As Stewie continues to feel comfortable in his surroundings, he continues to be a very affectionate and playful little boy. He loves to be with his person, all the time! He is slow to warm up and is very protective of his foster mom and current space .
He feels so much love for his person, he does not like it at all if another furry friend is anywhere near his person. I guess he never learned to share. For this reason, it has been determined that Stewie will need to be your one and only. He will adorn your lap and shower you with kisses and be your best buddy! He will also alert you with his voice to any new noise or person, so if you believe silence is golden, then Stewie is not your boy! But if you are looking for a one and only and have a calm and quiet, adult home,then Stewie may be your boy!

  This frisky 2 year old, 13 lb Bichon/poodle mix is ready for love! Although he does like to play with other small dogs, he doesn’t like to share his person with them.  He is not cat tested. He would like an adult home or home with older children.  He likes leash walks, couch cuddles, and bed snuggles. He is also crate trained.   He’s learning about toys, play, and how to be a dog.  With a little patience and time, Stewie will be a loving companion for years to come. He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and on heartworm/flea prevention.

  If you are interested in adopting this sweet little guy, please submit your application!

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