Sneeezy Adopted!!!

Sneeezy Adopted!!!




Where to begin with this dog??   He is So great in So many ways.

First…..He’s “Made in America”!  A Home Grown Rat Terrier.


An American mixture of about 10 dogs.  Please Read more about the breed:   They are really unique.

These dogs are best to be with an experienced Terrier owner/trainer.   They need someone Training savvy.

Sneeezy, Personally ….

He is a Wondeful dog!! He’s got a huge heart! I don’t think he’s got a bad bone in his body…except for rats.   Lol

 He gets along well with the other dog in the house.  As well as the cat.  Does not see the cat as prey.

He’s not been a barker at all.  Rides well in the car.  Not great on a leash right now…like the breed. He came to us with a marking problem, but we are working with him, and he’s starting to get with the program.  He is housetrained.

Inquisitive…YES  Active…YES  Curious.…YES  Sweet & cuddly…YES!  He just Loves to roam in the backyard.


**And about the breed digging….a dog can’t dig a 5ft hole if You’re watching them, Right????  Not a good breed to be left outside on their own.

Sneeezy is about 1 yr. old and puppy-like.  He’s already had some training. He can Sit, Come (definitely need more work on that with distractions)  And training to pay attention to only you (with distractions). He is partially crate trained.****

He probably knows more we haven’t discovered yet.  He likes rope toys. I have had no problems with him getting into anything inside or out.


He is a sweet, gentle soul…except to rats…lol.

Sneeezy is about 13Lbs.  He’s been neutered, micro-chipped, brought up to date with all vaccines.

Rat Terrier are a shedding breed…but other than nails, is an easy breed on grooming.

He has no problem Chill-laxng either….


****IMPORTANT NOTE****  Sneeezy is heartworm Possitive.  VIP Rescue pays for all his treatments, but new owner must be in a 30 minute distance of our vet in Palm Harbor for treatments.  He has to take meds daily. And has begun the protocol for heartworm treatment.  As treatments go on, this is another great reason to work more on the crating, as it helps you keep him calm during this period.****





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