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Haili :

holding down the dog bed : Level EXPERT

holding down the day bed : Level EXPERT

holding down the couch : Level EXPERT

Just another exciting day at Camp Terri , where Haili never let’s you down , knowing that the dog bed, day bed or couch will not

escape on Haili’s watch . Haili is looking for a home where , she can do pretty much nothing !.  The long evening walks are not her thing . Endless hours of chasing toys, nope .. According to Haili , barking is such a waste of good sleeping time . So if YOU  , are looking for a friendly couch accessory , look no further .

Haili is thought to be a maltese /poodle mix. About 10 years young and about 12 lbs. She is house trained and , loves being next to her human , well, as long as you are sitting , like , on the couch . She is current on her shots, micro chipped , spayed , had an extensive dental and is on heartworm prevention.  So , if low key is your thing , then Haili is your gal . When she gets up , she will review , your application !


I can’t even imagine how terrified this delicate little girl felt has she wander , most likely for months by her intake condition . Matted , flea infested , hungry and limping until found by animal services . Most likely , she is a 9 year old , under weight at 9 lbs  Maltese mix . She is now  current on her shots,  spayed, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention . Sadly , her dental has left her toothless . But , believe me , that HAS NOT  slowed her food intake down .

It is apparent that her past included a home , with love . But , her story is unknown. She is quite familiar with household comforts, like THE COUCH  , the sound of the refrigerator opening , and air conditioning! Her recall of house training is returning also ! Playing has not been part of the last few days .HOWEVER ,   She excels at couch lounging and pillow hoarding . Haili does have a limp , and apparently it was a past injury , that has no fix . If a lovely , low activity companion pet is you wish , apply !   Stay tuned for her glamour shots !

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  1. I believe my husband and I might be able to give Haili a home. We retired to St. Pete after health problems with hubby made it necessary for me to be his full-time care giver. We are at home most all day. Lot’s of couch sitting, and loving pets here.

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