Valentine Litter/Redington Beach

DOB 1-3-22, available for adoption!!

He is current on age appropriate shots, neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm and flea prevention. Puppies are so adorable. If you are ready for a bouncy, high energy, puppy … one of these is for you!!!! Best guess for this specialty rescue pup, thought to be maybe…Terrier/Lab mix and something terrier mix, for an adult weight, could be 40-60 lbs. He is ready to begin his journey. He is working on pee-pad training and then will graduate to potty training and leash training. If you are willing and able to accept this challenge, and welcome him into your home and heart, pleas respond to this email.

Puppies are a lot of fun and a lot of work. Puppies bring life to a home and a lot of work..! Did I say a lot of work?

They require a lot of attention and time and human agility!! As you guide them to a well mannered social companion pet, plan on teaching yourself to teach them to be great companion friends!

In exchange, they will teach you some valuable lessons.

Put your shoes away.

Close all doors, gates and toilet lids.

Phone charging wires are expensive to replace.

You aren’t as young as you think.

You aren’t as quick as you think you are.

You aren’t as smart as you thought your are.

Look before you step.

Training isn’t as simple as you remember.

….just sayin’ !!

You need to be prepared for two years of you being agile, quick to your feet, and very very patient when you react.

Puppies are full of energy bounce and play!

If you are gone all day a puppy is not for you (check out the older dog we have available for adoption)… At this age they need to be fed 3 times a day. As they grow they can tolerate longer times between meals and play time.

If you are willing and able to accept this challenge, and welcome her into your home and heart, please let us know..

If not….. Please check back as we get pups in all the time.

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