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Carmen is a sweet senior girl, approximately 10 years old and weighs about 13 lbs. She arrived at VIP from a hoarding situation and is a bit skittish at first and will need time to warm up but doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Carmen now deserves to live a life full of love and security.

Carmen has dry eye in both eyes which means her eyes are not producing tears.  She will need eye drops administered for life, every day, and she is very cooperative with this. She has very limited sight due to neglect and not receiving proper medical care.  She may require a simple eye surgery (at our cost, at our vet) if the eye drops are not enough.  This should help with her tear production as well as her sight.

Carmen is working on her bathroom etiquette and will use pee-pee pads or go outside.   She is good in a crate when needed, and will gladly curl up in her bed/crate at night.  When she arrived her beautiful coat was so matted and flea infested she had to be shaved down. With proper nutrition and care, she will be the cover girl beauty we know she can be!

Both of Carmen’s back legs have luxating patella’s but a simple daily joint supplement will help with this and the condition causes her no pain and she still enjoys her daily walks! She is dog friendly and would most likely be cat friendly.

Are you the person that can show this sweet soul that humans are not all bad? She is looking for a loving adult family (or family with older children) that will pamper her and show her what the good life is all about and has the time to commit to her.   If you have a pool, you must be able to secure an area for Carmen away from the pool as she will fall in due to her eye sight.  She has been spayed, had a recent dental with a few extractions.  She is micro chipped, current on vaccines and on monthly heart worm/flea medication.

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