Sad Sam was surrendered to a rural shelter, with a “BLA BLA BLA “, story claiming of RECENT  personal hardships. Also, they  claimed his deteriorated  condition was RECENT !  HA.


Sad Sam arrived with a mouth full of rotten teeth,. He had 12 extractions . Not a recent condition!

He has a massive ear infections with rods. Not a recent condition !

He has dry eye ! Not a recent condition !

He is malnourished. Not a recent condition !

He is balding with a skin infection . Not a recent condition !

He remaining hair was all mats. Not a recent condition !

All of these conditions have been medically addressed , and he is well on his way , to being Glad Sam. Sam is also neutered, micro chipped, up to date on his shots and on heartworm prevention.He is thought to be about 6 years young and 15 lbs.He is mostly a miniature poodle .

As Sweet Sam,  is also , good on a leash , great and loves humans and  other dogs . !!Even Silly Sam showed up , as he feels better playing with toys has come into his activities.

To welcome ,Sam to your heart and home, you must complete a VIP Rescue application.

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