Hi  Happy October!!

It’s me, Josie!     With an Update!


Since I checked in last…..

I had my dental and I was spayed.  I had to have all my teeth, except 2, pulled.  I had really poor dental care in my last home .

I’m getting happier, braver, friendlier and less scared of everything.  I was abused in my last home.

When I first got here, I would only crawl on my belly towards people.  But I’m getting more confidence now.

I am doing better on my walks and I’m doing really well on my potty training! But I’d like a home with a fenced in yard.

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My foster mom gives me baths often to help with my ongoing skin problem.  My Hair is still growing back.  I’m going to be checked out further by one of the fabulous VIP vets for skin allergies.

I love to hang outside with my foster mom…I really like to go everywhere with her.  Still working on my separation anxiety, so I’d like a Home Body to adopt me.


One of my favorite things is rolling around in the grass!!


Again…I’m a 10Yr young Girl ( they say Mini Poodle…?)

Looking for a loving forever home. I am learning how to give Kisses!!


Please apply for me online.

Here she is!!


Sassy JOSIE!!

Josie is a little 10LB adorable girl.  (They say) she’s Mini Poodle Mix…..and a 10years (young) Senior.

She is spayed, up to date on all shots and vaccines and preventive (Heartworm & Flea) medicines, and has had a dental. She is also micro chipped.

Her situation is special.

Josie came from a horrible hoarder environment and she was poorly cared for . She came to us without much hair!  And scared of everything.

She’s done very well  under our care, but may need a follow up for her skin.


She has never been “walked” on a leash  before…she’s learning slowly.    We are still working on the housebreaking.  Ideally, she should be in a home with a fenced in backyard.

She is still pretty shy/timid and that will probably take some time for her to realize that not all humans are bad.

Josie would do best in a quiet household.

She has some separation anxiety and would do best with Homebodies.

Josie  gets along with people, cats and dogs.

She does have a slight Jealousy tendency, so would be best as an Only Child.

For these reasons, her situation is special.


She is as sweet as can be!  And she’s smart & sassy! And just adorable!

She’s just beginning to give little kisses…awwww

If you can provide Josie with the special things she needs, the first step is to make out an application at:

Thanx for thinking Rescue!!!

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