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“Solli” enjoying some sun on the patio

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Solara, or “Solli”, as we call her, is a Super smart little dog!

She’s been through about 8 weeks of training and is picking up almost all without a hitch. She is still working on some things.

She is very fearful of people.

She gets along with other dogs just fine and cats too. She just takes some time getting used to new people.

But she is totally capable.  Friends that come, have seen her go from Mad dog…to Angel Dog…with just a little time, patience and treats….lol

This girl loves food and it’s a great motivator in her training. But she’s been known to steal food off plates if not watched carefully…LOL!!

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“Solli” needs a home with a lot of patience and an owner that is willing to work with her to find her trust of people.

Solara is a darling  member of the ”What is that breed club?”  She is most likely terrier /long hair chi.

She is a tiny 8 lbs 7 year old.

She is current on her shots, micro chipped, spayed, had a dental, and is on flea and heartworm prevention .

 She has a sweet personality , but reacts fearfully to new people, especially men.  

She loves to hang out with you on the couch or whatever room you’re in..

Once she has your trust, she is an Excellent companion.

She is waiting for your application, so you can meet her!

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  1. Is Solli still being fostered or has she been adopted? I notice her post is from 2017

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