Meet Fonzie!

FonzieFONZIE is a male, wire-haired terrier, 2 years old, weight 10 lbs, working on house-training, up-to-date with vaccinations, neutered, needs love!!

FONZIE is a true rescue! When a neighbor noticed an uncared for dog she went to check it out…here is what was found: She was told Fonzie used to live free roam in the backyard until someone called the police because he looked uncared for…at this time his so called “family” moved him into a bird cage on the back porch. Now FONZIE lives in a foster home with other FUR friends and freedom to play. He was very fearful at first and gets frightened if you sneak up on him. He had a spa day to make him beautiful, received vetting and is ready for adoption!

FONZIE is slowly learning how to play with other dogs and loves to run around with them! FONZIE is a beautiful array of browns with lovely white front paws! His coat does grow and requires regular grooming, bathing, and brushing. He even has a cute little beard!  FONZIE loves to be petted but is practicing not being frightened when you pet him from behind before he sees you – Fonzie would do best with older, dog-savvy kids!

FONZIE loves to go for walks and is working on his skills. FONZIE will need someone with patience to work with him on housetraining; someone who understands that he has been abused so he may be frightened from time to time.

Apply now! Fostered in Orlando.

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