UPDATE 8/21/19
Shaggy aka Happy Dog has her third update and we saved the best for last!
I’m the cutest little ShihTzu you will ever meet. I’ve recovered from a really hard life, but hey I’m looking forward not backwards. My coat is shiny and black and I’ve waves that my foster Mom loves. Yesterday I started even playing with toys for the first time.
I’ve been healing with my foster family for a little over a month. I’m good on a leash now, I’m housebroken and I have great manners.
I really need a fenced back yard because since I discovered that I can run, jump and bark at squirrels, it’s my favorite pass time and my happy place.
Did I say I love squirrels and I love being out in the yard, feeling grass under my feet and smelling fresh air.  My second happy place is right next to you.
I do need eye drops but I sit pretty because I get a treat afterwards.
I’m good with my foster pack and even try playing with them sometimes.
I do the cutest little dance when I know I’m getting fed which is why my foster Mom started calling me Happy Dog.  I’m easy, kind, loving, well mannered and just so sweet.  I’m 10 years old, appoximately 13 lbs,  up to date on my shots, micro chipped, had a dental and I’m spayed.
If you want a loving, loyal, sweet addition to your family please go to


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Shaggy tested negative for Heartworm and Microfilaria !!  We are so excited for this news . As usual, followup is necessary , but the tedious schedule for time sensitive appoints are cancelled .
Shaggy AKA Happy Girl is thought to be a 10 year old shih tzu. She is about 13 lbs of love !! Shaggy is current on her shots , spayed, micro chipped , had a dental , and will require , of course heartworm prevention monthly and eye drops for dry eye .
Shaggy says no to a leash , but yes to a fenced yard .. Bonus , she is house trained. Shaggy likes to spend time out side observing squirrels , barking at squirrel,and chasing squirrels.  She is a real treat to have around. So , share the great news !! Shaggy is ready to go !
To welcome this little delight , please submit your application
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Shaggy aka Happy Dog has come a long way.
She is approximately 10-11 years old. VIP saved me right before I was going to be put down, due to medical issues.  My skin is cleared up and my fur is growing back nicely.  I will need eye drops for the rest of my life due to dry eye, but I sit pretty because I know I get a treat after.
I am heart worm positive and will begin my treatments soon, so you have to live in the county so you can bring me to VIP Rescue’s veterinarian in Palm Harbor and they are time sensitive and have be done on the schedule.
I’m house broken, not too fond of a leash and I HAVE to have a fenced back yard, because I have discovered that I love chasing squirrels up in the trees and lay in the cool grass. If I could I would spend all day in the back yard, but my foster Mom won’t let me stay out when it’s too hot.
I’ve been spayed, had all my shots, I’m micro-chipped, had a dental. I get along with my foster pack but have not been tested with cats or children. If you are interested in making me a family member go to and fill out an application.


Up Date on Shaggy !

Hey guys, my foster Mom is so excited to give you an update! She calls me Happy now!
My skin is healing nicely and I have whispers of hair growing where there was none. My eyes are clear, even though I will need a few  eye drops for dry eye  for the rest of my life and I sit real nice for them to be put in and then I get a treat.

I’m approximately 10 years young, a delicate  12 lbs   shih tzu mix, with a precious under bite. I’m up to date on my shots, spayed, had a dental and  micro chipped  I do still need to have my heart worm treatment, but I’m a fighter and I’m sure that will be okay too.  VIP will pay for that treatment even if you adopt me, but you will have to keep time sensitive appointments at their vet in Palm Harbor.Please educate yourself on heartworm disease before applying .. Most of my health concerns are in the past !

I’m filling out with my hair and my weight and I just bounce with joy and life now. I would love to be your one and only even though I get along fine with my foster pack. Bonus, I’m housebroken. I’m going to be a shining diamond soon.   If you would love a love bug and want to see me complete my transformation into a beautiful girl please go to and apply. Thanks to all those that donated and I could still use some donations !

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ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN . not yet ,Shaggy , not yet .


ear infection , eye infection , dry eye, yeast infection , alopecia, yeasty skin, skin infection , gum disease   and heartworm disease . All of the above for our darling little Shaggy . She is thought to be 10 years young and all of 12 lbs . She is now current on her shots , micro chipped , spayed , had a dental , and EVERYTHING  else being treated .

Shaggy is an inspiration , to all in rescue . She is a fighter and so willing to trust again. Used by a greeder breeder for profit , and  then TOTALLY  neglected . All of her health issues are a result of neglect . This little shih tzu gal is a daring ! Sweet , gentle and so wanting to be loved !

We welcome you to follow her progress , and ask for your kind  assistance with her medical expenses !


  1. Evy Block says:

    My husband and I have moved to Seminole. I am retired and my husband is semi retired. We Believe we can give Shaggy aka Happy a wonderful, loving home. Application has been submitted. Thank you.

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