Dominic is embarking into a world that is totally unfamiliar to him.A world  ,now filled with kindness, love and caring . He has arrived to rescue completely and totally terrified . He is NOT  a biter , just very very scared of humans. His journey to being a lovely companion pet has begun !

Dominic is thought to be just one year old ,20 lbs and thought to be a Cairn terrier mix. He is current on his shots , micro chipped , neutered and on heart worm prevention.

 Additional evaluations are underway , as we work with him on learning to trust and experience every day occurrences , that companion pets live with . The world of unknowns are where he is right now . He will require an experienced pet parent , that can help him become an awesome family member . Our loving talented team of volunteers , are working with him to achieve a brighter future .

If you are an  very very experienced pet parent and want to welcome Dominic to your heart and home ,  you must submit your application ! Thanks to The Sandy Paws pet salon for the fresh groom !

vip dominic

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