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One upon a time….. I was a fat lap dog.. NOW , I am a happy healthy LAPS  dog !  I say “Bring it “!!  visit me at www.viprescue.org  I am reviewing applications for my forever home

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Let me introduce myself; my name is Wilbur.  Some of my close friends and foster family also know me as Willy.  My day is filled with a couple of short walks, a few laps in the pool and being bossed around by my older foster sister, Candy Cane. I am 10 years young and around 16 pounds.

My daily household chore is cleaning the kitchen floor; which I do better than anyone else in the house!  If I am ever distracted and you need my attention, just open the refrigerator door and I am sure to come quickly.
I enjoy the company of other dogs, but prefer to be an only child like I was with my original mommy.  Don’t get me wrong,  I enjoy my older foster sister, but she can be bossy at times which I find annoying,
My favorite part of the day is the evening when I can sit with my foster family and watch TV.  So, if you are a human family that likes a few short walks a day and wants someone to clean your kitchen floor everyday as well as enjoys a couple hours relaxing in the evening, please inquire about me, Wilbur.

He is current on his shots , micro chipped, neutered , had a dental and on heartworm prevention . He is really in great health and has so much to offer a new adoring family !

To welcome willy to your heart and  home please submit your application.

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  1. I see this young man has been waiting awhile for a new home. Firstly, this will be my third rescue for you…how much and when will he be available??

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