Meet Tyson!  The type of terrier will have to be determined, but if any of the baby boomers out there remember the movie “Shaggy Dog” with Fred MacMurray, he reminds me of the shaggy dog.  He is a good boy who will be neutered (Thurs 5/17).  He does need a lot of obedience work as well as just basic manners.  He will be two years old June 28 and was born in the country of Honduras. He weighs about 25 lbs.  He was adopted at the age of 1 month and hand fed till he was old enough to figure it all out.  His energy level is high and he would be great with a family with active children.  There is not a mean bone in his body.  He will be a shedding dog.  He was told to me to understand both English and Spanish, but I haven’t had him respond to anything but his name when called.  He was brought to the US last fall (2011) with his senior owner (age74) who just cannot handle his energy and therefore determined it is best to find him a more suitable home.  Since arriving in the US his home has consisted of living on the back porch of a home where neighbors complained because he barked all night.  He does seem to be housetrained (with exception to the first smell marking).  He definitely needs a large fenced yard to run around.  BUT he does play with a soccer ball with the young man who also lives in the home.  He fetches a tennis ball, but doesn’t always return it.  Tyson is fostered in Orlando.