Even the vet was amazed at Brody’s progress over the past month!

Look at this Adorable Boy!!

20161101_152253 20161101_151935 20161101_151859

His hypothyroidism is totally under control.  His hair has grown in Beautifully!!

And not only beautuful…but he’s a fabulous little guy!!

He listens well, he’s house trained.

Some more Great pix!

vip brody dvip brody c

vip brody b

A fun little guy who lives being with you and sleeping under the covers in bed.

He still has a little way to go with the medical issues.  And still needs his dental…but he is ready to go to a new home with a person willing to take on the little medical care he still needs.  Pills (which he takes like a Champ!!) and vet visits.

I’ve just checked on his meds.  The pills are available at Wal-Mart for $11 for 100 pills.  +3 months of his pills.  So, less than $50 a Year!!

More than reasonable & Affordable!

Apply for Brody today!!!

Brody as a puppy          :-)                                                                   Brody Chillaxing   :-)

Clearwater   brody hairy

Meet Brody now……

  brody 1     brody 2

Brody is a 10 yr old Crested-Terrier mix.  He has just been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism….That’s why he has lost his hair.

To read more about Hyperthyroidism in Dogs, Click Below:


It is not uncommon, it is not contagious, and it is not hard to treat!!  A ½ a pill a day is all it takes!!!

Brody with his favorite toys.

brody 3

Soon, he will be a very healthy hairy dog again :-)

Right now, he is in kinda rough shape.

But you would Never know anything is bothering Brody….physically or mentally.

He is a super sweet guy…that Loves to be with you, and especially, sleep with you under the covers in bed.

He gets along with other dogs very well.  He is good with people.  I think he gets along with cats!  And kids!

He’s house trained. Walks pretty well on a leash.

Just a DE-Lite!!!!

 After a trip to the vet’s yesterday, he is on a full regimen of treatments.  It will take him a little bit of time to get to be 100% again.

Do you have it in your heart to treat an ailing dog?

Are you a closeted Florence Nightingale? LOL

brody 4

Brody is Neutered, Up to Date on all his vaccines and meds, he will be micro-chipped and have a dental soon.

Apply for Brody Today!!!

He is a Wonderful dog!!!!

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