PJ/Redington Beach


This amazing 4 month old pup is P.J.! We’re thinking he’s some type of Beagle/Terrier/Jack Russell mix, but what we DO know, is that’s he’s just adorable! Typical puppy behavior, he loves to play play play, and really enjoys his meals. Being young, P.J. is still learning his housebreaking skills as well as how to walk nicely on a leash. All things his new family will need to continue working with him on so that he will grow up to be a great dog! At best guess, he should be in the 20-25 lb range when grown, but again, that’s just an estimate. P.J. is neutered, has his age appropriate vaccines, is microchipped and has been started on Heartworm and Flea prevention. 
Now that you have found that perfect little darling, we want to make sure you’re ready for that bouncy, high energy shoe eating little pupper!Puppies are tons of fun but do require ALOT of work and training on your family’s part so that they will be the best pup they can be.They need love, attention and lots of consistency especially for housebreaking! Their little bladders can’t hold it all day while you’re at work, so you’ll definitely need either yourself, a family member or friend to stop by during the day to let them out. 

If that’s not possible, please consider one of our adult dogs which might be better suited for your lifestyle! As always, if you have any questions at all, feel free to email us at info@viprescue.org
click on link to be directed to application submission.https://viprescue.org/jobs/apply/?j=772 

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