Bruny’s coat is so beautiful , he could be a Pantene commercial !.. He  is a very handsome 10.7 lb Maltese . His shelter records say he is 6 months on one page ,  on another page 4 years old  and yet on another page claims he is 6 years old.

Most likely , a consensus of a vet, a groom and a seasoned foster he is 6 to 7 years young !

He is current on his shots , neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention He does have some eye clouding and some

drops . Bruny , most likely was someones beloved pet by the condition of his coat and familiarity with a household routine.

He is ready to be your next couch potato buddy ,  night time cuddle buddy and your best friend.He gentle nature makes him a good candidate for most types of loving families. Thanks to The Sandy Paws spa for the fresh groom !

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