Meet  Gabby.


Everyone seems to Love Gabby and she seems to love everyone.



An adorable -10Lb mixed-something (most likely Terrier)?

A smart, happy,  playful, girl.

Gabby, a senior, (10+) was found roaming the streets and must have been on the street for some time, as her skin was riddled with fleas and a horrible yeast infections all over her. She was mostly hairless when she came to us. She also had ear infections.

It has taken quite a while to get her back to looking like the gorgeous natural Blonde that she is.  She is still healing and growing new hair. This has been a slow process.  Because of this, Gabby is on special food so her skin can keep healing.

She gets along with everyone, plus dogs and cats.  She likes to play with toys and other dogs. She also likes to cuddle.

We have no way to know how long she was on the streets, but it has taken some time for her trust in humans again. She is still protective about her personal space and treats. And she likes to do things in her own time.  She needs someone with patience, preferably an experienced owner.

She is not thrilled with her walks (yet) and loves romping around the backyard.  A fenced in yard would be a Plus for Gabby.  We are working on housetraining.

She would not be suitable in a household with children.  She can be Nippy.

She is a masterpiece in the works

She is spayed, micro-chipped and has all her updated shots.



The first step to meeting Gabby is to complete an application.



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