: Female HOUSETRAINED: Yes LOCATION: Fruitland Park, FL 34731 COLOR: White

ADOPTION RESTRICTIONS: -Katy requires a secure fenced yard in a single family home. -No children under 6. -You must be a resident of FL. -To qualify for adoption, all of the pets in your home must be spayed or neutered, they must be current on vaccines, preventatives, and have received consistent appropriate veterinary care. -Katy will require additional obedience training to reliably learn commands.

ABOUT KATY Katy is a very happy joyful young girl full of love and life, very affectionate, and just waiting for her new home with open paws. She is still very much a puppy at heart. She follows you everywhere, you will never experience loneliness after meeting Katy. She needs further work on leash walking but has improved greatly. She loves riding in the car, and when strapped in or crated, she is the perfect travel companion. She needs help entering and exiting the vehicle as this is still new to her. Being a puppy, she has lots of energy, and needs lots of exercise both mentally and physically. Katy is housetrained, no issues so long as she is let out frequently. When meeting new people or other animals, she gets excited and has a jumping habit we are working on. Katy has a cat in her foster home and it has not been an issue. Katy is a player, and loves to engage with other dogs in the foster home. Katy is presently crated when her foster mom goes to work. When left to her own devices she is still very much a puppy and may get into in appropriate things like your flip flops you left lying on the floor? Katy does not get on furniture or beds. Katy will bark at intruders, but it has not been excessive.

She is ready to begin her journey with a family of her very own that can run with her, entertain her, give her toys, and play with her often. If you are ready for a bouncy intelligent high-energy pup, look no further. Katy will be a dedicated devoted companion to the end………. MEETING KATY: She is fostered in Fruitland Park, FL. and will be adopted to homes within a reasonable distance in Florida. You will need to travel to Fruitland Park, FL Beach, FL to meet Katy if your application is approved. You will need to bring all your family members and pets for the introduction meeting.

The BREED: Katy is tons of fun but she does require ALOT of work! Exercise in your fenced yard, leash walks, patience, and consistent training on your family’s part to be the best dog she can be! Please do your homework on the Standard Poodles mixed breeds, they are not for everyone. They are high energy, have a high-prey drive, and require a grassy yard to exercise in that is fenced on all 4 sides with a minimum 6-foot fence. Katy is not recommended if you have children under 6 as she is still learning not to jump when excited…….

Standard Poodles are eager to learn, they are athletic, agile, wickedly smart, and are very versatile velcro dogs. They want to be an active participant in your daily life. This breed typically lives 12-15 years, so keep their lifespan in mind if you are thinking of adopting Katy. Your age should be appropriate for her estimated lifespan. High quality food is essential. Katy requires monthly grooming, and frequent brushing. Grooming ranges from $100-$200. They love being around people and are able to form bonds with each member of the family, as opposed to bonding with just one person. They also make superb watchdogs barking zealously when strangers approach the home.

KATY HISTORY: Katy was found as a stray dog in Pine Hills, Florida. She stayed at the shelter waiting for her owner to come claim her. With each new lead found, they had given her to someone else. Her breeder insisted she was coming to get her, and never showed. VIP came to the rescue giving her former owners another 30 days to claim her. No one has come forward for 30 days.

KATY MEDICAL: Katy is spayed, up to date on all vaccines, is heartworm negative, and is microchipped. The adoption donation for Katy is $500.


VIP Rescue reserves the right to approve or disapprove adoption applications submitted based on each dogs’ specific needs. If your adoption application is approved, you will be required to travel to the dogs foster home to meet the dog. A home visit by VIP Rescue at your home is a pre-requisite in the adoption process. Our Volunteers will be in touch with those that meet the criteria for adopting Katy. Please visit www.viprescue.org to fill out an adoption application and to also see the many other wonderful pets in our Rescue waiting for their “fur”ever home. All of our staff at VIP Rescue are Volunteers, so please be kind and patient. All information provided in the Adoption application will remain confidential and not be shared outside of designated VIP Rescue Volunteers. We do contact your veterinarian, references, and other information provided in your application. Incomplete applications or lack of a response from your veterinarian or references will not be processed. We receive many applications for our rescue dogs and for that we are grateful. We select the most fitting applications for the dog, not necessarily the most timely adoption application.

Thank you for thinking rescue!

THANK YOU from all our Volunteers at VIP Rescue WEBSITE: www.viprescue.org LIKE us on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/VIPRESCUEFLORIDA

Taylor/Redington Beach

Hi ya’ll I’m Taylor, an itty bitty 6 1/2 month old lil’ chihuahua mix girl who currently weighs a whopping 4.4 lbs! I’m sure I’ll get a little bigger, especially with all the yummy nutritious food my foster Mommy feeds me. When VIP Rescue took me in, I had some skin issues and have lost some of my fur. They have taken excellent care of me and its slowly growing back. I still have some splotchy spots, and it looks like I might have some longer hair when it grows in all the way. Yeah!

I came from a hoarding situation, and spent most of my young life without much human interaction. I’m slowly learning to trust people and I’m so happy to be out of that horrible situation thanks to VIP rescue and I’m now experiencing how amazing it is to be loved and snuggled. I have just started leash walks (doing pretty good too!) and I’m figuring out even though I’m so tiny, I am mighty 💪 and can even lead the pack as long as no one else is out walking or cars going by, otherwise I stay real close to foster mom cuz she protects me from scary things ❤️  

 In the weeks since I’ve been in my foster home, I’ve gone from being scared of everything and hiding from people to jumping up in foster mom’s lap for pets, belly rubs, and snuggles. I actually smile and wiggle happily now, where only a few weeks ago I would cower and shake. I am learning to play with toys with the help of my foster siblings. I love following foster mom around and being in whatever room the people are, even if I’m not quite sure yet if I trust them completely. I do LOVE sleeping in the “big bed” snuggled up with my foster mom and any other pup that fits on the bed. 

 Foster Mommy said I’m house and crate trained but I definitely don’t like being left alone for long periods of time and I don’t think my little bladder can hold it for a very long time either, cuz, you know, I’m still a baby! 🤗🐾

I know I would do best in a home with a smaller fur sibling to keep me company and show me the ropes. Foster Mom says I’m a bit of a “drama queen” when I get overwhelmed with a pup bigger than me, and boy will I tell you about it, but I’ll usually hang out and continue to play with them anyway. I have learned to do my business outside in a fenced yard. I’m looking for a very patient family who’s willing to give me the time and space I need to warm up and become comfortable in my new surroundings. This is very very important, and I’m totally worth it! Might you be that family I’m looking for? I’ve been spayed, microchipped and current on all my vaccines and preventatives. If you’re interested in applying to adopt me, please visit www.viprescue.org

Love and tail wags, Taylor ❤️🐾

Bruce/ Largo

Where do we start? This sweet old soul, whom we have named Bruce, wandered the streets for a bit, and when caught, was turned over to Animal Services where he waited and waited for his humans to come looking for him. His “found” post was forwarded to our VIP Rescue Director, and without ANY hesitation, Betsy being Betsy, jumped into action and requested a rescue transfer when his legal stray hold was up. We received the message that no one came for him, and he was ready for transfer. Little did Bruce know, he just hit the doggie lottery! 

His records showed he was blind, deaf, had dental disease, skin/allergy issues, and was a “geriatric” boy. That NEVER stops Betsy, in fact, she has a real soft spot for the “seniors”. ❤️ Once in his foster home, we discovered he can see a bit and we think he can hear a little bit too. He has no problem finding his food bowl at meal time, a soft bed to nap on or issues navigating the steps to go outside to do his business. Bruce went to the “dog” ter and was given the ok to be neutered and have a fresh dental. He has a strong heart (loving too❤️) and is in good shape for a 12 year old 18 lb. Poodle. 

Bruce LOVES walks with the rest of the pack, naps (who doesn’t love a nap, right?😉) food, chin and belly rubs. Bruce needs an adult only home, somewhere he can relax with you and enjoy his senior years being spoiled rotten. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and current on his heartworm and flea prevention. Sound like the boy for you? Please visit www.viprescue.org to fill out an adoption application. Bruce really hopes to meet you soon! 🐾❤️

Fin / Indian Rocks Beach


Did you say you want a puppy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

These adorable, affectionate and playful puppies were born 6/27/22, and are thought to be Chi/Dachshund/Jack Russell Terrier mixes. There is one male, Fin (white with black ears) available. The mom, Fiona, is 11 lbs, but dad is unknown so adult weight could range from 10-20ish lbs. They are current on age-appropriate shots, spayed/neutered, microchipped and on heartworm and flea prevention.

If you are ready for a bouncy, high energy puppy, one of these sweet pups might be right for you!!!! They are ready to begin their journey with a family of their very own. They are working on tinkle pad training and then will graduate to leash and outdoor potty training. Puppies are tons of fun, but they do require LOTS of time, work and training on your part to be the best pup they can be! They need love, attention, routines and lots of consistency, especially for housebreaking! Their little bladders can’t hold it all day so please make sure you can commit to the puppy not being left along longer than 4 hours during the day. If that’s not possible, please consider one of our adult dogs which might be better suited for your lifestyle!

Our Volunteers will be in touch with those that meet the criteria for these puppies. Please visit www.viprescue.orgto fill out an adoption application and to also see the many other wonderful pets in our Rescue waiting for their “fur”ever home.🐾

Please submit an adoption application at www.viprescue.org

Oscar/Indian Rocks Beach

Meet Oscar! This handsome guy is a 2 year old  chihuahua/terrier mix. Oscar weighs 15 pounds.

Oscar came to VIP Rescue from a hoarding situation where 70 plus pups were housed outside in pens and small fenced in areas. Despite the horrible conditions he previously lived in, Oscar is adjusting incredibly well in his foster home and is now seeking a home to call his own. 

Since arriving at VIP Rescue, Oscar has absolutely thrived learning the ins and outs of being an indoor dog. For example, we do not think he had ever been on a leash. Oscar now asks to go for walks and is advancing quickly with his leash manners and housebreaking skills. We do not think Oscar ever had the luxury of a bed or a couch. They are now his favorite places to rest. We do not think he had much human interaction in his prior world. He now seeks out affection from his foster. Truth is we do not think Oscar had much in his prior life, and while there is still lots to introduce him to, he has shown he is ready and excited to live life to its fullest! 

Oscar can be a little shy when you first meet him, but he warms up quickly. He is affectionate and cuddle time with his foster mom has become a favorite pastime. He is playful and loves toys. 

Oscar is great with other small to medium sized friendly dogs. He would do fine in a home as a single dog, or as an addition to a home that already has a dog. If you already have a dog, a meet and greet is required. 

Oscar has not been cat or kid tested, therefore, no cats and kids 12+ only please. We will update his profile if we learn otherwise. 

Oscar is crate trained and is not an excessive barker. He is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, microchipped and on monthly flea and heartworm preventative. 

Interested in meeting and welcoming Oscar into your home? Please apply today at VIPRescue.org 

Penny/Maderia Beach

Hello all, my name is Penny, I’m a 3 year old 14 lb. chihuahua, maybe dachshund mix gal. I am as bright and shiny as a brand new cent. I am a little shy at first so you will have to be patient with me, but once you earn my trust and I know that you are my person I am stuck like glue to you. I am super sweet and love to snuggle. I was rescued from a hoarding situation and spent all of my life outside…but I am getting real used to the comfy couches, beds, pillows and my foster moms lap. I enjoy my morning walks and doing great on the leash. I am good with my foster sister but not sure about cats yet (haven’t met one yet)
I really don’t require a lot…just love and lots of belly rubs. I’m spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and current on my heartworm and flea prevention. With proper introduction, will consider respectful kids 8+ years. Due to me being shy a secure fenced yard would be best until I get comfortable and understand I can trust. Please go to www.viprescue.org to fill out an adoption application for me! ?

Fawn/Redington Beach

****Pupdate on our girl Fawn***** Original post at end of this post****

Fawn, a 10 year old Pug/Frenchie mix gal, was surrendered to us at the

end of July, she was a little potato weighing in at 16.8 lbs at her vet visit on 7-16-22. When she arrived she didn’t want to move much and when she tried to walk she would drag her back legs behind her. So sad…. she absolutely needed to lose some weight especially for her health.

Her foster mom and pup house mates have encouraged her since day one,

slowly starting her walks in the back yard, and after a few days and watching the other pups happily go out for a walk, Fawn decided she wanted to go with the rest of her house mates too! We started with very short distances at first, and gradually increased the distance, and we are happy to say today she is able to go on the full early morning walks (1/2 to 3/4 of mile) and likes to lead the way….We have worked with her and she has worked with us helping her get to a more manageable weight. As of today, she is at 12.4 lbs. and looking and feeling so much better! Just look at those girly hips! She is strutting her stuff, walking around with a HUGE smile on that precious face. She is one happy girl. Although be warned, her Gremlin does come out every once in a while.

She needs to be the one and only in her “fur”ever home. A quieter adult only home with no other pups and no cats. ( In her original post, we thought she’d like a “fur” sibling, but we have learned she prefers to be your one and only) Fawn needs a patient person that will give her plenty of time to adjust to her new surroundings, and she would definitely prefer a home where you’re home more often than not. ( Retirees or a work from home situation would be ideal!) She loves to walk and now even runs sometimes, and loves to scratch her belly in the grass on the walks but sometimes her back legs cannot keep up with the front ones, so we slow down and help her get them under her and off she goes again with that big ol’ smile of hers! She now can use the doggie steps to get on the couch and the human bed. Fawn loves to burrow under the covers and snore the night away. Fawn loves toys, and collects the little stuffies and proudly struts around showing them off.

Fawn does love food!!! aaannndd who doesn’t? She uses a puzzle bowl,

which she learned very quickly, she doesn’t know this or even care, it slows down her food consumption for a healthier intake and digestion. To maintain her girly figure and a healthy weight, she will need to have her food intake monitored, don’t let those loving eyes sway you into giving her more food. She will ask for more anytime you are in the kitchen. Ha!

Fawn has not mastered house manners, she’s trying, and sometimes get

the peepad, and sometimes not. If you take her out frequently, it helps.

See the photos of the before and after. Love, love, love this

girl!!!! She is going to bring so much joy into someones heart and home, maybe that’s yours? Please visit www.viprescue.org for an adoption application for this amazing girl!

Available for Adoption – ORIGINAL POST


Hello, my name is Fawn, and I’m a 10-year-old female chunky Frug.

What’s a Frug you ask? A Frenchie Pug!

They call me Fawn because of my light, yellowish brown hair.

My human passed away and I was separated from my furry siblings and the only home I knew. 

After being passed around for several days, I landed in a safe haven with VIP Rescue.    

As you can see by the pictures, I’m a doe-eyed sweetheart who needs to lose 4-5 lbs (current weight 15lbs) which will require an accountability partner to keep me on a diet and exercise program, like walking during the cooler hours.

Don’t fall for my big eyes pleading with you to give me just a little more food or another treat or 5. My health and longevity depends on it!  

I’m busy learning so many things with my foster – what a collar, harness and leash are, leash walking, and house manners. I’m great with a pee-pad.

Once I get a chance to know you, I love to snuggle – especially at night. If you have a dog as a potential siblings a meet and meet with this dog will be required, I am particular as who I like to hang out with. I would do best in an adult home, would consider respectful young adult’s over the age of 12. I would like to request that my human is home more often than not, I would not do well left on my own all day.

I’m spayed, fresh dental (several extractions), current with my vaccines and on monthly heartworm and flea prevention. 

If you would like to snuggle with me and big brown eyes, and have room in your heart and home, please submit an application with VIPRescue.org.     

Fergie/Redington Beach

Available for Adoption


Hi, I’m Fergie, an 8 month old girl weighing in at 12 lbs. Look into my gorgeous black eyes and you can see that I’m just the sweetest little girl who wants to sit on your lap!

I love to play with my furry foster siblings, doesn’t matter to me if they are dogs or cats. I get along with them all.

Before I was rescued by VIP, I didn’t get a lot of attention or training so now I’m making up for lost time – working hard on my house training and leash walking.  

The love of the leash by my furry friends is still a mystery to me – I get really excited at first to get outside but then just want to go home and run around in the back yard.  I’d love an active family who likes to walk (apparently it’s good for me) but I need a secured fenced yard so I can get my jam on running around and to practice my leash walking. I’m up to date with vaccines, spayed and on monthly heartworm / flea prevention.    

If you’re looking for a sweet, fun little girl who could use your love and attention to help learn to be the best version of my dog self, please apply for me at VIPrescue.org

Don’t forget to tell them you’re looking for Fergie!