Ignatius / Largo

Ignatius / Largo

Available for adoption


Dog Name:  Ignatius/Iggy

DOB:  11/6/2013 Breed: 

Bichon Frise?

Weight:  26 lbs (needs to lose a few)

Gender:  Male

House trained:  Yes, when let out often

Location:  Largo, FL

Gets along with cats:  Unknown

Gets along with dogs:  Yes


Hello, Hello, Hello, my name is Ignatius, Iggy for short!  I am a 9 years young bichon frise according to my vet records, but I have the body of a basset hound and the happiest smiling-iest terrier face you have ever seen!!  Don’t worry, the few times I “talk”, I bark, I don’t howl like a hound dog.  I currently weigh 26 pounds and I definitely need to lose a few.  I would love to take you for a walk.  I much prefer it when I am in the driver’s seat.  If you try to guide me, I may put on the brakes, but I still love to be outside with you.

I have a long (very long) history with the vet.  Mostly due to my allergies that read like the periodic table of elements song.  My foster mom will make sure you have a list so we can stay as healthy as possible.  I take eye drops for my dry eyes and will need that for the rest of my life.  I don’t mind getting my medicine, especially when there is a yummy treat waiting for being a good boy!  When I first came to VIP, I had to have some fatty tumors removed because they were infected.  I handled the surgery and recovery like a champ.  I never even had to wear the cone of shame.  My foster mom just had to remind me not to lick my stitches.  I love to chew my nails and lick my feet, just remind me to stop.  Too much licking can lead to an infection.  It’s helpful if you can wipe my feet after I go outside to get rid of those pesky allergens.  

I LOVE sunbathing, as long as you stay outside with me.  My favorite game is when my foster mom chases me around the house.  It’s so much fun!  I let her catch me so I can get back scratches.  I also love long naps (I snore), but my foster mom insists it’s a cute snore.  When my foster mom says it’s time for bed, I go right over to the bed and wait to be picked up.  I have short legs so I can’t jump.  Just let me know which side of the bed is mine!  I’ve never shown any interest in getting up on the couch or dog beds.  I like the floor during the day.  When I want attention, I will come over and boop you with my nose.  Just to say Hi or let you give me some ear rubs.  I’ll also rub up against your legs like a cat.  It’s just my way of showing affection.  

I know to go outside to do my business, but I don’t ask to go out.  Once I know which door is the outside door, I will go stand by it, and I’ll run to it with my happy hop when you ask me if I want to go out.  If I don’t need to go out, I won’t come when you call.  However, if you bring me outside because you need to leave, I’ll do my business so you don’t have to worry while you’re gone.  You’ll just have to be patient with me while I learn my new schedule.  I don’t have any separation anxiety.  I’ll just find a nice spot for a nap while you’re gone.  And I’ll have a big smile waiting for you when you return!  

I am neutered, up to date on my vaccines, microchipped and current on my flea and heartworm prevention.   

If you think you might be the family for me, please submit your application for review at VIPRescue.org


Application form: https://viprescue.org/application-to-adopt

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