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Calling all Chi lovers and couch potatoes!  Prince is a 12 year old boy who would love to chill on the couch with someone and be his “prince-ly cute self! He would do well as your only pup, or with another mellow, small dog.

He was a stray and came to VIP with only 4 teeth, all of which had to be removed.  He still enjoys eating his food and has quite an appetite!  This little guy can even use a doggy door and does pretty well taking his business outside (his luxating patella and arthritis do not slow him down)!  He also has cateracts but his sight seems pretty good.  His foster mom says he enjoys being around people, but is still very skittish around new people. His safe space is his little carrier or crate which he happily goes in for naps and bed time.  When Prince is in his safe space, he welcomes petting and he would like his forever home to have one of these carriers so that he can adjust and decompress and continue to feel safe.  Prince needs some patience and time to adjust to get to know his new people and surroundings.  Prince is great on a leash and thoroughly enjoys his walks!  He prances along  like a pup!   Applicants with a pool should know that Prince believes he can walk on water so he should not be left unattended around a pool!

Prince is neutered, up to date on vaccines, on heartworm/flea preventative and is awaiting his forever home!  Please complete an application at to be considered for adopting Prince.  If you are a good match, one of our volunteers will contact you.


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