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Amelia update!

Meet adorable, sweet, adoptable Amelia!! Amelia is thought to be approximately 3 years old and weighs 28 lbs. She is most likely a terrier mix

When Amelia arrived at VIP Rescue, she was emotionally broken and heart worm positive. Since her arrival, Amelia has spent her time with a couple of different experienced VIP fosters. She has completed her heart worm treatment like a champ and no further restrictions or requirements are needed except regular monthly preventative, so YAY!!!!

Amelia is learning doggy confidence, human trust, touch and affection, exposure to inside/outside life noises and stimuli, and small changes within her known space. She has made amazing progress and her confidence continues to grow! She exhibits a willingness and desire to expand her horizons and has made great strides in learning how to be a dog and a household pet. It is truly a beautiful thing to be part of her story.

Amelia is still very shy, especially with new experiences and people. We believe that once she finds her forever home, she will settle in very nicely if given time, patience, love, and a welcoming, calm, consistent environment. That is clearly what we have experienced in our VIP foster homes and while we are honored she has learned to love and trust us, it is time for us to keep our bigger promise to her and expand her world. She is ready. Are you?

Amelia is excellent with other social/friendly dogs and has been around many during her time with VIP. She likes her personal space, but as long as others respect that, she will quickly initiate doggy intros. We believe that Amelia would greatly benefit from having another confident dog in the home (or close knit extended family type structure). A meet and greet will be required.

Amelia seeks experienced dog owners who are easy going, patient, soft footed/soft spoken, have a quiet lifestyle, and who are willing to continue to grow her amazing soul. She is not suited for a home with small children, nor one that hosts a lot of guests/teens/parties. A fenced-in yard is also required.

Amelia is spayed, current on her vaccinations, micro chipped, and on flea and heart worm prevention.

Please submit an application to if you meet the above stated requirements and would like to welcome Amelia into your home.

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