Jerry must have felt like he was abducted by aliens !

One day , in his substandard housing situation , a Mom, house mates and everything he knew  .. AND THEN BAM.. all gone . Jerry is now learning , that was a good thing. Years of neglect left him in critical need of a full mouth extraction dental and other urgent medical needs .

Jerry was one of many , and although he didn’t lack love , certainly his other needs were not being met !

Jerry is thought to be 9-ish about 10 lbs ,little terrier terrier somethin’somethin’ !

He is now current on his shots, micro chipped,neutered, had a huge dental and YEA ! , tested negative for heartworm disease . So he is on prevention .

After recovering, he now has his “wag” on , joins right in on living room gatherings, seeks out the companionship of humans , and takes his business out side . He sports a very unique coat , with all most a lions mane of white fluff !

So don’t be a stranger apply for Jerry !

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