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****Pupdate on our girl Fawn***** Original post at end of this post****

Fawn, a 10 year old Pug/Frenchie mix gal, was surrendered to us at the

end of July, she was a little potato weighing in at 16.8 lbs at her vet visit on 7-16-22. When she arrived she didn’t want to move much and when she tried to walk she would drag her back legs behind her. So sad…. she absolutely needed to lose some weight especially for her health.

Her foster mom and pup house mates have encouraged her since day one,

slowly starting her walks in the back yard, and after a few days and watching the other pups happily go out for a walk, Fawn decided she wanted to go with the rest of her house mates too! We started with very short distances at first, and gradually increased the distance, and we are happy to say today she is able to go on the full early morning walks (1/2 to 3/4 of mile) and likes to lead the way….We have worked with her and she has worked with us helping her get to a more manageable weight. As of today, she is at 12.4 lbs. and looking and feeling so much better! Just look at those girly hips! She is strutting her stuff, walking around with a HUGE smile on that precious face. She is one happy girl. Although be warned, her Gremlin does come out every once in a while.

She needs to be the one and only in her “fur”ever home. A quieter adult only home with no other pups and no cats. ( In her original post, we thought she’d like a “fur” sibling, but we have learned she prefers to be your one and only) Fawn needs a patient person that will give her plenty of time to adjust to her new surroundings, and she would definitely prefer a home where you’re home more often than not. ( Retirees or a work from home situation would be ideal!) She loves to walk and now even runs sometimes, and loves to scratch her belly in the grass on the walks but sometimes her back legs cannot keep up with the front ones, so we slow down and help her get them under her and off she goes again with that big ol’ smile of hers! She now can use the doggie steps to get on the couch and the human bed. Fawn loves to burrow under the covers and snore the night away. Fawn loves toys, and collects the little stuffies and proudly struts around showing them off.

Fawn does love food!!! aaannndd who doesn’t? She uses a puzzle bowl,

which she learned very quickly, she doesn’t know this or even care, it slows down her food consumption for a healthier intake and digestion. To maintain her girly figure and a healthy weight, she will need to have her food intake monitored, don’t let those loving eyes sway you into giving her more food. She will ask for more anytime you are in the kitchen. Ha!

Fawn has not mastered house manners, she’s trying, and sometimes get

the peepad, and sometimes not. If you take her out frequently, it helps.

See the photos of the before and after. Love, love, love this

girl!!!! She is going to bring so much joy into someones heart and home, maybe that’s yours? Please visit www.viprescue.org for an adoption application for this amazing girl!

VIP Rescue reserves the right to approve or disapprove adoption applications submitted based on each dogs’ specific needs. If your adoption application is approved, you will be required to travel to the dogs foster home to meet the dog. A home visit by VIP Rescue at your home is a pre-requisite in the adoption process. Our Volunteers will be in touch with those that meet the criteria for adopting. Please visit www.viprescue.org to fill out an adoption application and to also see the many other wonderful pets in our Rescue waiting for their “fur”ever home. Everyone at VIP Rescue are Volunteers, so please be kind and patient. All information provided in the Adoption application will remain confidential and not be shared outside of designated VIP Rescue Volunteers. We do contact your veterinarian, references, and other information provided in your application. Incomplete applications or lack of a response from your veterinarian or references will not be processed. We receive many applications for our rescue dogs and for that we are grateful. We select the most fitting applications for the dog, not necessarily the most timely adoption application.

Available for Adoption – ORIGINAL POST


Hello, my name is Fawn, and I’m a 10-year-old female chunky Frug.

What’s a Frug you ask? A Frenchie Pug!

They call me Fawn because of my light, yellowish brown hair.

My human passed away and I was separated from my furry siblings and the only home I knew. 

After being passed around for several days, I landed in a safe haven with VIP Rescue.    

As you can see by the pictures, I’m a doe-eyed sweetheart who needs to lose 4-5 lbs (current weight 15lbs) which will require an accountability partner to keep me on a diet and exercise program, like walking during the cooler hours.

Don’t fall for my big eyes pleading with you to give me just a little more food or another treat or 5. My health and longevity depends on it!  

I’m busy learning so many things with my foster – what a collar, harness and leash are, leash walking, and house manners. I’m great with a pee-pad.

Once I get a chance to know you, I love to snuggle – especially at night. If you have a dog as a potential siblings a meet and meet with this dog will be required, I am particular as who I like to hang out with. I would do best in an adult home, would consider respectful young adult’s over the age of 12. I would like to request that my human is home more often than not, I would not do well left on my own all day.

I’m spayed, fresh dental (several extractions), current with my vaccines and on monthly heartworm and flea prevention. 

If you would like to snuggle with me and big brown eyes, and have room in your heart and home, please submit an application with VIPRescue.org.     

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