Duke /Seminole

Are you looking for unconditional love and kisses galore?  A best buddy and shadow?  A playful, well-mannered, and affectionate companion?  Then Duke the snuggle-bear may be the one for you!

  At approximately 14 lbs., this silky terrier mix (?) will play “hard to get” upon first meeting, and prefers to make the first move, but will very quickly become your best friend and shadow!

At approximately 2 years young, Duke still has some playful pup left in him but also knows how to “chill” and will gladly snuggle up next to his favorite person. His favorite spot? Wherever his favorite person happens to be!   He will gladly share his home with another dog (not cat tested), but definitely loves human company.

He gets a B- for housetraining but is so smart and eager to learn, he should be earning his A+ once settled.   Duke loves leash walks and patiently allows you to harness him up to go exploring!  His excitement sometimes has him galloping ahead to lead the way but he quickly responds to corrections, and is very manageable.  Duke requests a fenced-in yard, no very young children, and someone to take him on his daily walks so that he can explore all the world has to offer.

 Duke is neutered, current on vaccines, micro chipped and on flea and heartworm preventatives.

 To welcome Duke into your home, please complete an adoption application at www.VIPRescue.org.

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