Rowdy / Myakka City FL

DOG NAME: Rowdy/Myakka City, FL

BIRTHDATE: 1/7/2023

BREED: Standard Poodle mixed breed

COLOR: Chocolate

LOCATION: Myakka City, FL

Meet Rowdy, he is a Standard Poodle Mix puppy, thought to be a Schnoodle. I am 15 weeks old, and weigh 12 lbs. I am very smart, doing well on my house training, and I am a handful! Pretty good with house breaking so far. I knows how to sit, and learn more every day! I was born January 7, 2023. My MOM weighs 55 lbs, and we were told she is a Standard Poodle mixed with Schnauzer. I loves to harass cats so it is best if there are no kitties in my new house. I require a minimum of a 6 foot fenced in yard, a single family home, no exceptions. I love long walks, snuggling, and endless play! Oh, I am super cute too!!!!! You will melt when I look in your eyes! You need me, you know you do! Do you think you want a puppy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Puppies are so adorable. If you are ready for a bouncy, high energy puppy, ROWDY is ready to begin his journey with a family of his very own. Puppies are tons of fun but do require ALOT of hard work and training on your family’s part to be the best pup they can be! They need love, attention and lots of consistency especially for housebreaking! Their little bladders can’t hold it all day so please make sure you can commit to the puppy not being left along longer than 4 hours during the day. If that’s not possible, please consider one of our adult dogs which might be better suited for your lifestyle!

****Standard Poodles require monthly grooming, and frequent brushing, and this puppy is no exception. Early grooming of your dog will create good future habits. Standard Poodles are high energy, have a high prey drive, and require a grassy yard to exercise in that is fenced on all 4 sides with a 6-foot fence. They also need to be leash walked several times daily to stimulate their minds and to properly socialize them. A home visit by VIP Rescue is a pre-requisite in the adoption process of these pups. Obedience training for the puppy is also highly recommended for this extremely intelligent breed of dog. High quality food is essential for their growth and development.

VIP Rescue reserves the right to approve or disapprove adoption applications submitted based on each dogs specific needs. If your adoption application is approved, you will be required to travel to the dogs foster home to meet the dog.

Any incomplete application will NOT be processed. You should also call your Veterinarian’s office and give your permission for us to speak with them to gather the necessary information we need to process any applications. Please visit to fill out an adoption application and to also see the many other wonderful pets in our Rescue waiting for their “fur”ever home.

Thank you for thinking rescue!

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All of our staff at VIP Rescue are volunteers. We appreciate you completing an adoption application which will allow our volunteers to contact you. All information provided in the application will remain confidential and not be shared outside of VIP Rescue.