DOB: 2/12/20

DOG BREED: Standard Poodle.




LOCATION: Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

COLOR: Apricot

ADOPTION RESTRICTIONS: -You must be a resident of FL or GA. -Tysen requires a 5 foot fenced yard in a single family home. -No children under 6, and no renters. -Tysen requires an experienced handler, no first time dog owners. -To qualify for adoption, all of the pets in your home must be spayed or neutered, they must be current on vaccines, preventatives, and have received consistent appropriate veterinary care.

ADOPT TYSEN: Tysen is a very happy joyful young boy full of love and life, very affectionate, and just waiting for his new home with open paws. He is still very much a puppy at heart. He follows you everywhere, you will never experience loneliness after meeting Tysen. He is very smart, he knows sit, down, shake, stay, come, and NO!. He needs further work on leash walking but has improved greatly. If you leave something on your counter, he will swipe it – typical of the breed. He loves riding in the car, and when strapped in he is the perfect travel companion. He has a lot of energy, and needs lots of exercise both mentally and physically stimulating. He is not happy being left alone for long periods of time, but has great house manners and he does not get on furniture or beds. He is housetrained, no issues – so long as he is let out frequently. With other dogs, he gets very excited at introductions and sometimes needs a time out when he gets over stimulated. He is a player, loves to engage with the other dogs in the home. He is a great home office companion, laying calmly at your side in the office showering you with kisses. He learns quickly, he is focused on you, and he aims to please. He will bark at intruders, but it has not been excessive. Tysen is ready to begin his journey with a family of his very own that can run with him, entertain him, and play with him often. If you are ready for a bouncy intelligent high-energy pup, look no further. He will be a dedicated devoted companion to the end……….

MEETING TYSEN: He is fostered in Fernandina Beach, FL. and will be adopted to homes within a reasonable distance of Fernandina Beach in Florida or Georgia. You will need to travel to Fernandina Beach, FL to meet Tysen if your application is approved. You will need to bring all your family members and pets for the introduction meeting. He has not been tested with small dogs or cats. He has been fostered in a home with two Standard Poodle female adults.

The STANDARD POODLE BREED: Tysen is tons of fun but he does require ALOT of work! Exercise in your fenced yard, leash walks, patience, and consistent training on your family’s part to be the best dog he can be! Please do your homework on the Standard Poodles breed, they are not for everyone. They are high energy, have a high-prey drive, and require a grassy yard to exercise in that is fenced on all 4 sides with a minimum 6-foot fence. Tysen is not recommended if you have children under 6……. Standard Poodles are eager to learn, they are athletic, agile, wickedly smart, and are very versatile velcro dogs. They want to be an active participant in your daily life. Standard Poodles typically live 12-15 years, so keep their lifespan in mind if you are thinking of adopting Tysen. Your age should be appropriate for his estimated lifespan. High quality food is essential. Standard Poodles require monthly grooming, frequent brushing, and Tysen is no exception. Grooming ranges from $100-$200. They love being around people and are able to form bonds with each member of the family, as opposed to bonding with just one person. They also make superb watchdogs barking zealously when strangers approach the home. Poodles may look dainty and demur, but in truth, these are high-stamina dogs with a stellar range of skills, including agility, obedience, hunting and herding.

TYSEN HISTORY: Tysen was surrendered by his family to VIP Rescue. He was a gift, he was very loved, but was not a candidate for a home with a new baby, two parents that worked 8-10 hours per day away from home, and no yard for him to exercise. He was trained in the past with an E-Collar using the tone and vibration features and has been very responsive to our training at VIP Rescue. You would be wise to commit to further training for Tysen if you adopt him.

TYSEN MEDICAL: He was recently neutered while with VIP Rescue, he is up to date on vaccines, preventatives, he is microchipped, and heartworm negative. He comes with his bed, harness, a collar, leash, and his favorite chew bone. The adoption donation for Tysen is $450.

VIP RESCUE ADOPTION APPLICATIONS: VIP Rescue reserves the right to approve or disapprove adoption applications submitted based on each dogs’ specific needs. If your adoption application is approved, you will be required to travel to the dogs foster home to meet the dog. A home visit by VIP Rescue at your home is a pre-requisite in the adoption process. Our Volunteers will be in touch with those that meet the criteria for adopting Tysen.

Please visit www.viprescue.org to fill out an adoption application and to also see the many other wonderful pets in our Rescue waiting for their “fur”ever home. All of our staff at VIP Rescue are Volunteers, so please be kind and patient. All information provided in the Adoption application will remain confidential and not be shared outside of designated VIP Rescue Volunteers. We do contact your veterinarian, references, and other information based on the information provided in your application.

Incomplete applications or lack of a response from your veterinarian or references will not be processed. We receive many applications for our rescue dogs and for that we are grateful. We select the most fitting application for the dog, not necessarily the most timely adoption application. Thank you for thinking rescue!