MIa T Sept 2019

Sept 2019

6 Mos old Mia-T.

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Mia is a 6 mos. old Puppy.  She is FULL of energy.  I think she may be part Whippet  mix….she’s  the size and build of one.

Whippets rarely bark and are friendly toward everyone they meet.

In addition to being one of the most affectionate breeds, whippets are also funny, clever, and playful

She loves to chase balls (and is getting quite good at bringing them back ) and Run, run, run.  She is very curious.

  She is about 20Lbs. and she is about 18-20 inches at the shoulder.

She needs to be in a home with a very active family.  She needs a fenced in yard.

Like any puppy she requires Work…but she is very smart, listens well and learns quickly.

VIP will offer a rebate to her Adopters when they show proof of professional training.

This is really what is required with dog/type.

She is great with other animals, but her in-your-face personality sometimes scare small dogs and cats.

But she is brilliant at showing them that she just wants to play. But would do better in a home cat-free and with med-large dogs.

Because of her size and energy, I wouldn’t suggest to have her in a home with very small children.

She is vetted, up to date on all her shots and meds. She is on heartworm prevention.

  She has been micro-chipped.

She has been spayed.

She is a wonderful girl who needs a Hands-On home.

Apply for Mia-T today!!!

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