If you’re looking for the perfect companion dog, one who will follow you everywhere and join you for snuggles, then look no further!!  Lucy is your girl!
Lucy is approximately 10 years old and thought to be a MalteseBichon mix.  Lucy weighs about 13 pounds and loves to eat!  Don’t we all?!   Although she had a full shave down due to severe matting, her hair will grow and she will become a lovely fluffy white girl. She will need regular grooming to keep from matting. So far, she seems to be non-shedding.

 Lucy is the ultimate velcro dog and will follow you everywhere.  She’s a snuggler and loves to be petted.  Although shy at first, she loves everyone.  She is good with other small dogs and enjoys their company.  She would probably be ok with cats too.
She is doing well with housebreaking and goes outside every few hours.  She also enjoys leash walks.  Lucy is crate trained and will sleep all night in her crate.
 Lucy should flourish in a home where she is with someone most of the time.  She will alert you of noises and passing people, so a single family home is best.   She is the perfect companion dog and wants nothing more than to give love and to be loved back.
Lucy is spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccines, has had a dental and is on heartworm/flea preventative.
Please complete an application to welcome Lucy into your home.

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