Super sweeeeeeet and sassy!

That’s Diva Marie.

Update on Mz. Diva!!!

vip diva marie


She has come a long way since first coming to VIP Rescue.  She is still working on her weight (aren’t we all..lol)

She would benefit with a couple of daily walks.  This greatly helps with her housebreaking issues and she does well with the exercise.

She’s taking daily meds for her hyperthyroidism and must continue on them for life.  She is also being treated for Cushing’s.  But she eagerly takes all her meds in  tiny pieces of a Pill Pockets.

She’s up to date on all her vaccines, shots and meds.

She gets along with everyone!!!  She is just a big Love that adores belly rubs!!!

Apply for Diva Marie today!!!!



This 9yr. young girl, lives up to her name.

She is good on a leash and just loves to be with you.  She gets along with everyone and dogs too!  :-)



Update on Ms. Diva.  

This past week, she got a nice groom at Fluffy Cuts.  And a trip to the Vets.  She has bloodwork done, and the vets seem to think, other than a few things in her bloodwork, she’s doing great.  She had her dental and is on some antibiotics.  The vet seems to think these antibiotics may help with a lot of the elevated things on her tests.

She is still working on the potty training, but she is as sweet as can be!

She loves to follow you around and sleep closely with you.  

She’s beginning to get a little more playful and active, now that her ailments are being addressed and she’s feeling better. 

She’s smart and a really great dog!!!


Here she is hanging out with my dog, Rascal….LOL





She is a bit overweight and on a doggie diet.  She is currently 22 pounds and medically, she’s still working on some things.


She’s just been spayed and had some mammary tumors removed.  She still has some follow-ups with the vet so we can continue her road to full recovery :-)  And she is due for a vet’s appt. this week, as well as a day at Fluffy Cuts/Largo for “the works”! lol


Thank you to Fluffy Cuts for the clean up they could do for her at this time.

She came to us loaded with fleas, matted, and a smelly mess.  She was just neglected, poor girl.    *sigh*


You would never know anything’s bothering her now, as far as her attitude goes.

They say she’s a (big) MaltiPoo, but whatever she is, she’s just a great little dog!!!

We are working on house breaking….

She has been micro chipped, spayed had the tumors removed.  She will have a dental this week or next.

Apply for The Diva today!!

OH…and She loves belly rubs!!



  1. I would very much like to meet Diva Marie to see how we bond. I had a Bichon for 17 1/2 years(which I got from a shelter) and it’s taken me 3 1/2 years after his passing to want to find another dog. I’m very loving to my pet so much my husband says when he passes, he wants to come back as my dog because they get treated better than him(haha). Thank you in advance for your help, Diana

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