Ruff Lauren/Redington Beach

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Ruff Lauren is a very active and spirited bundle of love and energy.   This spirited boy is current on his shots, neutered,on heartworm prevention, had a dental and micro chipped . He is 22 lbs of fun and thought to be 4 years young .  This is one active dog that will charm you with his crooked smile and high energy antics.  If Ruff were a toy, he would be a pogo stick since he loves to jump straight up from a dead stand still.  Mostly, he wants you to see him eye to eye.  He plays well with his foster sister who is twice his size and half his age.
Even though he is very active, he is a perfect gentleman on a leash.  Ruff is a dream to take for a walk around the neighborhood, keeping pace with his human.
As for his house manners, they are improving.  He sits on command and loves to run around with his foster sister.  Once they have tired each other out, Ruff likes to sit with his human with his head nuzzled between your neck and chest.  He is a cuddler after he has had his through workout for the day.
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